Monday, December 30, 2013

350. Farewell 2013 Welcome 2014!!!!

We are leaving behind 2013 and it will only be in our memory again never in reality. 2013 was just a phase slot in the time. I could only preserve some pleasant memories from it, I could not cling on to those pleasant experiences which I had in that stipulated time span. Even so was those experiences that I had which I do not want to experience again. It would be my shear foolishness to think that what I enjoyed in abundance in those times in 2013 could be brought forward into 2014. But I can hope that the radiance of abundance could also be there in 2014. Abundance is the joy I strive for when I aspire to have and be enough. I need to know that enough is never attained, it is only ever experienced and hence after 2013 there is 2014.

Abundance has its reputation in its very nature to overflow. Living in abundance is the practice of letting overflow what I have. I need to ask myself what I have let to overflow into world outside me in 2013. If there is any I need to be aware if it has benefited my fellow men, if it has then I should hope to continue it for the 2014 as well. To overflow whatever I let off I have to have the lid of my overhead tank ajar.  

Life in 2013 has provided me a lot and I need to thank it for whatever I have assimilated, and now I need to keep myself ready to accept what it has to offer in 2014. 

Wish You, Your Family and Your Friends a Blissful New Year…..

349. In search of Truth does Faith, Belief, Fact render any help???

Faith (Viswas), Belief (Aasitkya) and Facts (Vastav) are they all the same to a seeker in search of Truth (Satya)????? ….. Lets us look into it separately to understand better.

We have belief in Absolute hence we are called Believers (Aastikas) and hence we think He is the creator of this Universe. And then we believe that He must have had a reason behind creating it. Some say it was an unintentional act while others feel it as an act to entertain Himself by watching the play. Whatever may be our belief we are still in the realm of concepts. Belief is an outcome of THOUGHT it is the act of the Intellect (Buddhi) hence it is only the Homo sapiens race that cling to such thought and perceive them. But belief can be many as thoughts always differ in each individual.

It is here that faith enters and we tell ourselves that our concepts are true even though we have no evidence to prove them. It is to be noted here that there is no proof even to disagree our belief. It is here we cross the realm of conception since faith does not need proof. Faith is not that we think something to be true, but it is what is FELT it is the act of mind (Manas). We want it to be true as our mind accepts it to be true. Faith is a unique combination of our heart's wish and our mind's belief that becomes an inner assertion that it is fact. Faith is an affirmation of this fact which could be invisible and does not feel to our senses.

Fact is a solace statement made by the heart and mind, which may not be in a position to project the Truth (Satya) completely. Truth is a much larger and total statement which makes it one vast whole unit. Fact is what is perceived through sense organs and is easier to express and convey when compared to Truth which is unfathomable and hence it is unexplained. While facts are the pieces of a picture puzzle the whole picture puzzle when put together forms the Truth. Facts are logical while Truth is one which is beyond logic. We are in a confused state hence we are contented with the Facts more and are not eager to ascertain the Truth but instead doubt it. Truth is what IS and that which is experienced by becoming THAT it is the complete existence and the Self (Atma) in action.

Let us suppose we draw a straight line in our house. We feel it to be straight and this is a Fact. But assume if we extend that line to the neighboring house on the right side of our house, even then it would be a straight line. Suppose we pull the line even more further to the next house, next area, next district, next state, next country, next continent, and at the end we land up on the left side of our house and connect the starting point. We have not made a straight line we have made a circle around the globe…. Isn't it???? That is Truth as far as the straight line is concern.

So Truth is infinite and in-comprehensive when I search for it in the vast universe but when I look within it is just at my reach……….What say????

Sunday, December 29, 2013

348. Kama in Hinduism is Mara, the enemy of Buddha in Buddhism,…

In Buddhism, Mara is a demon who tempted Bhagvan Buddha by trying to seduce him with the vision of beautiful maidens to cause obstacles for Him when He sat in the seat of silence to attain Bliss. The Buddhist legend says that Mara had three daughters -- Tanha (Crave), Raga (Lust) & Arati (Discontent) and three sons –Vibhrama (Confusion), Harsa (Gaiety), & Darpa (Pride). He engages all his six children to stop a spiritual seeker who is on the verge of attaining liberation. Hence we see many many spiritual seekers fumble at the threshold of Enlightenment. He is taking revenge on the sages who seek emancipation says the Buddhist literature. 
Why should Mara do so????

