Monday, October 27, 2014

591. Birth, a gift from Absolute……!!!!

Birthdays are fun with some shopping and eat outs. Yes, it has to be a special day but some might feel it is not such a big deal and justify by saying we humans are born to be cheerful thought the year. Why do we need a special day to celebrate our existence?

Birth is the celebration of life. Birthday celebration could be ways to express our gratitude towards the Absolute for the given opportunity to excel in this life time. It is customary to take the blessings of the elders in the house. The elders bless the person by showering unbroken turmeric or/and vermilion coated rice grains (akshathe) on or by touching the Sahasrara Chakra, the spiritual energy pinnacle of Kunadalini Shakti to enhance the Chaitanya. The enhanced Chaitanya enables him to progress spiritually, purifying the Subtle body and balance the Trigunas in him. From that day throughout the year it is expected that he will experience the true meaning of life on this plane. Birth is not phenomenal only to human beings, all living beings have this occasion but none except humans have the chance to celebrate it.

For the mammals and viviparous there is a day to be called birthday, but what about oviparous is it the day the egg is laid or hatched? Even more so when is the birthday of a beautiful butterfly?  Is it when it hatches from an egg? Or when it pupates? Or when it finally spreads its wings to fly?

We humans have got this celebration since it was a means of happiness to our near and dear ones when we were young and after certain age we continued it for our pleasure with our near and dear ones. And more importantly we are the center of attention on that day and are pampered by our near and dear ones. Though we have passed on one Samvatsara (Year) we humans are not born once when we come out of our mothers womb, life expects us to be born new everyday. 

Samvatsara is approximately the completion period of one full year. It is the time taken by Guru Graha (Jupiter) to cross over from one zodiac sign to the next. While moving in the zodiac, Guru happens to come near and go further away from earth and also comes in contact with benific and malebenific planets during its journey. It is because of this fact that we notice the effects of every year to be different. Hence there is difference in the dates of birthdays for those who follow Hindu Calender as against Gregorian Calender.  

What is our part in celebrating the milestone then????  Personally I feel it is importance in sharing joy immensely with others in vicinity by doing great deed to the fellow beings. This alone could be the reason for me to celebrate with others. As it will be an occasion that will never be forgotten by others even as the party gets over. This is the true sense of celebration and extension of the thought of universal brotherhood that will elevate the meaning of being born as a blessed human on this earth plane.      

Am I Right?????????????

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