Friday, October 10, 2014

575. Should the civilized world resort to WAR to acquire PEACE????

When Lord Krishna assured Arjuna that when ever there is decline in Dharma and the good need to be protect and evil punishment, He is going to appear again and again. For those who claim that war is inherently evil, this Divine pledge clearly shows that war should not be viewed so. War can therefore be accepted and justified based on purpose it is been resorted to. War need not be killing of thousands but eliminating the one and only wicked, be it a person, personality or thought.

In modern civilized era if a country is facing insurgency, the government in power retaliates and it has to be justified. But on the other hand if by mistake a naval ship or a fishing boat of the neighboring country enters the territorial waters the other country without permission, the aggrieved nation would use force to evict them. Every country thinks of defending its boundary and restored to killing in self-defense as it believes it is the best defense.

In ancient times war was carried on according to the principles of Dharma. Such wars were just and righteous, initiated by a King who had the approval of his subjects. The science of ancient warfare valued Niti (Ethics) and Shaurya (Valor). It was considered unlawful to wage war without concern of moral standards and such efforts were regarded as mere animal ferociousness and no one would appreciate it.

There were rules and regulation that had to be followed like:

War had to begin after sunrise and end at sunset.

In a combat two soldiers were not allowed to attack a single soldier.

Two soldiers could fight only if they possessed same weaponry and were on the similar mound (horse, elephant, or chariot).

If a soldier surrendered he would not be attacked.

No one would attack an unarmed soldier. 

An unconscious soldier would not be attacked. 

No attack on those who are not participating in the war.

No attack from behind and below the waist level.

The body of the dead soldier would be given respect. 

At sunset, after war it is said the soldiers of either side which were camped near the battlefield would attend to the injuries of either side irrespective of the rivalry. 

Unfortunately now we have soldiers attacking even when ceasefire is announced, shamelessly infiltrating, ambushing and most disgusting of all mutilating the bodies of the dead soldier behead them and take the head as trophies. If these heinous acts not enough placing bombs in the dead bodies of the soldiers. These acts show how sadist mentality they possess.

Ceasefire does not mean peace. It is a temporary halt to shooting each other and also does not mean the soldiers start loving each other in that period. But the soldiers on either side need to respect the ceasefire.   

Wars have never solved issues between countries except for some few cases where the citizens yearned for liberation from dictatorship. Tensions at the borders are caused due to political interests and those who are governing the country should take a decisive step and stop these inhuman acts. There are many who are ready to sacrifice their lives for the country, but how many brave soldiers is India willing to lose is the question. 

I bow my head in respect to those who are guarding our borders. It is because of their vigilant surveillance at LOC that I am able to sleep peacefully with my family at my home.

Bharat Mata Ki Jai” ..........................How proud is Mother India is to have sons who put their life in the second spot when it comes to protecting the Mother Land!!!!!

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