The answer is in the story of Kumarasambhava (Kama Dahana), in order to get relief from the Tharakasura, the celestial beings persuade Kama Deva to induce lust in Lord Shiva who is as young Dakshina Murthy teaching the Moksha Jnana to aged Sages under a Banyana (Vata) Tree. At this time Kama Deva ties his ability and he fails and Shiva opens his Third eye, the gaze of which was so powerful that Kama's body is reduced to ashes. For the sake of Kama's wife Rati, Shiva restored him, but only as a mental image, representing the true emotional and mental state of love rather than physical lust, Hence from that day he is Ananga (body less). He gets the name Mara, “He who wounds.” From that day he is an obstacle for enlightenment says the Buddhist scriptures. He is the enemy of Buddha and destroyer of inner peace.

According to Hindu scriptures when Rati pleads even more for retrieving the physical body of Kama Deva, Lord Shiva assures that he will be born as the son of Lord Krishna and Rukmini Devi in Dwapara Yuga as Pradyumna.

Who is this Pradyumna??? He is the reincarnation of Kama. 

In our Swapna (Dream) stage all the five sense organs are at rest and only the mind is working. Dream is the imitation of the experiences of the wakeful stage with some modifications and is created out of materials supplied from the waking stage. Mind itself is the seer and seen. Pradyumna is responsible for this aspect and is regarded as “the provider of unfulfilled desire experiences.” With these experiences unfolding the individual is denied peaceful sleep, like in a house where though elders are asleep (the five senses) the naughty child, the mind, is awake and causing illusions. Some believe that the mind weaves dreams due to experiences that happen in the day and has control over it, if so is it possible to choose only sweet dreams and avoid nightmares? Pradyumna is the giver of astral consciousness.

Pradyumna and Mara are same then??????

Yes, Lord Krishna is addressed as "MARA JANAKA" (father of MARA) but Hinduism tackles Pradyumna in a different way and Buddhism tackles Mara in a different way

Which way is better and suits well is the choice of the seeker.


347. To experience Eternal Happiness is the Matter Within……

Last year on one Sunday our entire family had been to Melukote about 130 kms from Bangalore. It is a place on a rocky hill overlooking the Kaveri valley and is a famous pilgrimage center. We left our place in the wee hours of the morning when even Sun was not up. As I drove towards Channapatna (city famous for hand made wooden toys) at the backdrop of the green paddy fields emerged the crimson red cheery ball on the eastern side. The joy of seeing the rising sun was unmatchable. Thanking nature for the beautiful sight we moved on to our destination.

We were feeling hungry and decided to stop at Maddur about 80 kms from Bangalore a place very famous for Maddur vada. We relished hot Maddur vada and coffee. Maddur vada is made of rice flour, suji and maida mixed with chopped onions, chilies curry leaves which are all fried, soaked, and made as soft dough. A small amount of it is taken and pressed into a patty and then deep fried in oil until it turns golden-brown. The pleasure in relishing the vada was unimaginable. Thanking our ancestors for such a recipe and we moved on.

We reached Melkote around 10 am and went to the temple to have the darshana of Lord Chaluvanarayana Swamy. The Lord at the sanctum was enchanting and the experience of having a look at Him was enthralling and most inspiring. We thanked our stars for the darshana of the lord and we spent some time in the vicinity of the temple. In and around the temple were lots of school kids who were on a one day excursion and I had some biscuits and chocolates and I wished to offer it to the school kids who were studying in class IV at Government School, Mysore. I experienced the joy in sharing the biscuits and chocolates with the kids and spending time with them was priceless. 

