Wednesday, December 31, 2014

637. Fond Farewell 2014 Hearty Welcome 2015!!!!

We are leaving behind 2014 and it will only be in our memory again never in reality. 2014 was just a phase slot in the time. I could only preserve some pleasant memories from it, I could not cling on to those pleasant experiences which I had in that stipulated time span. Even so were those experiences in 2014 which I do not wish to have a repeat of it again in 2015. In total there were some memorable moments as well as some trivial moments which I had to endure. It would be my shear foolishness to think that what I enjoyed in abundance in those times in 2014 could be brought forward into 2015. But I can hope that the radiance of abundance could always be there in 2015. 

Abundance is the joy I strive for when I aspire to have and be enough. I need to know that enough is never attained, it is only ever experienced and hence after 2014 there is 2015.  

Abundance has its reputation in its very nature to overflow. Living in abundance is the practice of letting overflow what I have. I need to ask myself what I have let to overflow into world outside me in 2014. If there is any I need to be aware if it has benefited my fellow beings, if it has then I should hope to continue it in the year 2015 as well. To overflow whatever I intend to let off I have to see that the lid of my overhead tank is kept ajar.  

Life in 2014 has provided me a lot and I need to thank it for whatever I have assimilated, and now I need to keep myself ready to accept what it has to offer in 2015.

Wish You, Your Family and Your Friends a Blissful New Year…..

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

636. Physical health or Mental health?

Our body and mind is concept of a single system. The health of both is unquestionably vital to lead a happy life. We can compare our body to a vehicle. Let us suppose we are planning to go on a weekend picnic say 250 kms in a vehicle, don’t we check the air pressure, radiator coolant, make sure we have stepney tyre? Only if these precautions are taken our journey is smooth, likewise in the journey of life our body has to be taken care to complete the journey without any hassles.

As the vehicle is important to the journey so also the driver is important. With all the precautions of the vehicle are taken care, it is important that the driver should be stable to drive. If the vehicle is the body the mind is its driver. In fact the amazing design of the providence is that the mind is sent along with the body. The driver comes with the vehicle we have to cope with the driver not for just one destination but our entire journey of life there is no option to change the driver. 

We look after our body so well but have not thought that it is mental health that is as important as the physical health. We have seen many people who in spite of their physical deformity have excelled in doing unimaginable achievements. It is not the physical well-being alone but it is mental willingness that creates unimaginable events.

Here are some of the tips to keep Mind Healthy: 

Not to entertain unwanted thoughts.

Not to compare ourselves with others. 

To mind our own business.  

To be contented with what we have. 

Have harmony in our thought, word and deed. 

Learn to accept gain/loss, praise/blame in equanimity. 

How can a seeker be mentally and physically fit?

When he treads the path of Spirituality the seeker is in the brim of both Mental and Physical Health. With both Mental and Physcial Health in balance it is easy to sit in the Seat of i right?????

Monday, December 29, 2014

635. The Power of Youth......

“Robust” would be the better word to describe the youth of today. But that zeal is not let to explode as the elders fear the consequences. Agreeably that outburst of the zeal can induce negative trait also, but with a little guidance it can be channelized towards positive ventures. When closely observed parents of an adolescent would want their children to follow them rather than letting them become leaders. This takes toll on the innovative and creative side of the youth; they are stopped to use their potential and not let them think outside the box.

Such youth unfortunately take up the parents’ identity as the identity of the self rather than having individuality in life. If they are asked to present their views in a group they avoid and resist, and worst they apt to retreat and push their friend forward who eventually does the same. Even though they have a lot of ideas they are unable to put them forward as they have been conditioned so in their home by their parents. Some parents out of extreme love would not let them experiment and put a boundary of safety around the young which leads to such situations.

That boundary of safety does not let the youth to experience, understand or know the self, which is the main cause for the lack of self-confidence which is the sustaining tool of the self. With the understanding of self and having self-confidence there is no place for insecurity feel. They develop a unique way of thinking and a way of carrying themselves, an excellent mixture of these makes them a charismatic leaders and great personalities. These are not taught in schools, it is for the parents to let the younger generation experiment themselves with a close distant watch of course.

Schools and colleges emphasizes more on academic gradation which only wants the young to participate in the process of knowing the subject and puking out all that is known on the answer sheet on the day of examination to get good grades. Educational institutions put more significance to the academic achievement rather than character development amongst adolescents, and amazingly some parents have also given a green signal to this custom.

Parents of the today’s youths need to make them understand the basic values of life and help them develop principles and explain  to them the advantages of standing firm on principles. Only when this happens the young would have an appealing character which is a must quality for leadership. A little guidance from parents and well wishers and a small pat on the shoulder on the discovery of a new experience will give more space for creativity in them. There is overall progress in maturity and a well-balanced mind, which sustain them towards being a charismatic personality.

