Friday, October 31, 2014

592. Is there anything that could be termed as Good or Bad????

While a few of us have branded some things as good and bad, a other few of us have reiterated that there is nothing as good or bad. We are in fact misusing the terms and doing whatever we want to satisfy our cravings and to some extent our emotions. In reality the essence of everything that co-exists with us is that they too exist with a purpose as we do. I can look at a thing and say it is good but for others the same thing could be bad.

For example when a coal miner uses gelatin rods it is for good but if the same gelatin rod is used by a naxalite it is for destruction. From the gelatin rod point of view it is just a thing which could be used for a good cause as well as for a destructive cause. Same holds well for drugs also, a mother gives a spoon of cough syrup to a kid when he has dry cough while a college student empties it in his throat to get high. The cough syrup is the same and its use and misuse has to be debated not just calling cough syrup bad.

Everything that is present in this universe is neural only its usage depicts if it is good or bad. Who is the one who will use it? It is my mind. When my mind has the capability to receive the orders from my intellect which has already distinguished if the usage of that particular thing is for good or bad then whichever things I use will be for good.

At the time of Kurukshetra war Arjuna with Lord Krishna as his charioteer becomes invincible. Duryodhana could not afford to lose all his warriors, so he calls Karna and tells him to do something the next day. Karna had received Vajrayudha (Thunderbolt) from Lord Indra (father of Arjuna) in exchange to the Kavacha (natural armor) which Karna possess from birth. Indra had told him that he could use the weapon only once. Karna decided to use Indra’s Thunderbolt against Arjuna the next day. Lord Krishna who happens to know the resolve of Karna calls Ghatotkacha (the mighty son of Bhima) and asks him to go on rampage in the war tomorrow.

As decided the next day Ghatotkacha goes wild and tears into the Kaurava army. Looking at the devastation Ghatotkacha was causing Duryodhana asks Karna to use Vajrayudha on the monster. Helplessly Karna had to use the mighty weapon on the aggressive Ghatotkacha. The thunderbolt strikes Ghatotkacha and the massive body started to fall down. Lord Krishna who was watching this shouted at Ghatotkacha, “O Mighty warrior, fall on the enemy camp” hearing that Ghatotkacha fell on the Kaurava army taking more lives even in his death.

Indra’s Vajrayudha which was the trump card for Karna to use against Arjuna was foiled. The death of Ghatotkacha was for a good cause, even though it seems to look like a bit poignant. As a warrior Ghatotkacha is remembered even today for becoming proxy for Arjuna on receiving the blow of Vajrayudha.

No other weapon would have killed Ghatotkacha other than Vajrayudha. While receiving Vajrayudha from Indra, Karna had decided to use it on Arjuna alone and none other. But Lord Krishna made it so happen that Karna had to use it on Ghatotkacha. After using the mighty weapon on Ghatotkacha, if Karna thinks did Vajrayudha do good or bad he will never get an answer as his intentions were clouded.

A thing can be use for both purposes good as well as bad. But at the end if the material used has benefited some only then it is used for a good purpose. It does not matter even if the person who is using it does not benefit. Everything in this universe living and non living has only pure goodness in it. The user of it has the good and bad in his thought and action when he takes it out of it…….Am I right??????

Thursday, October 30, 2014

588. Every Question has an Answer with His grace & a little contemplation it is got.

Question: Why does it appear as only a principled person suffers while a corrupt lives a happy life?

Answer. Happy life does not confine only to enjoying luxury or comfort life which is visible for outside. Happiness is a very subtle and an inner matter. Agreed that on the surface a principled person is suffering but in the core he is happier while a corrupt might be happy on the surface but in the core he has deceived his Self. One who deceives Self is never happy at least from his Self point of view.

Q. If one fights for the country he is a solider but to the country against whom he fights he is a terrorist. In reality is he a solider or a terrorist?

A. Fighting for the country is a great action that needs to be applauded by even by the rival country, but a terrorist can never be compared to a solider simply because of the agenda he carries along with him. Inciting fear and terror is the agenda of a terrorist. He is not deterred to kill innocents while a soldier puts himself in the line of fire to save innocents.

Q. Why do two similar people putting in same efforts on a job yield different results?

A. It is exactly the same way in which the students of the class under the same teacher do not score the same marks in exam. The physical presence of the students is not the matter what is absorbed is important. Putting effort in the work is not the matter pouring excellence in it is important.