When I looked back at the events of that day I was happy my mind experienced the pleasure of the beautiful sight in the morning of the rising sun at the backdrop of the lush green paddy fields. Then it was again happy and had the sense of satisfaction when I relished the Maddur vada at the hotel and there was a feel of ecstasy at having the look at the enchanting image of the Lord in the sanctum. And lastly there was a sort of gladness felt in while giving biscuits and chocolates to the school kids at the temple.

Do all these emotions or mood fall in the category of happiness?????? No, These are all the feel of happiness that was experienced by me through my mind that I could relate thus; The sight of rising sun was the happiness I could get from something away from me and which is also available to others and this is Priya (Liking). Sense of satisfaction while relishing Maddur vada was happiness that I could get from things that are not mine but for my consumption and this is Modha (Pleasing). The feel of ecstasy while having the darshana of the Lord was due to the happiness which I could get from my own; I could relate Him as my own and this is Pramoda (Exhilaration). And lastly and the most important one the gladness that I felt while sharing the biscuits and chocolates with the kids at the temple which I thought is meant for me when I purchased them and this is Ananda (Eternal Happiness).

Though Priya, Modha and Pramodha could give me happiness it had to depend on the objects away from me, it is Ananda which makes me experience happiness without depending on the objects outside me. 

The pleasure and happiness in sharing is unique and to express that kind of experience there are no words.

346. The Owner of the House is not “IN”……….

This is an incident which happened some 20 years ago when internet was new and there were no cell phones or pagers and we had to relay on landline phones for communication. We had an agent in Chennai who was supplying us raw materials from his contacts in Europe and Mid-East. We tried to contact him over phone but the gentleman was not answering our call. After calling him for about a fortnight I and my partner decided to meet him personally.

We left
Bangalore by train early morning and reached Chennai at around noon. The agent stayed at T. Nagar and operated from his house. We had his house address so we hired an auto to go to T. Nagar.

We reached the place and searched for the house, it was a corner house with a compound and a small garden. There was a car parked in the portico. As soon as we got down from the auto my partner said, “Manoj, I don’t think Rajesh is in the house.” After settling the auto fare I looked at my partner and said, “Why do you jump to conclusions we have come all the way from
Bangalore let us be optimistic.”

Then we opened the gate and walked towards the door and rang the door bell. Few minutes passed, but there was no answer. Then we tried again still no answer. We knocked the door a little harder, the next door neighbor peeped out of his window and shouted, “Veetle yaarum ille” (no one in the house). We asked him where Rajesh had been. The neighbor said, “Sir, the whole family left about 3 weeks back to Rajasthan to attend the wedding of their niece.” We thanked the neighbor and gave him our visiting card and asked him to hand it over to Rajesh as soon as he is back.

I asked my partner, “How could you say Rajesh was not in the house sitting in the auto, Danu?” My partner said, Manoj, the garden was unkempt, there was dust on the car, there were cobwebs on the gate, the portico was not washed, letters were still in the postbox, so I thought he was not at home.

Well, this incident kept me contemplating if the house is not clean we can immediately know that the owner is away, so if the house is clean the owner is staying in the house. Exactly for the owner of this body (Absolute) to stay we have to keep our body and mind clean. The five sense organs have to be the servants and clean the body of visible impurities by giving it a bath. The garden of the mind should be free from the six invisible weeds –
Kama (desire), Loba (greed). Kroda (anger), Mada (pride), Moha (attachment), and Matsarya (jealousy), so that the plants of humility produce the flowers of compassion which will fill the garden with the fragrance of Love and Affection.
With this kind of atmosphere the Lord will reside in the house permanently.…… Right???????

345. It is Impossible to Learn if One has Know-It-All Attitude…….

Learning is a continuous process; no human born can say that he has complete knowledge of all. Knowledge is ocean and what we know is just a drop in it or may be for some mugs fill. To a serious seeker there is scope for learning even in his deathbed. I know-it-all attitude is the hindrance to know more. If a person is about to tell about some incidence or place this I know-it-all attitude rushes in and make us tell that we already know it hampering the process of getting knowledgeable. I know-it-all attitude nurtures arrogance. 

Why is it that we have such an attitude???????? 