Parent’s duty does not end at providing the resources for the development of the young. Obtaining great knowledge does not act as an indicator to having a well-balanced mind, but possessing an absolutely spotless character along with the knowledge contributes to a brilliant personality. Having an encyclopedia in the book shelf and the ability to use an encyclopedia is two different things ..........…What say?????

Saturday, December 27, 2014

634. They are Interconnected Lets not Miss the Link……………

In our factory yesterday we were using the hoist crane with linked chains to lift the weight of around 1000 kgs. While our operator was pulling the chain I happened to observe that the each link of chain had to get interlocked with the knot for the work load to be pulled up. On observing this a thought came to my mind, it was that even though I may be not be moving further on my spiritual path due to my Prarabdha Karma Phala (resultant karma)  I need not worry. All I have to do is to pull the link of the chain one at a time so that I can elevate exactly as the load which came up.

Link of the chain should be perfect and there should be a continuous effort without stop. I have the will I can excel and fulfill the purpose of life and the interconnected link are thus:

We perform actions which may be right or wrong. 
If they are wrong we have committed mistakes and for that we have remorse.

Remorse bring sufferings got from guilt.

Guilt is because of fear.

Fear is because of lack of compliance.

Compliance can be obtained by disciplining ourselves.

If there is discipline in everything we do it becomes a ritual.

Ritual unfolds culture.

Culture breeds manners.

Manners teach ethics.

Ethics ingrains empathy, from empathy we are accustomed to compassion.

Compassion gives humility, and from humility one has patience with which comes endurance.

Endurance imparts fortitude, from fortitude there is enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm supplies dedication, from dedication one learns sincerity.

Sincere person is reliable, a reliable person has consistence.

Consistency is dependability and hence loyal.

A loyal person is always certain and firm.

Firmness flowers steadfastness.

Steadfast person is simple and principled hence liked by all. Such a person has happiness of everlasting nature so he is always cheerful.

Cheerful person is fulfilled hence is not attached or attracted to any thing. He is dispassionate to unwanted wantons.

Dispassionate person that he is makes him contented.

Contentment gets him satisfaction.

Satisfied person has a clear mind.

Clear mind is clarity in thoughts.

Clarity in thoughts flourishes open-mindedness.

With an open mind he is non judgmental.

Being non judgmental is willingness to take information.

Information is knowledge.

From knowledge intelligence grows, from intelligence one is wise.

Wisdom enables one to discriminate.

Discrimination sets us vision with it we set goals and we have a mission.

For a mission there is action.

Action gives us experience.

Experience generates perfection.

Perfection induces excellence in us.

Excelling is all we have to look for and that is the purpose of our life. 

Was I right in thinking so???????????

Friday, December 26, 2014

633. Call of the Duty is Greater than Even the Words of the Lord!!!!!!

Duty is considered more important than adoring God. One who does his duty and in the process does not have time or even forgets God his act is justified. There are many who have found God by just performing their duties sincerely. Going to a temple or on a pilgrimage should never be a reason for not performing the duty. God will be more than satisfied if the duty is undertaken at the correct and appropriate time. God does wait but duty will never, simply because duty is not just confined to me alone, as it is interconnected in a chain for others also to perform their duty after mine. Here is a story which relates to how duty is important that the words of even the Lord.

At Vrinadavan there was a group of naughty boys lead by Balarama and Krishna. They were very naughty yet none would feel disgusted with their mischief as everyone enjoyed it secretly. The group was famous for stealing butter. The head of the group Krishna was very fond of it and would go to any extent to steal butter. The Gopikas had a tough time hiding the fresh churned butter in pots under the cot, on the ledge, in the store. Wherever they were kept this group would find and feast on them. This butter stealing saga was getting a little too much for the Gopikas and they decided to complain about it to Yashoda, Krishna’s mother. Yashoda was baffled and would not believe that her son was indulging in stealing butter in other people’s house as there was enough for him to be satisfied with in her own household.

At first she refused to believe them, but as the number of complaints against her lovely son grew she decided to think that she had to check into the matter. She called Krishna and asked him about the complaints the neighbours were making against him. Krishna pretended innocent and accused Gopikas of being jealous of the love she poured over him. Yashoda could do nothing, yet she decided to catch Krishna in the butter stealing act herself.

She made a plan and filled a pot with fresh butter and hung it high up to the ceiling and tied the pooja bell she used over it. “When the gang puts their hand inside the pot the bell will ring and I can catch them.” she thought. As it always happened the naughty boys in an instant formed a human pyramid with Krishna on top of it. As Krishna was about to put his hand in to the pot he noticed the pooja bell. He could very well understand the set up and told the bell not to make any noise till they had finished feasting on the butter.