Q. If I give money in charity to a street beggar, does it mean I owed money from him in past life or will he have to take birth again to return back the favour?

A. The accounts of Rina (debt) are very ambiguous. In the act of charity one does not clearly know if the person receiving it is getting it as Prarabdha Karma Phala (Resultant Fruit) or the person who is giving it is doing it as Agami Karma (Present Deed). Either way there is some transaction in operation. How can we avoid the Prarabdha Karma Phala if it is our Agami Karma? Simple, one can channelize the resultant fruit to be obtained from the act of charity to the Absolute. This can be possible if one shuns Doer-ship. A post man who delivers the letter is not the author of the letter, once delivered his act is over.

Q. If going on a pilgrimage to a holy place washes off ones sins is true, what about people at the holy place being immoral?

A. Immoral people are found everywhere even on the lap of the Lord. Mythology says Madhu and Kaitabha, the demons emerged from the wax of Maha Vishnu's ears. A visit to a Holy Place do not wipe of the sins, it is the resolve and the remorse of a person not to commit the same mistake again which will reduce the effects of the sin committed earlier. If a person has committed a sin, half of its consequence gets eliminated the moment he is aware of his blunder and the next half is reduced if he pledges not to repeat the same again. That can happen anywhere on this earth plane not particularly at a Holy Place. Some go on pilgrimage with a hollowed purpose while some visit to get aligned to the  Brahman   
(Absolute Consciousness). If I consider my house also to be as sacred as the holy place and if it is possible for me to get aligned to Absolute Consciousness from there, I need not go anywhere. For that to happen I need to have a clear conscience.

Q: If Absolute is Omnipresent, then where does the Evil dwell?

A: Evil is got no place of its own like Darkness. Just as darkness is present due to lack of light so does Evil exist due to ignorance. For a seeker who trusts Absolute to be everywhere does not have place for Evil. Negation or for that matter being not aware of Absolute is the making way for evil to reside. 

Every Question has an Answer to get those answers one has to have His grace and a little effort to churn the thoughts……. What say?????

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

593. From FEAR to FEARLESSNESS and then to ACCEPTANCE ……….!

Bhaya is fear and Nirbhaya is free from fear. Is Abhaya also being free from fear? No, even though theses two words Nirbhaya and Abhaya sound to be the same there is a subtle difference.

Abhaya can be taken as absence of fear. To explain it better let us suppose there is a half cut trunk of a tree with protruding branches and it the dark it appears to be like a ghost. A beam of light would dispel the fear as it brings out the broken tree with branches to our mind. The act of beam of light was to give us Nirbhaya fearlessness. It is a momentary experience to be fearful and free from fear, they are like clouds covering the sun they appear and disappear. But a person who is indifferent whether it is a ghost or anything else for that matter he has got Abhayattva, state of acceptance.

Mind is deluded to be afraid and removal of the fear is also an act of mind. Bhaya and Nirbhaya are linked with fear and removal of fear but Abhaya is not linked to either of them. It is a permanent state of fearlessness or could be considered as state of acceptance. The person who has experienced this is aware of his true nature and hence does not become a victim of fear. He is not aware of the second apart from the one which he is aware.

Fear exists in the thought of a second entity. Nirbhaya is linked with unity consciousness. There is no skepticism in such a state of Advaita one is truly fearless. Fear is there when our true identity is lost, when Absolute is forgotten and world is felt, when there is desires and attachments, when there is need for something, when we are deluded by objects that we perceive. There is fearlessness when one is in the experience of true nature.

Once it so happened that the Greek Emperor Alexander learnt that Sage Dandini who was dwelling in forest was a great philosopher and wished to see him. He sent his messenger to fetch the sage. The messenger went to the ashram, the sage was in meditation.

The messenger said, “O Sage Emperor Alexander, the son of the mighty God Zeus commands your presence at his palace”.

The sage remained in deep meditation and did not reply. Whereupon the messenger said angrily, “The powerful warrior Alexander does not take any refusals kindly, if you obey you will be rewarded if not your head will be cut off.”

Sage Dandini was neither pleased nor panicked by this threatening invite.

He looked up and said: “Tell your master the mighty son of Zeus that firstly all sons of Zeus are my brothers and we are all equal in the eyes of Absolute. Secondly since I am contented with what I have I do not require any rewards and thirdly he can cut off my head, but will never be able to disturb the peace of my soul, something which clearly Alexander does not have in spite of all his conquests.” When Alexander, the great received this message he was amazed and his desire to meet such a fearless Sage doubled and he came to Sage Dandini to learn the secrets of Spirituality.