An individual with such a negative attitude thinks that could get an edge over his colleagues or friends and could get him an upper hand. In reality with such attitude he will be missing some vital information that could be of help to him. This attitude is the boon of self pampering and also lack of humility. Sometimes may also be a situation to put down other person through implications. And even more dangerous is the attitude of thinking that there is nothing more to read and learn. 

To a serious seeker there is even more to understand after knowing the subject to get clarity. There are forums such as this for a seeker to let the views and responses to make him understand better. It is a great opportunity for a seeker to interact with fellow seekers and master and get their views and polish his thoughts so that it shines better. An open mind allows space to expand and accommodate new thoughts about the subject while the know-it-all attitudes close the door of opportunity of getting the clarity and hence keeps us in the circle. There is nothing wrong in telling that we lack proper knowledge. In fact the learners are those who surrender by telling “I need to know more.” 

Bhagwan Buddha wants us to empty the bowl to get it filled……..

344. Why is it become so Difficult to calm the Restless Mind????

Arjuna in Bhagavad-Gita tells Lord Krishna,
"Chanchalam hi manah
Krishna pramaathi balavad dridham;

Tasyaaham nigraham manye vaayoriva sudushkaram". (Gita 6.34)

The Mind verily is restless, turbulent, strong and unyielding, O
Krishna! I find it difficult to control just as wind is hard to grasp (in the fist).

Why is Mind so restless, turbulent, and unyielding???? It is because it has a lot of options spread before it in this materialistic world. It is very hard to make it stick to one. Look at the flood of materials in to the market in the name of technology. Just an example of cell phones every few days we have a new upgraded version and also cars every quarterly year we have a new model car. Accepted that this the way we have to live enjoy the present but what has these done to us instead of giving us comforts it is depriving the peace of mind which we are looking for.

Look at the malls mushrooming in and around the colleges. Will the young students mind not be restless and lured towards them???? Yes it is just the matter of making money and let anything happen to society its “none of my bother” kind of attitude. Mind is always looking for something new it would lose interest the moment that thing with it aimed for is achieved. It would not let the individual to enjoy the present situation it is always yearning for what is not got.

How can one get out of this problem of the mind??????            

Cut down the number of options and the mind will cease to be restless. Here is an illustration: A bird sat on the mast of a fishing boat. When the boat sailed through the mouth of the river into the black waters of the sea, the bird failed to notice the fact that the boat had come away from where the boat had anchored. And it finally became aware of the sea, it left the mast and flew north in search of land. But it found no limit to the water in the sea and so returned back on the ship. After resting a while it flew southward. There too it found no limit to the water in the sea. Panting for breath the bird returned to the mast of the ship. Again, after resting a while, it flew eastward and then westward. Finding no limit to the water in any direction in the sea, at last it decided to settle down on the mast of the ship only. 

Same is the case with Mind, given the options it will try to sit and hop on every thing it sees. But once the options are limited it will sit quite. In the illustration the Jnana or Bhakti serves as mast to the bird called Mind. It may wander for few minutes but will have to return to either of them to get solace…… Right??? What say????

Saturday, December 28, 2013

343. Proper manifestation of Divine Energy through my Power of Will….

Science of breathing in spiritual sense is energy infused in me every time I inhale which makes me feel rejuvenated while every outgoing breath impart wisdom as every incident teaches me something about life. Day in and day out every time I inhale and exhale there is energy and wisdom continuous flow. Every single moment I am manifested as both thought & energy dancing in my inner space to validate my existence.

Prana Shakti in me is the force that drives me to be active. It is the one which make my Trigunas (Three Traits) active which would otherwise be dormant. I get this Prana Shakthi as I breathe, what do I breathe? Nothing other than Divinity? Prana Shakti is all-permeating, omnipresent which was is and will be there because the manifestation of Divinity is through this vital force.

It is this vital force within me that which when given a chance will manifest itself so that it will benefit me as well as my environment. When the summer arrives I would always think of water melon creeper which bears fruit at the right time to quench the thirst of people. It is after all a seed which is sown and the fruit is harvested. If the plant which has only the vital force called Prana and no mind and intellect can do wonders at the time when the sun is scorching, what should my existence as a human be?