Krishna let the group to relish and stood guard. One by one each boy started putting his hand and taking a lump of butter to eat. When everyone had finished it was the turn of Krishna and he lowered his hand into the pot and took a handful of butter and tossed it into his mouth. The bell which remained silent until then started to echo the heavenly jingle sound!

Krishna stopped and turned to look at the bell in dismay. Bell said to the Lord, “Duty, ‘O’ my Lord everyday when Maa Yashoda offers the Prasad to the deity in the pooja room it is my duty to make the jingle sound. When I see you savoring this freshly churned butter is it not my duty to make the sound?”

Krishna did not have a counter he had to accept the logic of the bell and do nothing. If you are doing your duty then Lord is more than satisfied…………What say??????

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

631. Greed and Avariciousness harmful to Society than Religion.......

Recently I watched a Tamil movie and one particular scene in that movie goes like this. A group of five friends are traveling in an open jeep and the conversation leads to an argument between two. One of them tells the other that in recent time there is no place for sympathy and empathy in society while the other friend says when the situation demands every person responds and reacts. To put to test he asks another friend to approach the old man waiting for the bus and tell him that he is from other district and has lost his purse and wanted Rs. 200 so that he can get back home.

As told the friend narrates to the old man and the old man rebukes him saying he is aware of all such tricks being played by frauds. The friend returns back and first friend who had told society has forgotten empathy and sympathy whispers to him and asks him to approach the old man again. This time again the friend request the old man to believe him and proposes to give away his watch which is worth Rs.1500 if he could part with Rs.500. The old man looks at the watch and agrees to pay Rs.400 instead. The friend agrees to the amount and the deal is over. In fact the watch was worth only Rs.150.The Director of the movie points out that in earlier times it was sympathy and empathy but now it is greed and avariciousness that is to be tapped when one has to trick someone.

In the recent Aamir Khan movie which is an excellent movie and an eyeopener the director fits in the character of an old Sikh man who takes refuge of a lie to get money from the hero to pay his five star hotel bill. And amazingly the hero who is searching for God and is fed up with people lying about God in the name of religion does not seem to be concern with this lie.

Further the director of the movie wants us not to anoint the idols with milk and instead provide them for hungry kids. It is an appreciable statement but I wonder why the hero and the director have not talked about people spending lavishly in hotels and malls. If one observes there are poor people who line up in front of a place of worship but not before a mall or a five star hotel. The old man could have told the reality to his wife and she would have been happier with what he provides her. Would she be happy to know that her husband lied to make her happy? A devotee might have spent a few rupees to anoint the idol but also has a few coins to spare for the poor who wait outside the place of worship be it a temple or a mosque or a church. A candle light dinner may cost thousands but there are no poor waiting outside the five star hotels, any answers Mr. Hero who take the remuneration of Rs. 45 crores for a movie or Mr. Director for this.

Religion has never caused any harm it is the intolerance towards other religion that is the problem. Likewise it is Self-Centeredness, Avariciousness and Hoarding which is the biggest problem in the society. Religious festivals like Dussehra, Deepavali, Eid & Christmas are the time when the economy is in constant flow. Just as water which is stagnant stinks, wealth also has to be in continuous flow for the well being of the society. Economy of a place will flourish only if money is earned and spent. Religious festivals are one of the ways for it, look at how commodities are traded at festive times and economy shared. Rich may spend lakhs on holiday abroad and a few thousands for weekend parties but will it help the economic cycle? No, it has done nothing to put an end to “The Tragedy of Commons*.”

* The Tragedy of the Commons is an economics theory by Garrett Hardin, which says that individuals acting independently and rationally according to each one's self-interest behave contrary to the whole group's long-term best interests by depleting some common resource.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

630. Ego, Mind, Reality and Miracle…….!


There are series of events that happen in our life span and every event, if it is a cause will have an effect and if it is an effect will certainly have a cause. Sometimes the cause or the effect will not be visible. It is in such rare cases that our ego misjudge and declares the event as something impossible and if that event which our ego has branded impossible happens it terms the event a “MIRACLE”. Our ego does not want our mind to believe in REALITY. The erroneous faith that we are the body, mind and intellect is the breeding ground for the ego to exist. It is that firm belief which make ego to possibly take our mind further away from our authentic Self.

When I think the thoughts which appear has to be about past or future. I will never have thoughts of present. If I think about now there is no thoughts and it will be void. If it is void then it has to be silence and in silence there is no mind. If there is no mind there is no ego. This is the reason why ego hates silence in my thoughts, as it will have no space and will just vanish. Ego will never allow the mind to accept that which is real as it worries about losing its identity.

