Monday, December 15, 2014

623. Spiritually Emotional Tears wets our Soul……………!

Any creature that has mind shed tears when it gets emotional and also when it is experiencing physical pain. In the life span of a human beings from birth to death one is subjected to anguish, laughter, panic, and fury and for all this we do shed a few drops of tears. This act of secreting tears sometime releases emotional stress and has an advantageous effect on our mind and body. Emotional tears are an essential part of the human behaviour. They are also due to the outburst of spiritual ecstasy while taking part in an extremely pure in thought.

Is there any difference in the tears that ooze out due to emotions and the tears of spiritual ecstasy?

Emotions are feelings that we experienced within but in relation to the world outside. These are in fact the attitude that are because of the little “i” that is present in the conscious mind. These emotions keeps us in happy or sad moods depending on the situations. This “i” relate us more with our sense organs, mind and intellect. Further due to this we become even more emotional and establish our existence in this world and get bonded with our self existence. This attitude will take us much away from the Absolute.

Spiritual ecstasy is due to unity with Absolute. It is a subject matter of the sub-conscious mind. When an individual is awakened spiritually he transcends the state of identifying himself to the worldly existence. In this state he is no longer aware of his little ‘i’ since it is also gone beyond and is identified with the big ‘I’. Spiritual ecstasy provides a spiritual experience of Bliss.

Bliss is a state of eternal happiness which is beyond the feel of happiness and unhappiness. But the tears that we see in both the occasions are the same to look at. It is hard to find any difference. Though some ancients say that the tears of anguish are warmer than the tears of joy and tear of joy pour out first from the right eye. 

Once a scientist collected the tears of his wife when she cried since she was in pain and clinically compared it to the one that came out when her father passed away and found no difference between those and felt that the tears that were produced from the lacrimal glands in both the occasion were same but what was more important and unable to the scientist to discover was the feelings that had made the tears ooze out at the different events. It is considered unmanly for a man to exhibit emotions in the form of tears in many countries. But the emotional outburst in the form of shedding tears while in emotion or spiritual emotion is a good to unburden our self. There is no need to be embarrassed to cry, stress is relieved by letting out emotions and it not only cleanses our eyes but also our heart.

Tears are like the safety valve of the heart which flows out when heart is filled. Let tears come and water our soul.

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