Prana Shakti that manifest as the driving force in me can bring in a good deed or bad deed using the same energy, it is a matter how I use the energy. If I take up a destructive course of action I may end up squandering the energy I received instead if I take up a constructive course I will have used the energy wisely. The energy in me is neutral it does not have the adjectives of good or bad it is the outcome after using that energy which is branded as good or bad.

The analogy of the ink in the ink pot could be apt here. Until the ink is in the ink pot the article that is to appear on the paper cannot be rated as good or bad. It is only after it has been used up for articulating the write up do the critics rate the article. It is the ink which is in the pot that is energy which is used by the author; he can use it to write a horrible gossip or a masterpiece.

When there is a greater harmony within me I am able to bring the Trigunas (Three Traits) into a greater state of balance, and this is done by my Iccha Shakti. While Prana Shakti is vital force Iccha Shakti is my will power. Prana Shakti is the fuel for my thought and in every endeavor be it physical, mental or intellectual it is the support, it is important for me to make a perfect use of it by my Ichha Shakti………….. Isn’t it????

Friday, December 27, 2013

342. Oh! Lord…I am with a Limited Power….. I am Nothing!!!!!

Oh! Lord what can I do, I am Alpa Shakta (Finite power) while You are Sarvasaktha (Omni Potent).

I looked at the universe created by You and was inspired to create something all by myself. After a lot of thinking I thought of constructing a temple to You. You created a dwelling for me, why not create one for You, I thought. Hence I financed to build a huge and beautiful temple and had an enchanting idol installed in the Sanctum Sanctum. This act of mine brought in a lot of appreciation and as usual a few criticisms as well. My people showered praise on me while those who hated me criticized me. I got carried away by the praise and at the same time wanted to teach a lesson or two to those who criticize me.   

I covered the tower of the temple with golden sheets and made a diamond crown to the idol inside the sanctum just to show my power to those who criticized me. I ordered that dogs and those who dare me shall not be allowed into the temple. And now those who were criticizing me left for good, here I have only those who praise me. Satisfied I stood in front of the temple twisting my mustache as the show of my power. I was thinking that I had been so powerful that I can pick and choose those I felt worthy to enter the temple I have built for You. Just as I was thinking so a housefly flew over my head and sat on the nose of Your idol in the sanctum. I wondered if that housefly should have had my permission to sit on Your nose or could I have stopped that little dirty creature from entering the sanctum. Alas! He does not need my permission nor could I stop him. With this being reality I boast in front of everyone that I am powerful. What a shame?   

Unfortunately I failed to do Svadhaya (Self-Study) hence I did not know that those who were praising me were overdoing it and those who were criticizing me were under estimating me as well. If I had done some self-reflection on myself I would have known my limits. I would have understood that even with all these material supremacy I possess finite power, while You are Omnipotent. Your little housefly has forced me to know my limits and accept You to be the BOSS.

When I did do self-study I came to know that compared to You I am NOTHING……..

Now for a small Riddle:

It is powerful than God.
It is evil than the Satan.
The poor have it.
The rich need it.
If you eat it, you will die.

What is "it"?


                          Just replace “it” with “NOTHING” ……….

Thursday, December 26, 2013

340. LIE: A Convenience or A Mistake ?????

To tell a LIE is Wrong, Mistake, Sin, Blunder and Immoral for a small Kid…..but,

It’s an Opportunity for some Adults.

It’s an Art for some Lovers.

It’s a Requirement for some Lawyers.

It’s a Convenience for some Stock Traders.

It’s a Qualification for some Politicians. 

It’s a Management Tactic for some Corporate Czars.

It’s a Triumph for some Bachelors.

It’s an Excuse for some Dealers.

It’s a Boon for some Criminals.

It’s a Pretext for some Brokers.

It’s a Ploy for some Gamblers.

It’s a Strategy for some Analysts.

It’s a Hope for some Entrepreneurs.

It’s a Justification for some Merchants.

It’s a Talent for some Attorneys.

It’s an Approach for some Swindlers.