Ego and Reality can never co-exist. Naturally reality is ever-present and this is the issue of concern to Ego and it wants to hide it from the mind. To hide it from the mind, Ego tricks the mind to think about unwanted things so that it too busy to inquire about eternal Truth or to dwell in the authentic Self. Mind will go inward to the Self if the struggle of the Ego to trick the mind is stopped. Amazingly blogging and thinking of a topic to write a blog is also a part of Ego fooling the mind though on a creative side, the only solace is it is not on the destructive side.

Reality has no extent and hence finding it cannot be in the process, but it can be the final destination. Ego does not easily accept this and wants to convince the mind that over a period of time reality will be revealed. But as long as my mind is in the process of searching for Reality, the Reality is always veiled. Why does reality not manifest itself? Simply because it does not want to have a conflict with the Ego which is a worthless fantasy which is self created for its own survival.

Even without Ego mind can exist but if mind thinks only of the present and this will make it aware of the evidence of reality in everything. There is no room to be judgmental as it identifies with the Self and is familiar with the “is-ness” of every other being. It is like when a restless night shift worker calls up the manager to inform about the machine breakdown and to confess the inability to fulfill the production target to be delivered in the morning. The manger has had the buffer stock from the day shift and reassures the worker and tells him not to panic. Like the manager if the mind also knows the reality it remains calm and not act as the restless worker. Mind can remain calm in the middle of worthless babble if it knows how momentary everything else around it is.

The mind has to be aware that reality has all the elements like Comprehension, Clarity, Care, Calm, Contentment and Courage. These elements endorse Unconditional Love, Tranquility, Plentitude, Well-being and Oneness with all. And this is MIRACLE.

Monday, December 22, 2014

629. Arishadvargas drags one to display Beastly Characteristic..!

The theory of evolution states that we humans evolved from ape-like animals and have since ages been civilized to be what we are now. The basic need to differentiate an animal and a human is the ability to discriminate what is right and what is not. The control over the Arishadvargas {Desire (Kama), Anger (Krodha), Greed (Lobha), Attachment (Moha), Pride (Mada), Envy (Matsarya)} the six inner enemies makes the character of a human. The least rise in the intensity of desire or greed makes an individual to take refuge under unfair means and turns him into a reckless animal. A proverb in Sanskrit says, “Kamaturanam na Bhayam na Lajja” meaning that an individual beset himself with a strong desire has neither fear nor a sense of shame.

Individuals with such reckless animal character make not only their life a hell but also for the other who are around them. Among all the six inner enemies’ lust and greed are the two most powerful evil traits which are hard to sate; it is like wild fire which does not douse at all. There is no end to cravings for desires for acquiring more and more things for comfort, pleasure and luxury. Likewise to satisfy those desires some do not have the thought that they should never cross the limit line which is set for human and animal behavior.

Life is a place where one needs to enjoy and live happily, this is what almost all philosophers and saints have to say through their writings. Sri Vijayadasaru of the Dasa Sahitya tradition writes in one of his couplets, “Sadagaradallipude Srishana Aagney” (To be cheerful is the order from Absolute), but the happiness which we enjoy should be such that it does not bring unhappiness to other. The more one indulges in satisfying his desire unconcern of others the greater is the agitation in the mind. Worries, wantons, insecurity and anxieties increase as days pass. Happiness obtained by sense gratification is followed by illusion, fatigue and unhappiness.

Wisdom is to understand that the happiness got from sense gratification will not last long and its ultimate end would bring unhappiness. Without this knowledge the illusory perspective of body consciousness heaves the individual towards wickedness, distress, hankering and hence turbulence in mind. He becomes accustomed to seek for happiness in material things and will never come out of that vicious cycle. Unfortunately if the individual is found fiddling with any one of the six inner enemies’ he lands up visiting all. It is like one leading to another. 

Once it so happened that a king of certain kingdom announced that he will honor with a big gift to any pious and learned person who agrees to do any one of the following three prohibited deeds;

1) He has to shout at the top of his voice that Vedas are false, or
2) He must drink Arrack (country liquor), or
3) He must misbehave with another mans wife.

For almost a year none came forward and the king doubled the reward.

At last one pious and learned Brahmin who had to care for the starving family offered to drink Arrack, which according to him would give him least guilt compared to other two. Poverty driven and justifying his choice he drank Arrack, as soon as he got drunk he began to use foul language under the influence of intoxication. He ran down the street shouting that Vedas are cock and bull stories containing no validity. Then he entered the house of the village carpenter and started misbehaving with the carpenter’s wife, like the wild lustful animal.

One leads to another it’s a vicious circle BEWARE!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

628. Trust put on Hard Work never goes in Vain……!

Once a man lost his way in a desert and was close to death due to thirst. He grew weak wandering aimlessly through the scorching heat for days. After a long search he spotted an oasis in the distance, the tall palm trees was the indication of the source of water. He thanked his stars and slowly walked towards it.