Absolute is always there for us to protect and He protects all as His own offspring there is no need to ask for His protection, all we need to do is to make ourselves worthy and utilize His protection.

Monday, October 27, 2014

591. Birth, a gift from Absolute……!!!!

Birthdays are fun with some shopping and eat outs. Yes, it has to be a special day but some might feel it is not such a big deal and justify by saying we humans are born to be cheerful thought the year. Why do we need a special day to celebrate our existence?

Birth is the celebration of life. Birthday celebration could be ways to express our gratitude towards the Absolute for the given opportunity to excel in this life time. It is customary to take the blessings of the elders in the house. The elders bless the person by showering unbroken turmeric or/and vermilion coated rice grains (akshathe) on or by touching the Sahasrara Chakra, the spiritual energy pinnacle of Kunadalini Shakti to enhance the Chaitanya. The enhanced Chaitanya enables him to progress spiritually, purifying the Subtle body and balance the Trigunas in him. From that day throughout the year it is expected that he will experience the true meaning of life on this plane. Birth is not phenomenal only to human beings, all living beings have this occasion but none except humans have the chance to celebrate it.

For the mammals and viviparous there is a day to be called birthday, but what about oviparous is it the day the egg is laid or hatched? Even more so when is the birthday of a beautiful butterfly?  Is it when it hatches from an egg? Or when it pupates? Or when it finally spreads its wings to fly?

We humans have got this celebration since it was a means of happiness to our near and dear ones when we were young and after certain age we continued it for our pleasure with our near and dear ones. And more importantly we are the center of attention on that day and are pampered by our near and dear ones. Though we have passed on one Samvatsara (Year) we humans are not born once when we come out of our mothers womb, life expects us to be born new everyday. 

Samvatsara is approximately the completion period of one full year. It is the time taken by Guru Graha (Jupiter) to cross over from one zodiac sign to the next. While moving in the zodiac, Guru happens to come near and go further away from earth and also comes in contact with benific and malebenific planets during its journey. It is because of this fact that we notice the effects of every year to be different. Hence there is difference in the dates of birthdays for those who follow Hindu Calender as against Gregorian Calender.  

What is our part in celebrating the milestone then????  Personally I feel it is importance in sharing joy immensely with others in vicinity by doing great deed to the fellow beings. This alone could be the reason for me to celebrate with others. As it will be an occasion that will never be forgotten by others even as the party gets over. This is the true sense of celebration and extension of the thought of universal brotherhood that will elevate the meaning of being born as a blessed human on this earth plane.      

Am I Right?????????????

590. Deepavali Sparkles Sticks and Illusion…..

Last week was full of fun on the streets of Bengaluru with kids and grown ups celebrating the Deepavali, the Festival of Lights. I stood watching the kids in my lane as they lit the Sparkle Sticks, Sursurbati as we call in Kannada. One young boy started to swirl the lit Sparkle Stick in circles. He did it so fast that a yellow glowing circle started to appear. As I looked at the glowing yellow circle I was mesmerized to believe that there was indeed a circle of fire and through that circle of fire I was able to see the boy. 

Was there really a glowing yellow circle of fire???
As the boy moved the Sparkle Stick rapidly in circles there was a pattern of glowing yellow circle. Now, this particular glowing yellow circle does not exist by itself, but it did appear to be present. The glowing yellow circle is not different from the lit Sparkle Stick since the lit Sparkle Stick is the material as well as the efficient cause for the glowing yellow circle to appear, but yet it is different because the Sparkle Stick is not the glowing yellow circle. The yellow glowing circle appears due to the rapid movement of the Sparkle Stick which projects the glowing yellow circle, which is only of apparent reality based on the Sparkle Stick as a substratum.

When the young boy stopped the rapid movement the glowing yellow circle of fire ceased to exist. Without the rapid circular movement of the lit Sparkle Stick there is no glowing yellow circle. After seeing this I could realize that in the similar manner Brahman is the material and efficient cause for the world to appear, but Brahman is not the way the world that I perceive. Just as the rapid swirling movement created the glowing yellow circle of fire this world too appears due to Maya, the power of the real substratum of Brahman. This Maya makes Brahman appear as the world. The world which I experience outside me is therefore Mithya (Illusion). What remains to be a Reality like the lit Sparkle Stick is Brahman, the one without a second.

