About Me


My name is Sreeram Manoj Kumar and in this blog I would like to share a few of my thoughts.


  1. Hello Sreeram, I liked your blog and nominated you for a blogger award called liebster Award, (you might have nominated by others as well). The award works like a chain letter where bloggers answer 10 questions abt themselves and nominate 10 more bloggers to answer a new set of 10 questions. you can check the process to complete this chain at below link

    1. Thank you Pritesh

      I honor your concern and i am elevated when you said that you liked my blog posts.... i would like to say that this is the biggest award ever and i am not in the race for any..... i feel my purpose of blogging is fulfilled if what i know is shared to others.....nice to have interacted with you :):):):):):):)

      Thank you

  2. very impressed of your thoughts sir..