Finally as he reached the place he stumbled forward exhausted beneath the shade of the palm trees. He thought at last he can quench his tormenting thirst. His lips had gone dry and he had no strength even to walk for another furlong. Considering lucky to have found this oasis he wiped the sand from his face and what he saw made him astounded. He observed something strange about this oasis instead of a water body like a spring or a lake or well the man found a hand pump. And beside the hand pump were two objects a small guard jar filled with water and a note written on a goat hide.

He carefully read the note it said, “Whoever wished to draw water has to prime the pump by using the water in the guard jar kept aside. The water in the guard jar is just enough for the purpose. Most importantly water in the guard jar should not be used to quench thirst as it has to be poured into the pipe so that the pump gets primed and it works and fetch unlimited supply of sweet water to drink. 

Please note: Final instruction is that the guard jar has to be refilled again for the next person to use the water to prime the pump again.

Now the man was worried he was dying of thirst and he had found water in the guard jar. It seemed the height of foolishness to pour it down the pipe, what if the pump does not work. He can drink the water in the guard jar instead. He thought for a while and decided to take risk and he poured the water from the guard jar into the pipe and started to work on the lever. After moving the lever up and down for several times, there was no sign of water. He was depressed and wondered if he did the right thing by pouring the water in the guard jar into the pipe instead of quenching his thirst. However he did not stop operating the lever and finally after some time his hard work was rewarded water gushed out of from the pump. He drank to his content and before leaving filled the guard jar with water and left the note for those who would come to the pump in future.

This is a story with the title “Parable of the Pump” which tells us about the dilemmas we face in our daily life. Opportunities do come our way but we are nervous to take any tough decisions. We do not act as the man in the desert because we are not in the position to lose nothing. A person takes tough decisions only when he has nothing to lose, as the saying goes “When going get tough, the tough gets going”. Taking calculative risk is necessary in life. A farmer takes hard decision in order to use the insufficient resource he has to sow when he sights clouds and only when it rains he is rewarded manifold at the time of harvest, he feels that his risk has paid off.

D.V Gunadappa the prominent Kannada writer and philosopher writes in his Mankuttimana Kagga (Foggy Fool's Farrago) thus:

“If a wrestler loses a bout can you say that all his practice (of body building and wrestling moves) in the gym was a waste? Just feel his body it is hard as steel. That physique is what the gym made of him and is worth all the effort.”

If you trust too much the chances are that you many feel deceived in life, but if you do not trust at all you many not live at all.

Friday, December 19, 2014

627. We search Absolute every where, not knowing He is within us…

Absolute is not somewhere far away from us instead He is within us. If He is inside us then why are we unable to known His presence? What is holding us back from knowing Him? The answer to this is our Mind. 

Our mind is always busy with many thoughts and is unable to take the advice of our intellect which is always guiding us to find Him inside. If our mind can listen to our intellect all of us irrespective of caste, creed, sex or status can find Him within and in all. 

Can we find Him in a criminal then? Yes, there is Divinity in a criminal also. There was a Vaishnava saint who once visited Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. While discussing he said, “We have to show compassion to all.” 

Ramakrishna told him “Who are we to show compassion, if we respect and adore that is more than enough”. To this the Vaishnava saint asked, “Why can’t we be compassionate, Divine is present in all?” 

Ramakrishna said, “Reverend Sir, even a tiger has Divinity within. That does not mean I can go and hug the tiger. It is sense to adore and respect the tiger and that to from a comfortable safe distance”. 

Our mind is so intoxicated by the inputs given by the sense of perceptions that it is unable to come out of it. Once it comes out of it then there is no need to search for Absolute, as the mind would journey the vastness of the inside. For this to happen we need to come out of the intoxication. Now one may question why not our intellect could reprimand our mind?? Unfortunately our intellect will be hostile in this case as it is unable to get the mind out of the intoxication. The intellect can only guide the mind it cannot rebuke it. 

A pastor in the church found that an old man would doze off during the Sunday mass. So, the Pastor called the grandson who would accompany the old to wake him up whenever the old man slept. And for this service the pastor promised to give the grandson one dollar. And from the next Sunday mass the grandson would wake his sleeping grand father and the pastor would pay him one dollar. After some weeks, again the old man was found to sleep during the mass. Now the pastor called the grandson and asks him why he let the old man sleep even though he was paying one dollar to wake him up. For this the grandson tells the pastor, “Sir, you pay one dollar to wake him but he pays me five not to disturb”. 