This incident gave me a good thought on how I could realize the intricate bond between Mityatva (Delusion) and Satya (Reality). I enjoyed that glowing yellow circle which was an abstract reality till that young boy was making that rapid circular movement with that lit Sparkle Stick. I enjoy this world around me till the inward and outward circular movement of my breath…

Just felt like sharing this with you all…. Life has a lot to teach…..Isn't it???? 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

589. VISHWAROOPAM, the Universal Form.

Lord Krishna reveals His Cosmic manifestation not once but thrice, in the first occasion it was to Yashoda Mai, when she doubtfully asks Him to open his mouth to see if He has swallowed clay. She was shocked to see the whole universe in the small mouth of Balakrishna. The second time was when He went to Hastinapura as an ambassador to Pandavas in an effort to prevent war. Duryodhana and his band try to tie Him up and He grew so big that His celestial form was visible. And finally in the war as a part of the sermon of Gita, Krishna revealed His Universal Form to Arjuna as he pleaded Him. Arjuna said to Krishna, “People say that you are God, but you a friend to me. I wish to know who you really are and see your True form. So please bless me with your totality.” 

Krishna provided Arjuna the Divya Chakshu (Divine Eyes) to see the Vishwaroopa (Universal Form) as the physical eye could not comprehend it. What exactly did Arjuna see? The portrayal of that enormous form is impossible. We can only see and imagine the calendar version of Krishna's Cosmic form with numerous heads, hands, is it all that? Or was it like the satellite map of the world as projected by Google Maps. No....., 

Arjuna saw the breathtaking Universal Form coupled with its numerous faces with its innumerable eyes and limbs and fearsome jaws, Arjuna himself and entire creation were engulfed and frozen with wonder. He saw Krishna soaring high going beyond the realm of a few thousand galaxies, glowing with colour, with open mouth and wide-open fiery eyes, he was terrified to some extent. 

Arjuna cries out to the Lord that his courage and peace of mind was failing him at that time viewing that colossal form. Arjuna begged the Lord to be merciful upon him, and to be a bit more considerate as he saw all the sons of Dhritarashtra, Bhishma, Drona, Kripa and Karna were all rushing into the Lord`s mouths, with horrendous tusks, appalling to watch. Some of them were even mangled within the ferocious jaws, with their heads getting crushed. Just as moths fly hastily towards the burning flame only to be reduced to ash, so were those men rushing into His mouths inviting their own destruction. Telling the reality that everything has to merge in Him. Gracefully or forcefully depends on the individual. 

Was there anything that Arjuna could have missed? Vishwaroopam is the reality of realities there is nothing in it that could be an illusion or untrue. So massive was that form that Arjuna was frightened and requests the Lord to appear with four hands as Maha Vishnu holding the Chakra, Sankha, Gada and Padma. Lord Krishna puts Arjuna at ease and tells him not to be frightened. He then appears with four hands, holding the mace, conch, discus and lotus. Krishna is indeed beyond compare for, He reveals to Arjuna His Vishwaroopam, and bestow him with a virtue which none are eligible for. The grand old man Bhishma, the ardent devotee of the Lord is very curious and anxious to know what Lord was divulging to Arjuna.

Arjuna might have indulged in playful mocking and many a times taken the liberty of teasing the Lord while He was eating or when He was about to sleep. Arjuna might have treated the Lord just as any other friend. The reason behind such playful acts was Arjuna’s affection for Lord Krishna. Yet after having the vision of the Universal Form, Arjuna feels he should not have treated Him as he had treated other friends. But the truth is that Lord favours devotion and affection above anything else, He would not have been offended by Arjuna’s playfulness.

Krishna is truly Aparmita, Apurva, Atirikta, Anupama, Advitiya, Asamanya, Atula…….

Friday, October 24, 2014

587. Is Vedanta hard to understand......No not at all!!!!!

In this modern world everything has to be instant in a zippy, unfortunately knowledge gaining has fallen into this category. Due to this practice there is no patience, and the tolerance level is nil. Whatever information we are to access has to be spread out on the table, everything has to be at the tip of the fingers. Knowledge that is gained in this era is merely that which is spoon fed by others. Knowing what others have pass on without analyzing it will never be called knowledge. 

