Saturday, October 11, 2014

576. Is The Grass on the other side really Greener?

It so happened that last week our newspaper vendor Ashok introduced a new person and told us henceforth that person would deliver the newspaper. Ashok was delivering us newspaper for about 5 years and so out of curiosity I asked him if he was shifting to other place. He replied that he was not shifting but had got a job in a garments factory and had to work up to 10 pm at shift times and by the time he was back home and has his dinner it would be 11.30 pm and getting up morning to deliver newspaper that very early was difficult and so he had to leave the newspaper delivery job. Now here is this new young boy who is delivering the newspaper very enthusiastically. So every job has a person who is satisfied in doing it. Ashok had a valid reason to quit delivering newspapers but we have seen some corporate professionals changing jobs just for hike in pay, thinking that the grass on the other side is greener.

Job satisfaction ensures a pleasurable emotional state only if he loves what he does, once his mind gets to look at other people who are working elsewhere and start comparing the comforts they are getting he loses interest in the job and automatically will not have satisfaction. This weakness of the mind is the plus point for the head hunters and brain hunters who lure professionals with better pay scale. This makes the professional to be unfaithful to the company and company sets service agreement bonds. There is no cordial relationship with the company and the employee and everything is in according to legality.

Agreed that it is important to look into career development, but mostly in recent times professional are giving too much of prominence to pay rather than looking for job satisfaction. Hence they get stressed in doing their company jobs and their progress graph incline downwards. The grass on the other side seems to be green, but in reality the same greenery is felt by the person who is looking at this side from there……What say????

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