Likewise our mind has mesmerized itself with materialistic comforts and has no time for the words from the intellect. Hence the intellect has stopped telling the mind to look for the Absolute inside. At the same time it is in association with the mind and hence the self is unable to experience the Absolute which is always present inside. The only way to set this right is to make the mind turn inward and once the mind is inward, it will heed to the intellect and the self will attain Absolute.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

626. Mindset of a Terrorists and a Hostage……!

Terrorist are no heroes they take on innocents to vent their anger or fulfill their demands. A person is trained to be a terrorist by making him believe that the act will get him Jannat after his death. In reality such acts create hell and havoc on earth which is regarded as heaven by some who are alive. It is not the terrorist who gets into the act who is intelligent but the one who masterminds the attack. But can a person be brainwashed to believe that he gets an easy gate pass to heaven if he does what no God or Philosophy has ever agreed to?       

Vendanta advises a seeker to go beyond the body and mind and for a seeker it seems to be a Herculean task. How is it that a terrorist easily accepts it and is ready to blow himself up? Is it because in a hostage situation the people held in hostage are more clinging to life than those dreaded terrorists? Every person struck in such a hostage situation wants to escape alive and is not bothered what happens to others but in contrast the entire terrorist lot in the mission are ready to die. How ? what kind of mindset is it? 

Is the desire to cling to life the trump card for the terrorists? 

Yes, agreed that every person has a right to live but it is not the yearn to live but the attachment towards our near and dear ones which plays a crucial role. Those dreaded coward terrorists are detached from their family and friends. May be it could be one of the reason for them to foolishly agree to blow themselves up.               

A soldier is not detached from his family and friends yet is ready to sacrifice his life. Is their no clinging for life in a solider then? Only a patriot can become a solider and for a patriot it is his country and the safety of his country men which come first. Hence he is ready for anything that might happen when he is confronting an anti-national.     

There is a solider in every one of us simply because we are all patriots. When we do not cling to life at a hostage situation, what can the terrorist group do? It is very easy to say than being present in such a situation but if one thinks beyond the body and mind realm it will be easy. For a person who is on a spiritual path this of his body is just a recycle item and the soul (Mind and Intellect) is a reusable item.

In ancient times death at war was considered as “Veera Mruthyu” (Heroic Death) and it was not confined to those fighting in the war but many ordinary citizens have achieved it. I remember the story of one of the brave lady named Obavva, the wife of a watchtower guard who single handedly took on the forces of Hyder Ali using just a wooden “Onkae” (pestle) as her weapon. She knew that she was alone and did not want to disturb her husband who was having lunch. By the time her husband and the other guards could know about the infiltration, she had killed many of the enemy rats. She was not in the army contingent she was just an ordinary housewife and a citizen in the kingdom of Veera Madakari Nayaka of Chitradurga fort and she was a patriot to the core. She sacrificed her life and her act has made her the epitome of Kannadiga Women Pride and she inspiring everyone of us even today.

If those coward terrorists want to use our weakness of clinging to life as their shield is it right for us to become one? ……….  Just think!!!!!! 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

625. The Wait is for What?????

We wait for all good things to happen on their own, while for those which are of less relevance we take the initiative to do in a hurry. We imagine that in those which we feel benefits us more we have to put more of our interest. Why is it so that we just cannot get out and do those things which helps the well-being of all?

Even though for our thoughts which are of good intention, we wait for the decision to be made by our mind. As though it is everything we depend on the word of our mind to say that we do not need it, or too busy to take part, or too young for it, or too old for it. In other words the mind is letting our ego to block from living to the maximum.

It is said that “Alasyam Amrutham Visham” (If delayed even Ambrosia turns into Poison). We have had this weakness to think that any exciting event might make us happy. We fail to understand that everything we do has both positive and negative results depending on the time and situations. We procrastinate things with a false assumption that if it is done when the time is appropriate it will yield better results. But wisdom is to know that to do anything worthwhile starting at auspicious time will have no relevant on the result. Having said that for all those deeds which aren't worthwhile no time is right time. 

It is a meaningless nature in us to underestimate the strength of our will power. It is just the deception of mind which makes us wait for the appropriate time. All time is the right time to do any work if done with sincerity and determination to finish it. It is uncalled for to lose our will power to the habitual thoughts and get stuck in our own minds partially deaf, blind, insensitive to the intense, vivid, astounding, crest of Reality.

While the mango has to be let to ripe on its own without the help of Calcium Carbide, the sledge hammer at the blacksmiths shed has to be stuck when the iron is white hot. Every deed has its own pace so urgency is required for some and for some patience is the better option …what say??

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

624. Experience savored from Seeking Pleasure and Sharing Love!!!

Pleasurable experience is the concept that appear from the mind hence its approach is also mental. Since it dwells on the mental realm there is ego and emotions involved. For a certain pleasure to be experienced it has to start from a thought. The thought urges the mind to get in contact with the objects that are external to our senses to get the experience of pleasure from them. The result is the feel of emotions like satisfaction, excitement, ecstasy and many more that appear while we experience that pleasure. In very simple words pleasure is the end point in desire fulfillment. At this point if one observes there are two things one the person who has experienced pleasure and the object that is conferring pleasure. Right?