Knowledge that is necessary to earn our daily bread may not need analyzing. All one has to do is follow the seniors and do what is told and sometime accept that which has followed since long without asking any questions. But if one has to gain the knowledge of Vedanta, he has to take the right approach to learning and understanding it. To understand Vedanta mere listening or studying will not help one has to follow the three main steps of learning process. Sravanam (Listening), Mananam (Contemplation), and Nidhidhyasanam (Practice).

Sravanam is the intake of knowledge and the first step in the learning process. To gain knowledge from Vedanta, it is vital that we expose ourselves regularly to the information either by reading books or listening to discourse on Vedanta. This is a vital step and is like feeding our mind with thoughts. But mere listening to discourse or reading books is of no use if one does not digest the information and at times excessive reading or too many discourses may create confusion. Therefore the next stage is important to gain intellectual insight by reflecting upon the subject and this is Mananam. An individual exhaustive analysis has to be done on all that is listened and studied and thus a philosophical perceptive has to be arrived at with the truths that have been imparted in the way of knowledge by the masters. Nothing has to be taken without personal valuation. Even in Bhagavad-Gita Lord Krishna advices Arjuna at the end of the sermon to consider it only after having an intellectual insight on what has been said.

Next after reflecting those which are read or heard it become mandatory to get absorbed into oneself and become one with what has been taken as knowledge. The knowledge has to sink from the conscious level to deeper levels of self. In the deeper level the unconscious is activated and helps in putting the gained knowledge into practice. This is self absorption and this process is called Nidhidhyasanam. Useful knowledge is that which we are able to utilize in our daily lives. Having an immense knowledge without proper usage will be like a load of scared books on the back of a donkey. In that sense it is better to have a little knowledge that is used.

The enthusiasm to gain knowledge has to be from inside it is the higher desire that sprouts from constant willingness to improve and excel as a human being. Our potential is underestimated it is vast all we have to do is to tap it at the right time. Seeking knowledge is not hard or a waste of time, it is like having an inner friend with whom you can have a constant talk.

Knowledge is our best and eternal friend.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

586. There is Light Everywhere……

LIGHT LIGHT LIGHT…. There is light everywhere. What happens to be a dark night to me, is to my friends across the globe a bright Sunny day. Lets not presume that Darkness is like Light and is making its presence felt. Darkness is just absence of Light and there is no place for Darkness at all. Darkness is what my mind makes out of light not traveling to the rods and cones on the retina of my eyes. It is a no-light region for the absence of light. A small light is enough to drive it away. Darkness cannot be displaced by Darkness it has to be driven out with Light. Since ancient times there has not been a single evidence to prove that Darkness and Light coexisted at the same place.
Once Darkness complained to the Lord, “Oh Lord, I have no place for myself and hence have no privacy. Every thing in this universe created by you has a place of its own. What mistake have I done?? Light always trespasses and does not let me stay at peace in one place; he drives me away all the time. He is after me always chasing me, as if I have done a huge blunder to him. This I feel is a great injustice done to me. No one is helping me in this regard, only you can as you are Supreme Lord over all.”
Absolute listened to it carefully and said He would look into the matter and get back to it soon. Then after sometime He called Light and asked him to explain why he was not letting dark to stay in one place and always troubling and chasing it. Light said, “O Lord, what are you talking about?  By the by who is this darkness? I have never come across anything like that, let go troubling or chasing it. Please I would request you to let it come and complain against me in front of me.”
Even to this day the case filed by Darkness against Light is still pending. As it has never been possible for the Darkness to come face to face with Light. Darkness has to have a Upadhi (Condition) to exists like something to veil the Light only then it has a place. Hence it cannot be opposite of Light it falls into the category of things which is there only when something helps for it to exist. As I experience Light outside me so do I experience Bliss within. Sorrow, Pain and Worry need a condition to make its presence felt and moreover they are like passing clouds they come a go while bliss within is ever present like Light. If one understands this for him LIFE is JINGA LALA.  

Light a Lamp and darkness is out…….Happy Deepavali to You, Your family and Friends.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

585. The Significance of Naraka Chaturdashi ……

Varaha, the third Avatar of Maha Vishnu defeated Hiranyaksha, the demon who had captured Bhudevi (Earth) and had hid her in a dark place away from sun rays falling on her. While restoring her back to her place in the solar system His tusk accidentally touched her body and she conceived. She gave birth to an Asura as the union was at the time when the Lord was very fierce. The Lord knew that this child would cause harm to mankind so He did not want him alive. But as a mother Bhudevi requested the Lord to spare the child and promised parenting the child well. Then the Lord told Bhudevi that the child would die only if she wishes for and only she can kill him. Bhudevi named him Bauma.

