Thursday, December 5, 2013

289. Mind is always Branded by its Behavior……….

In our daily life we encounter people displaying different behaviors while some are emotional some are practical and some are sensitive. Are these behavior in us by birth or has it been developed with the events that has happened due to the family circumstances or is it made us so because of the social environment? The answer is No; none of them will influence my behavior as a person. The spontaneous variations in behavior may be the result of circumstances but the inbuilt behavioral attitudes are to be analyzed and if need be corrected.

A person’s mind is always branded by the way he behaves, we call some emotional or practical or sentimental or sensitive and so on. In fact these behavior they seem to posses are not permanent though it can be observed that in some circumstances they tend to go according to their behavior. In the first place as a person looking at another I have to learn to understand that person is beyond his behavioral attitudes, the beauty of a lotus is felt only if I look beyond the filthy lake..... isn’t it????  

Also as humans we do not set our mind to some particular emotions all the time, because at that time our intellectual part works, for example, however emotional I may be towards God if I receive a banana as “Prasad” I peel off the skin and consume, here the intellect guides me to discard the skin and eat the fruit even though I consider the whole banana is oblation. Likewise we can see a practical person becomes emotional at hospital or at a funeral and an emotional person doning the role of a practical person while pestering to sell his products as a marketing executive. 

The nature and nurture, both, condition my mental makeup up to a particular point of time. All my experiences through the sensory data fed by the sense organs tend to become my memory. This memory complex keeps interacting with the new data continuously being fed through my senses. This interaction leads to generation of fresh thoughts in my brain. All the biological responses occur through these thoughts. So the bio-Chemical and Bio-Physical machinery runs as a result of these thoughts. My habits and behaviors are shaped by these memory-sensory data interaction. I become selective to particular set of behavior and that defines my personality to others. But I do have the capacity to change the nature of my thinking if encountered with stronger stimuli fed again through the sensory organs. Though there is nothing like absolute human free will, the “virtual” free will is subjected to enjoy the power of exercising the choices in matters of personal and social good.

So it all depends on my intellect to correct my behavior and if I can only listen to it then my life is better. Choosing to live a new and different way is a test because it means setting off in a new direction on a road that is unknown - I will not have experienced it ever before, and it takes nerve to start out on that journey. And I find my true nature when I learn to truly nurture my behavior…………… is my thinking …Right??????


  1. What you say is correct.We cant form opinion on seeing anyone in a particular situation..because in the society there are norms and formalities to be observed.In our relationships also we have to behave differently depending on the type of personalities.We can be truthful only when we are on the path of Truth.We need improvement Yes we come with some inbuilt samskaras,and we may have to change them to adjust ourselves to the society and environment,But for our ownself and to purify ourselves,we have to try to change them.

  2. I suspect that might be part of the journey to Learn, to reflect and find inner peace; find a better understanding of our way of being.