It’s a Prospect for some Bureaucrats.

It’s an Instinct for some Leaders.

It’s Optimism for some Economists. 

It’s Working Capital for some Business Stalwarts.

It’s Confidence for some Public Prosecutors.

It’s Imagination for some Sycophants.

It’s Ingenuity for some Unlawful.

It’s a Skill for some Commodity Traders. 

It’s Innovation for some Urbanites.

It’s a Word of God for some God-men.

And lastly, a matter of Survival for a Married Individual.

Can there be a world without a lie? Can there be a person who is always truthful. Yes, there are mythological characters like Harishchandra, Sibi and Dileepa who did not go back on their word. It is possible to live like them in this civilized society. Can there be only Truth without falsehood? But then we say Truth and Untruth are like the sides of the same coin.

Manu Smriti says, “Speak truth in such a way that it should be pleasing to others. Never speak truth, which is unpleasant to others. Never speak untruth, which might be pleasant. This is the path of eternal morality, Sanatana Dharma.” The essence of this statement is that if a truth hurts someone it is better not to utter. A lie that stops your from hurting others is better than truth which puts others in danger.

An incidence in Mahabharata which we all know at the time of war, Yudhisthira faced a similar situation where he had to tell his Guru Dronacharya. Yudhisthira had the reputation of speaking only truth and his Guru Dronacharya wanted to listen from him about what Bhimasena was proud of, killing of Ashwathama. In fact Bhimasena had killed an elephant by that name. When Drona asked Yudhisthira to conform the news he had said: “Ashwathama Hatha Kunjara” meaning “Ashwathama (loudly), the elephant (faintly) is no more (again loudly).” Lord Krishna was witness to this event. It was neither a whole lie nor a full truth. Why did Lord Krishna support it? In the interest of Dharma, it was necessary for the Kauravas to lose the battle and without Guru Dronacharya shedding his weapons that was an impossible task. So it was a war tactic to utter a white lie.

Mahabharata goes on to says that the chariot wheels of the Yudhisthira which elevated a few inches above the ground always from that very moment lost its lofty status and touched the ground. This is to say that even uttering a lie once is also not a good gesture. But in the present scenario we have assumed that we cannot do away with lie and we are becoming habitual lairs. It has now human nature to do that which is forbidden. But our children are watching us they learn a lot form observing us. If we tell them lying is incorrect we need to be a lot more truthful. More over a lie does not make a better pillow at sleep.  

Satyameva Jayate” our national motto is in a mantra from Mundaka Upanishad, here the seer says “Truth alone Triumphs.”

339. How can I harness the Infinite Power of Divine?

Early in the morning when I wake up and look up at the raising sun and the beautifully painted canvas in the sky I feel inspired for the rest of the day. But there are some days when even though I look at the sky I do not resister the fantastic sight. This is because I have a preoccupied thought which has put me in the race with the time. These thoughts does not let me enjoy the scene.

With that preoccupied thought or without it, was the same Inner Self which was brightening my existence for the day. Then why was there difference in my behaviour. When the same energy was charging me for the rest of the day why did I have that mood to appreciate the art on the sky one day and worry of the thought the other??? If the energy is same what made my moods change??? This blog was the way I could put what I understand about the energy and myself.

A friend of mine asked me a question, “How do you think that we can harness the infinite power of the divine accessible through our spirit for work on our planet?” That energy I am talking is the infinite power of divine that my friend is asking in the question if I am not wrong. This Blog was the way I could put what i understand about energy and its influence on me.

There is a bid to excel in almost every assignment I take and in the process I lose my true identity. Why do I lose my identity? One reason is that what I wish to show to the world or let me put it this way what I try to be at most of the time, takes over what I really am. There is a constant fight between my role and my identity. My role differs but my identity is the same. Since I know that change is permanent I change my roles according to my adaptation, hence in due course I lose my true identity. 

With every role I wear a new mask and when I think of removing it I fail to do so because that mask could have become realty to me. This is when the trouble in my make believe world begins because it is now that I am trapped and put the blame on Maya. I do not understand if my current role has reversed my identity or still I am the same. I am made to assume different roles for numerous responsibilities and duties. In this venture I hide emotions and portray myself to be happy.