Bhudevi took the child to Pragjyotishyapura, the “Light of the East” (modern day Guwahati). As the time passed, Bauma because of his Asuric instincts took over all the kingdoms on the earth plane and led his mighty army to Devaloka (Heaven). Indra along with the demi-gods made a hasty retreat from the heaven. The Asura took 16,000 women from the palaces as prisoners killing every male who resisted his venture.  He was called Narakasura from then on; which meant the one who takes one to hell.  As he was leaving he happened to notice a pair of glowing earrings adorning the ears of Aditi, the mother of Indra. Fascinated, he grabbed them from her. He was called Narakasura from then on; it means the one who takes one to hell.

Disturbed Aditi went to Satyabhama, the consort of Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna knew that the Asura was son of Bhumidevi who had incarnated as Satyabhama in the Lords Krishnavatara. “Do not worry, Mother, we’ll set things right at once!” He said to Aditi kindly. After all she was His mother in Vamanavatara and as a son He had to do His duty.

He turned to Satyabhama. “Come on, Satya! You’ve always wanted to join me in battle. Here’s your chance! Gather the weapons and Garuda will take us there.” Together, they mounted on Garuda, who transported them to Narakasura’s Pragjyotishyapura.

Narakasura saw Krishna’s arrival flung a mace at Krishna but Garuda swooped low and it missed its target. Krishna sent down arrows which killed all the Asuras and their mounts. Garuda with his great wings could strike down the horses and elephants. Satyabhama too rained arrow after arrow on the army and soon Narakasura was only one left on the battle field.

He took his powerful trident and hurled it at Krishna. The trident hit the Lord on his chest and became unconscious. For a moment, Satyabhama couldn't believe her eyes. This can’t be true, she told herself and aimed an arrow at the Asura. It pierced Narakasura right in his chest and he fell with an agonizing cry.

As an anxious Satyabhama turned to her fallen Lord, Krishna got up with a mischievous smile! He was only playing a part, for it was the arrow from Satyabhama that was destined to kill the Asura. The slaying of Narakasura by Satyabhama could also be interpreted as that parents should not hesitate to punish their children when they stray on to the wrong path. The message of Naraka Chaturdasi is that the good of the society should always prevail over one's own personal bonds. It is said that before dying Narakasura realized his mistakes and requested for a festival in his name from his parents which will remind people what will happen when they are overtook by inflated egos. Naraka Chaturdasi thus indicates that good and evil rises from the same root. 

The 16000 women were freed and the earrings of Aditi retrieved. Bhagadatha, the son of Narakasura was crowned the king of Pragjyotishyapura. Krishna and Satyabhama returned to Dwaraka from battle victorious. And it is to celebrate this victory of good over evil, that Deepawali, the festival of lights is celebrated.

As for why one has to have a traditional oil bath? Well, when Krishna and Satyabhama returned from battle before daybreak, it is said that they both were smeared with blood and grime; they needed a cleanup with sandal paste and scented oils.  So we too take that oil bath on this auspicious day like them and celebrate the LIGHTS of JOY!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

584. Vaidhyadeva Sri Dhanvantari....... The Divine Physician.

Sri Dhanvantari is worshiped as God of Medicine and is the guardian deity of nursing homes and hospitals. He is regarded as the exponent of Ayurveda, the traditional Indian medicine. This is a tradition which is accepted as the oldest known medical system of the world.

It is said that He emerged out at the time of Ksheera Samudra Manthana (Churning of the milky ocean) which was jointly done by Devas and Asuras. As an aspect of Maha Vishnu, He appeared with Shankha, Chakra, pot of Amrit (Nector) & Jalooka (leech) in each of his four hands. The leech which is seen in His right hand was used in the past by Vaidhyas (Doctors) to draw out impure blood from the patient’s body which is practiced as leech therapy now.

Leech therapy is a part of Panchkarma, the five states of detoxifying and purifying the body. The leeches are now reared in the lab to be used to cure several other disorders such as Arthritis, Gout, Sciatica, skin diseases such as Eczema, Psoriasis, baldness & hair fall, varicose veins, joint pain after occurring due to Chikungunya, old traumas, and black & blue skin etc.

