Saturday, December 13, 2014

622. Confidence is an inside matter!!

Confidence is a feel in you which elevates you to think that you are capable of doing something and make you optimistic. It will be an added advantage for you if you think of your ability and enjoy doing things. Confidence should not be an attitude which makes you feel that no one is better than you. Since such thinking will lead you to arrogance and display of your unnecessary ego.

If a thought in you to be better than others sprouts in you, you will be restless and always want to thrive to be more successful than others. This is where the problem starts. Confidence can only be a driving force for success, but it is not the way for success or does not actually mean success.

Success could be achieved by restoring confidence on the outstanding ability which needs to be ignited. IQ plays a major role in your ability. You inherit most of IQ from your parents and your parents from their parents. Your confidence can not change your IQ but it can reinstate it. Hence if you think you are better than others you will be frustrated. It is reasonable that you understand that confidence is only to up lift your spirit rather than underrate others ability.

Confidence has to be a feel where you think you can do better from your efforts. It has to be only to develop self not to get the appreciation from others. The main element of confidence is to have a calm mind and make a systemized analysis of your self by knowing your strength and weakness. The purpose and use of confidence is to maximize your actual ability and enhance your future potential. It is all about your self and you have to remember that confidence has nothing to do with others.

It so happened that in a village there was a young man who thought he had a problem. As an individual he used to fare well but once in a group he used to feel inferior. Frustrated he went to an ashram and met a Sadhu.

He said, “Guruji, as an individual I perform well but when I am in a group I feel insecure. My mouth goes dry, I feel as if others do not give me much importance. Due to this my mood dips and my performance suffer”.

Sadhu replied, “Son, you can perform better in group also you need to keep your self-confidence high. It is not easy, but if you persist, you will see good results.”

The young man asked, “Guruji, please give me a talisman or something to tie around my waist, so that it can help.”

Sadhu said, “Son, that is not required at all.”

But the young man persisted.   
Sadhu then asked him to come the next day and tied a small thread around his waist and asked him to come back six months later.

And six months later the young man met the Sadhu.

He said, “Guruji, it is working! Now even when I am amongst people, I can talk and participate without any problem. People around me pay attention to me and this boost up my confidence. Since I have acquired self-confidence, I think I do not need the talisman anymore now.”

Sadhu said, “Let the talisman be with you for some more months.”

The young man was surprised and asked, “But why? I don’t have the problem any more; I feel that I am cured of lack of confidence.”

Then the Sadhu said, “When you reach a level where you are amongst people who do not pay attention to you and yet you are self confident, that is when you are completely cured of lack of confidence.”

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