How do I not get identified with my role? How does my true identity get revealed to me? My true identity will be visible if I shun my doer-ship. I have this notion that without me things do not happen. Every emperors of every dynasty since yore thought that his kingdom is safe and sound because of him, but we have seen that some have flourished without them and some have been destroyed with them.

The energy in me should not be wasted by thinking about trivial matters of what might happen if not me. The infinite power of the divine accessible through our spirit works better if there is no doer-ship. When I understand who I am and if I work with that knowledge then what ever I do is fertile simply because it is not me doing but it is Absolute through me........What say??????

338. Politics of Polarization and Religion of Oneness…!!!!!

My country is considered a spiritual center of the world and many from outside come to learn and practice spirituality. This was not the recent development we have seen many starting from Alexandra, the great who came to invade my country was pulled towards spiritualism and to the latest Hollywood stars who have come here to drench themselves in the spiritual shower. My country has played host to such seekers since ages. Not that there is no spirituality in their country but they need to feel the warmth in the mothers cuddle.

But unfortunately we the citizens of this country are of late more intolerant towards religion and differentiating on the basis of religion. Agreed that this divide could be political in the larger sense but if one touches his heart and observe he will notice that he is also practicing the divide in the name of religion in a small way. A doctor or a district collector or a bank manager of his religion will prompt him to talk affectionately towards that person. Why is it so?? Are we not from the same source?? Why do we have that soft corner towards the person from same religion or sect?

If there was any difference on the basis of religion then there should have been separate air, water and sunlight for people practicing different religion? Was I not a human first before I was adorned myself with a tilak or a skull cap or a cross? Am I a Hindu because my parents pray in a temple? When every religion accepts Him as omnipresent then He can be in temple, mosque or a church.This divide in my country has encouraged the anti-nationals to plant bombs at the place of worship without fear of God, Morality or Society .       

There is one particular Sufi song in which the lyricist compares humans to pigeons. He says “Oh Lord, what have we humans gained in differentiating ourselves in the name of religion and in the name of God. A Hindu never steps into a mosque while a Muslim does not enter a temple. A Christian is confined to a church and a Sikh to a Gurudwara. Oh Lord, I feel that a life of a pigeon is far better than ours. Once it sits on the minaret of a mosque and the next moment it is on the gopuram of a temple and then it is on the bell tower of a church and has its nest on the dome of a gurudwara”. 

With the advancement in the field of science and technology why are we becoming so paranoid in concern to religion? This divide over religion has given rise to a new question, is religion bad, does it polarize society? No, religion is a personal affair and it is the initial step towards spirituality which intimately leads to oneness. But when interacting with a person who is practicing a different religion it should not matter much to me. I need to look at him as my sibling and this is humanity. Differentiation in the name of religion can be curbed if only we stop identifying ourselves largely on the basis of religion. We know that the home is the first school to a child; the parents are very much responsible for teaching a child to respect other religions apart from his own. Ours is a nation which shelters every religion and we have to be proud of it instead of rating and gauging the religion. When we are from the same source then the fashion in which we adore the source is also same…… What say???? 

337. Regular Practice elevates Seeker to Spiritual Awakening!!

fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 different kicks, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” says legendary martial artist Bruce Lee.

Practice is learning things by repetition. It is not necessarily the amount of time we spend in practice that counts but the interest we put in the practice. A raw diamond after a consistent long polishing becomes valuable otherwise it is just a carbon. Any performance shows excellent results after a long practice. Practicing improves our technical thinking and boosts our imagination to perform better the next time. We have to practice methodically, thoughtfully and regularly. Practice does make perfect but a perfect practice makes perfection a lot quicker.

Practice of anything is important and it should be considered as a necessary evil. That does not mean that it is unpleasant but it has to be made to serve as goal achiever. Practice is also important for a spiritual seeker. Spiritual seekers are advised to take up the spiritual practice without any intervals, comparing it to the uninterrupted flow of the clarified butter from one vessel to another. An uninterrupted practice annihilates skepticism. 