We believe that the sick are certain to get relief from illness when Dhanvantari is worshiped. He can take care of Tridoshas (Three types of disorders). They are Adhyatmika (Physical Imbalance), Adhibhautika (Genetic Imbalance) and Adhidaivika (Nature Imbalance). 

Diseases belonging to Adhyatmika class are stated to be of Sharirika (Physical) or/and Manasika  (Psychic). 

The disease pertaining to Sharirika (Physical) can be cause by either of these three. Adi-Bala-Pravrtta (Hereditary), Janma-Bala-Pravrtta (Congenial) and Dosha-Bala-Pravrtta (Internal Lapse).

Again Adi-Bala-Pravrtta (Hereditary) disorders are of two types Matrja (Maternal) and Pitrja  (Paternal). PLR (Past Life Regression) therapy can only help us know about it, as far as I understand it has to be experienced, just as we enjoy the ancestral property that come our way. Deva Vidhya Dhanvantri will give strength to endure them.   

Janma-Bala-Pravrtta (Congenital) disorders are also two types, one is due to the vitiated blood and the other caused due to the irregularities in diet during pregnancy by the mother. These are avoidable with precautions and there are remedies for these kind of disorders. 

Dosha-Bala-Pravrtta disorders are produced due to imbalance in three biological energies in our body which are called Dosha namely Vata (Air Element), Pitta (Fire Element) and Kapha (Earth Element) which are metabolic principles. These can be prevented, as we know prevention is better than cure.

Disorders from Adhibhautika are called Sangha-Bala-Pravrtta which are caused due to extrinsic factors such as injury, bites, fire etc.

And in Adhidaivika they are caused by natural forces beyond the control of the mankind. There are of three types Kala-Bala-Pravrtta, Daiva-Bala-Pravrtta and Svabhava-Bala-Pravrtta.

The Kala-Bala-Pravrtta disorders could be caused by seasonal changes. 

While the Daiva-Bala-Pravrtta disorders are caused by natural disasters like floods, earthquake, and volcano. 

And Svabhava-Bala-Pravrtta are due to natural physiological processes like old age, sleep, hunger, thirst etc.

Sri Dhanvantari Deva can cure all the above said disorders hence He is called Bhavaroga Vaidhya (Healer of all Disorders). 

Today is Dhanvantari Jayanthi, on this auspicious day I pray the Lord to confer great heath to one and all….   

Monday, October 20, 2014

583. What does Enlightenment mean and Who is Enlightened?

Enlightenment does not take a longtime for those who are on the path it can happen anytime. What exactly is this Enlightenment? Is it something which comes only for blessed ones? No, not at all perhaps you might have also experienced sometimes when you sit down and wanted some answer to a solution, and it just flashed to you all of a sudden. There is an insight or can I say an Intuition which says “It is this you need.” That is enlightenment to me. And this energy comes from the “Dhi Sakthi” which we all are entitled for and comes not from the intellect or from anything outside but it comes from something that is connected to us which is called “Absolute Consciousness.” Some call it GOD in general and some like me give it a name in particular.

Vedanta says, that there are two ways of getting a hint that one is on the path of enlightenment and soon there is going to be a transformation that will elevate him to higher level of consciousness. The first indication is that the fear goes away. Fear does not mean fear of evil or animal or a thing, but fear of insecurity. Worldly matters does not bother anymore, he takes everything as it comes. He is not concerned too much of the past nor is he anxious about future. His focus is to work and let the results unfold as it has to be. The second sign is that he will start encountering more and more consequential happenstances in life. It would be like he gets the gist of what might happen beforehand. Every being has to be enlightened and will be enlightened, but for that to happen one need to have humility and humbleness.

We all know Sant Jnaneshwara, the great saint who was the first to translate Bhagavad-Gita to Marathi by the title “Jnaneshwari” so that people of Maharashtra can understand better. He was contemporary of Namadeva another great saint who is believed to have play dice with Vittala of Pandharpura every night. It so happened the two great saints were on pilgrimage and in certain village an ardent devotee of Vittala by name Gora, a potter invited them to his house for a feast. 

After lunch Jnaneshwara asked Gora, “You are a potter and have experiencing in knowing which pot is properly baked and in reality we are all the pots created by Brahma, Can you find who among us is thoroughly baked?”

Innocently Gora took the wooden mallet from the shelf which he uses to test the pot after baking and as Namadeva was the first in the row Gora went to tap on his head. As Gora approached Namadeva he resentfully called out, “You a potter having the know-how to test pots not an Enlightened Soul like me, I think you do not know that my playmate in the game of dice is Vittala.” He got up and left the place. He went straight to Pandharpura complained to his close friend and companion Vittala.