In other words there is an enjoyer and an object of enjoyment. The object of enjoyment is important only to the extent that it gives pleasure to the enjoyer. This means that the object of enjoyment is satisfying the enjoyer only if the enjoyer is willing to get the enjoyment. The experience of pleasure depends on the state of mind of the enjoyer, and not in the object of enjoyment. This puts us to the most important conclusion that the object of enjoyment which can give pleasure to a willing mind cannot be giving the same pleasure to a disturbed mind. Hence we can infer that experiencing pleasure is the game of the mind which is limited in time and space. So any object of enjoyment that is extremely pleasurable today may not give the same amount of pleasure tomorrow or on the worst part may cause displeasure the next day. It is very unfortunate that if we yearn for pleasurable experience there is no limit. In pleasure there is yearning, bonding, impatience, and attachment.

Lovable experience blossoms out from the heart. It starts to sprout when all the conditions of mind stops. Its approach is purely spiritual. Since it is not of mental realm it does not dictate through ego or emotions. In Love there are no attachments but it is always misunderstood that love is getting attached to the loving one. If there is attachment there is selfishness, and in selfishness there is possessiveness, in possessiveness there is jealousy, in jealousy there is greed, in greed there is anger.

One experiences love if they are completely identified with the loved one. That is, the two become one. There is no separate lover and the loved one. The object and the subject both become one. Love merges with beauty alone it does not see faults. Love is without motive and it’s unconditional. As love is not from the realm of mind, there is no need of specific object to love, as one can simply become love as it is a state of being. In love there is no limitation for time as we are in a no mind state. Without mind, there are no clauses or a reason to love, love simply happens. There is no need to yearn for the experience of love from the object loved as there is detachment in love. In love there is kindness, compassion, patience, and gentleness.

Monday, December 15, 2014

623. Spiritually Emotional Tears wets our Soul……………!

Any creature that has mind shed tears when it gets emotional and also when it is experiencing physical pain. In the life span of a human beings from birth to death one is subjected to anguish, laughter, panic, and fury and for all this we do shed a few drops of tears. This act of secreting tears sometime releases emotional stress and has an advantageous effect on our mind and body. Emotional tears are an essential part of the human behaviour. They are also due to the outburst of spiritual ecstasy while taking part in an extremely pure in thought.

Is there any difference in the tears that ooze out due to emotions and the tears of spiritual ecstasy?

Emotions are feelings that we experienced within but in relation to the world outside. These are in fact the attitude that are because of the little “i” that is present in the conscious mind. These emotions keeps us in happy or sad moods depending on the situations. This “i” relate us more with our sense organs, mind and intellect. Further due to this we become even more emotional and establish our existence in this world and get bonded with our self existence. This attitude will take us much away from the Absolute.

Spiritual ecstasy is due to unity with Absolute. It is a subject matter of the sub-conscious mind. When an individual is awakened spiritually he transcends the state of identifying himself to the worldly existence. In this state he is no longer aware of his little ‘i’ since it is also gone beyond and is identified with the big ‘I’. Spiritual ecstasy provides a spiritual experience of Bliss.

Bliss is a state of eternal happiness which is beyond the feel of happiness and unhappiness. But the tears that we see in both the occasions are the same to look at. It is hard to find any difference. Though some ancients say that the tears of anguish are warmer than the tears of joy and tear of joy pour out first from the right eye. 

Once a scientist collected the tears of his wife when she cried since she was in pain and clinically compared it to the one that came out when her father passed away and found no difference between those and felt that the tears that were produced from the lacrimal glands in both the occasion were same but what was more important and unable to the scientist to discover was the feelings that had made the tears ooze out at the different events. It is considered unmanly for a man to exhibit emotions in the form of tears in many countries. But the emotional outburst in the form of shedding tears while in emotion or spiritual emotion is a good to unburden our self. There is no need to be embarrassed to cry, stress is relieved by letting out emotions and it not only cleanses our eyes but also our heart.

Tears are like the safety valve of the heart which flows out when heart is filled. Let tears come and water our soul.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

622. Confidence is an inside matter!!

Confidence is a feel in you which elevates you to think that you are capable of doing something and make you optimistic. It will be an added advantage for you if you think of your ability and enjoy doing things. Confidence should not be an attitude which makes you feel that no one is better than you. Since such thinking will lead you to arrogance and display of your unnecessary ego.

If a thought in you to be better than others sprouts in you, you will be restless and always want to thrive to be more successful than others. This is where the problem starts. Confidence can only be a driving force for success, but it is not the way for success or does not actually mean success.