A musician says, “If I miss one day of practice, I notice it. If I miss two days, the critics notice it. If I miss three days, the audience notices it.”  Thus is the importance of a regular practice. While the musician was about others noticing about his practicing schedule, in spirituality there is no need for others to notice if the self notices it that is itself a hindrance.  

Spiritual practice is the firm soil on which the sapling of faith grows and matures to become a big tree of spiritual awakening. Often we are asked to tread the path of spirituality alone but members of the family can get together. When an individual family involves in spiritual practice, each family member gains something from it, and the family bond is automatically strengthened. There are many ways of spiritual practices that together a family can practice like hospitality, respecting each other, and reading scriptures, contemplating and discussing to get clarity on the unknown. 

Then spiritual practice can be introduced to a group of families. Each family would then decide how to include that practice in their family life and for the wellness of the society they are living. Thus each individual of the family is elevated to Spiritual awakening in particular and society in general……. Correct????


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

336. Christ resides in all of us…………..

Christ is the messenger who came from Lord Almighty to inspire mankind to live a life of righteousness. He was in the mould of a Guru who could hold hands and lead the seekers through the journey of life. Irrespective of religion everyone accepts the social teachings of Christ to be inspiring them always.

Mahatma Gandhi is an eminent example among those who was inspired. He found the whole social teaching of Christ beautifully summarised and appealing to the seekers. Mahatma Gandhi considered Christ to be a moral principle or an ethical symbol. He was fascinated by the message and preaching of Christ. This is what he said: “I can say that the historical Christ never interested me. Nothing would change for me if someone proves that Jesus never lived and that the Gospel narration were fictitious story, because the message Christ gave in the “Sermon on the Mount” would always remain imbibe in me.”

Christ preached, “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.”  

Christ asks, “What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul.

Christ says, “No one lights a lamp and puts it in a place where it will be hidden, or under a bowl. Instead he puts it on its stand, so that those who come in may see the light.

Christ requests, “Live in me, let me live in you.

Christ warns, “We walk by faith not by sight.

Christ feels, “Those who know all, but are lacking in themselves, are utterly lacking.

Christ suggests, “If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions, and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me."

Christ wants us to know, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.

Christ confirms, “The Kingdom of God is within you.

Christ appeals to His Father, the Almighty when he was nailed onto the Cross, “Forgive them, Father. They know not what they do.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

335. The Conversation of the Unborn Twins……

Here is a beautiful and simple analogy that explains about our very life, and throws light on what we think of hereafter. It is easy to deny that there could be a hereafter but those with knowledge know better.

In a mother’s womb were 14 week twins who started to chat with each other..The conversation went as follows............

One asked the other: “Do you believe in life after delivery?”

The other replied, “Why, of course. There has to be something after delivery. Maybe we are here to prepare ourselves for what we will be later.”

“Nonsense,” says the first. “There is no life after delivery. If you believe it so then what would that life be?”

“I don’t know much, but there will be more light than here. Maybe we will walk with our legs and eat from our mouths.”

The first said, “This is absurd! Walking is impossible. And eat with our mouths? Ridiculous. The umbilical cord supplies nutrition. Life after delivery is to be excluded. The umbilical cord is too short.”

“I think there is something and maybe it’s different than it is here,” the other replied.

“No one has ever come back from there. Delivery is the end of life, and in the after-delivery it is nothing but darkness and anxiety and it takes us nowhere.”said the first.

“Well, I don’t know,” said the other, “but certainly we will see mother and she will take care of us.”

“Mother??” You believe in mother? Where is she now?”asked the first.

“She is all around us. It is in her that we live. Without her there would not be this world for us.”

“I don’t see her, so it’s only logical that she doesn't exist.”protested the first.

To which the other replied, “Sometimes when you’re asleep and I remain silent I can hear her heart beat and feel her. I believe there is a reality after delivery and we are here to prepare ourselves for that reality….”

In the womb of mother or in the womb of the mother earth the situation is the same moreover in the mothers womb it was umbilical cord here it is silver cord……………isn't it?????