Thursday, December 12, 2013

301. Instead of Equality, Equanimity better for Genders conflicts......

With the unacceptable and uncivilized crimes against Women one most important question is why has this been like this? When I went into contemplation on this issue I was able to point out two categories of people who have made this happen. First and foremost is one section of male who assume they are superior to women in every angle. For them it could be the history which has given them proof of their male chauvinism. As in ancient times women were not let to show their abilities and capabilities in public. Next and most important than the first is one section of women who want to fight for women rights only out of their own home. They want every woman to be empowered but deprive their daughter-in-law of her rights.

The male species which think that they are superior to women should understand that without a woman they would not have appeared on this earth plane and because of her nurturing they have reached an age where they are able to think they are superior to women. Not only their childhood but all along their entire life span they need to have a woman to assist, guide and motivate them. But instead they deem and disseminate that women are destined to live under their protection. They just cannot digest the success of women.

Now coming to the next category these women fail to practice what they preach. They are women rights activists outside their house but inside home they are the worst women rights offenders. They are partial to their sons and look down upon daughters and daughters-in-law. They want their daughter to have a better husband than they have but do not want their sons to get a better wife that what they are. They want to dominate in the house hence they prefer a meek daughter-in-law.

Since ages these two categories have been crossing swords against women. Women against women is worst than men against women. This situation in the household has kindled atrocity against the dignity of women outside. As a female born she is treated as a second citizen and while she comes out she has to face male chauvinism and finally as a married women she has to confront a women who is after her always.

Why has such a situation raised? Are the two genders fighting for supremacy?

Absolute has done justice in creating male and female species. If He has given man strength and might He has balanced it by conferring women with beauty and grace. While He gave men the ability to gain worldly knowledge He gave the role of guiding that knowledge to women. He made men to go out and fend for the family while the responsibility of love and care was on women. It is high time we understand that both men and women need not fight for gender equality as Absolute has bestowed equal responsibility on us.

The married couples are advice to compromise with each other. Why should they? By compromise it shows that either of them is superior. It is like Anivaryata (inevitable) situation. But in reality it is not and should never be so. Married Life is not a string of compromises, if so, and then it is never strong. Instead of compromising to each other if they try to compromise with the universal law and lead life then there is no Anivaryata at all but unknowingly they will have Anyonyata (reciprocity) as shown by bee and flower.  

There is no point in comparing apples with oranges as both are fruits with extraordinary taste and essence. They both are His creations hanging out from the tree called life. They are meant to enjoy the company of each other with Equanimity………am I right??????

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  1. When things go wrong between genders the fault lies with both of them.In India because of some religious customs and beliefs importance was given to a male child.It is fine. But things have changed and now women have become independent and educated and supporting their families with both finances and also as home is high time to think both are equals in all respects.this truth should be implanted to the parents when they bring up their children.In this creation every creature including from ant to elephant has its purpose.humans with their reason and logic should understand and give repect to each other and live in peace.