Success could be achieved by restoring confidence on the outstanding ability which needs to be ignited. IQ plays a major role in your ability. You inherit most of IQ from your parents and your parents from their parents. Your confidence can not change your IQ but it can reinstate it. Hence if you think you are better than others you will be frustrated. It is reasonable that you understand that confidence is only to up lift your spirit rather than underrate others ability.

Confidence has to be a feel where you think you can do better from your efforts. It has to be only to develop self not to get the appreciation from others. The main element of confidence is to have a calm mind and make a systemized analysis of your self by knowing your strength and weakness. The purpose and use of confidence is to maximize your actual ability and enhance your future potential. It is all about your self and you have to remember that confidence has nothing to do with others.

It so happened that in a village there was a young man who thought he had a problem. As an individual he used to fare well but once in a group he used to feel inferior. Frustrated he went to an ashram and met a Sadhu.

He said, “Guruji, as an individual I perform well but when I am in a group I feel insecure. My mouth goes dry, I feel as if others do not give me much importance. Due to this my mood dips and my performance suffer”.

Sadhu replied, “Son, you can perform better in group also you need to keep your self-confidence high. It is not easy, but if you persist, you will see good results.”

The young man asked, “Guruji, please give me a talisman or something to tie around my waist, so that it can help.”

Sadhu said, “Son, that is not required at all.”

But the young man persisted.   
Sadhu then asked him to come the next day and tied a small thread around his waist and asked him to come back six months later.

And six months later the young man met the Sadhu.

He said, “Guruji, it is working! Now even when I am amongst people, I can talk and participate without any problem. People around me pay attention to me and this boost up my confidence. Since I have acquired self-confidence, I think I do not need the talisman anymore now.”

Sadhu said, “Let the talisman be with you for some more months.”

The young man was surprised and asked, “But why? I don’t have the problem any more; I feel that I am cured of lack of confidence.”

Then the Sadhu said, “When you reach a level where you are amongst people who do not pay attention to you and yet you are self confident, that is when you are completely cured of lack of confidence.”

Friday, December 12, 2014

621. Sensory Judgment and Intellectual Judgment!!!!!!

Judging a subject with the help of external senses and valuating it is sensory judgment. It involves appreciation of colour, smell, taste, touch, and sound, it other words it looks for the overall outward beauty. It only looks for the beauty aspects in the subject irrespective of its use and applications. The subject so valued is more often to please others and elevate the feel good factor by doing so.

While intellectual judgment evaluates the subject using only the intellect and avoids the interference of the external senses and the mind. It involves appreciation of its inner beauty and gives importance to the use and application of the subject rather than its beauty and overall outlook. It goes in for the valuation of its worth irrespective of its looks.

Yes, in this society which gives more importance to make believe outer beauty than inner beauty. We have seen that a good looking person is always the choice for the job, and there is no need to look for inner beauty at that juncture. These are the things that make us believe that outer beauty is very important mainly physical attractiveness. But it is well known that it is inner beauty that is more valued. The craze for the outer beauty has made younger generation to look to plastic surgery and make up the defaults to look more beautiful. This has made the plastic surgery more and more demanding.

So, what is real beauty??

The real beauty is the inner beauty because if someone has beauty in his soul, he looks like a really beautiful person. The beauty that is appreciated by our eye doesn't last forever. Instead of concentrating on outer beauty, we should concentrate on inner beauty. If efforts are made to make our minds beautiful, we'll be at bliss.

I remember a story of Sage Ashtavakra (whose Ashtavakragita is considered to be a profound scripture.) who acquired his name when he was in his mother’s womb and overheard his father reciting the Vedas which was wrongly pronounced and could not resist the temptation to correct his father, Sage Kahoda. Enraged, his father cursed him to be born bent in eight places (ashta vakra).

Nevertheless, he grew into a wise and enlightened being. When he was 12 years old, King Janaka of Mitila hosted a huge debating conference which Ashtavakra decided to attend. Because of his deformed body, Ashtavakra attracted ridicule everywhere. It was no different at the court of King Janaka, filled to the brim with learned scholars and revered sages.

As soon as he entered the court’s portals, he was greeted with a loud peal of mocking laughter. The scholars and sages could not help laughing at the sight of this young boy, so twisted and malformed. Ashtavakra joined in the merriment and laughed along. King Janaka was astonished. Beckoning him, he said, “I can understand why the others are laughing, but why are you?”

With a look of immeasurable composure, Ashtavakra said, “I laugh because I expected to see enlightened souls in your court, but I see that they are nothing more than Chamars (Cobblers). They are not able to see beyond the skin. All they see is my bent body and the skin covering it. In the curve of this temple the Consciousness is not curved? When a pot is destroyed, is the clay also destroyed? The Consciousness is beyond change. My body is twisted, but Consciousness that lighten this curved body is not.”

Silent with respect, King Janaka prostrated before Ashtavakra and took him as his Guru.