Friday, December 19, 2014

627. We search Absolute every where, not knowing He is within us…

Absolute is not somewhere far away from us instead He is within us. If He is inside us then why are we unable to known His presence? What is holding us back from knowing Him? The answer to this is our Mind. 

Our mind is always busy with many thoughts and is unable to take the advice of our intellect which is always guiding us to find Him inside. If our mind can listen to our intellect all of us irrespective of caste, creed, sex or status can find Him within and in all. 

Can we find Him in a criminal then? Yes, there is Divinity in a criminal also. There was a Vaishnava saint who once visited Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. While discussing he said, “We have to show compassion to all.” 

Ramakrishna told him “Who are we to show compassion, if we respect and adore that is more than enough”. To this the Vaishnava saint asked, “Why can’t we be compassionate, Divine is present in all?” 

Ramakrishna said, “Reverend Sir, even a tiger has Divinity within. That does not mean I can go and hug the tiger. It is sense to adore and respect the tiger and that to from a comfortable safe distance”. 

Our mind is so intoxicated by the inputs given by the sense of perceptions that it is unable to come out of it. Once it comes out of it then there is no need to search for Absolute, as the mind would journey the vastness of the inside. For this to happen we need to come out of the intoxication. Now one may question why not our intellect could reprimand our mind?? Unfortunately our intellect will be hostile in this case as it is unable to get the mind out of the intoxication. The intellect can only guide the mind it cannot rebuke it. 

A pastor in the church found that an old man would doze off during the Sunday mass. So, the Pastor called the grandson who would accompany the old to wake him up whenever the old man slept. And for this service the pastor promised to give the grandson one dollar. And from the next Sunday mass the grandson would wake his sleeping grand father and the pastor would pay him one dollar. After some weeks, again the old man was found to sleep during the mass. Now the pastor called the grandson and asks him why he let the old man sleep even though he was paying one dollar to wake him up. For this the grandson tells the pastor, “Sir, you pay one dollar to wake him but he pays me five not to disturb”. 

Likewise our mind has mesmerized itself with materialistic comforts and has no time for the words from the intellect. Hence the intellect has stopped telling the mind to look for the Absolute inside. At the same time it is in association with the mind and hence the self is unable to experience the Absolute which is always present inside. The only way to set this right is to make the mind turn inward and once the mind is inward, it will heed to the intellect and the self will attain Absolute.

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