Vittala pretended as if he did not know and let him tell the whole episode and then said, “You should have let the potter test you and find out what he had to say, you should not have walked out. You have failed to perceive my existence in every being.”

Namadeva replied, “If I had let that fellow hit my head it would have been an insult to me. Why should some potter put me on a test? Am I not your close friend?” 

Listening to him Vittala said, “Namadeva you have not understood what Enlightenment is and if I tell you, you will never understand. I want you to meet a Shiva Bhakta who lives alone in the forest. He will be able to tell you what Enlightenment is.”

So Namadeva set out for the forest and found an old man sleeping on the floor with his feet on a Siva Linga. Namadeva was shocked to see the old man and wondered what he is going to learn from him. Yet went near him and shook him and said, “You seem to be an Enlightened Soul. But is it proper for you to keep your feet on a Shiva Linga?”

Old man still sleeping replied, “Oh, are my feet on the Lord? Will you please kindly place it where He is not? 

Immediately Namadeva realized the essence of the Vedantic Truth that “Sarvam Khalvidam Brahmaa (verily all this is Brahman).

Namadev understood that we are all same at the core like the clay in the pot but it is our attitudes that decide if we are half baked or properly baked. This is the kind of Enlightenment that is needed to happen sometime to one and all. 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

582. If Wellness is Contagious then its Experience will be Enchanting!

Sastras (Scriptures) say “Yatha Brahmande Tatha Pindande” meaning as is the Brahmanda (Macrocosm) so is Pindanda (Microcosm). The universe is compared to our physical body. Just as there are billions of cells in this physical body, the whole universe also has numerous animate and inanimate collections as billions and billions of cells. Suppose while walking on the road if my toe happens to hit a hard rock, immediately I bite my lower lip and close one of my eye and in an flash my fingers reach out to the hurt toe to comfort it. This shows that for the wellbeing of my body every part of my body contribute their part. Individually all parts of my body will be looking for the wellbeing of my body in general. Occasionally if there is any discomfort in any part of my body the other parts of my body respond to the pain and come forward to ease it. The wellbeing of my body becomes their united concern.

This earth plane is also like my body with innumerable living and non-living things. Just as the other parts of my body respond to the affected part of my body so should every individual go to the help of others. Our every thought and actions do have an impact on the wellbeing of this earth plane. Even if we are unable to do our best to the wellbeing of this earth we should never be a burden by infusing damage to it. The environment has been polluted because of our self centered thoughts. As there is a need to see that every part in my body is to be taken care for me to have an ideal body, so also the surrounding and every one around me have to be ensured balance, wellbeing and safety so that we live in an ideal environment.

In a village there were farmers who grew grapes. Every year the Grapevine Manufacturers Association organised an event to felicitate the best crop. The best crop would be from a particular farm every year. One reporter of a monthly magazine wanted to know the secret behind it and interviewed the owner of the farm. To his delight the reporter learnt something which was very unlikely to happen in his journalism field. That successful farm owner said he shared his award winning grape seed of the previous year with his neighbours.

“Sir I do not understand the logic behind sharing your award winning seeds with those who are competing with you each year?” the reporter asked out of curiosity.

“Sir, birds, bees and butterflies along with the wind pick up the pollen from my grape flower and visit my neighbors’ farm and the pollen from there is brought in to my farm. In the event of cross pollination if there are poor quality seeds in my neighbor farm even though my seeds are superior the results will not be that encouraging for my crop. If there has to be best quality produced my neighbours also have to have the best quality grapes grown in their field, so I share the seeds with them.”

The reporter, who was used to experiencing “Crab Mentality” of pulling down others to come up with the thought of  “if I cannot have, neither will I let you have” in his career, could not believe that even in such a way one can outshine others.

This philosophy holds good to other aspects in life also. If I need to be happy I have to see that those around me are also happy, I should lend a helping hand to make them happy. Similarly if one is on the spiritual path he has to assist others by inspiring and guide them also to tread the path. There is a lot of cross pollination happening here in this period with the social media acting like bees in His garden. Every seeker here has those spiritual thoughts which gets cross pollinated and everyone here reap rich in spiritually. There could be an iota of selfishness in this approach but it is good, as the greats of the past have been advising us to “LIVE AND LET LIVE”….what say???