Wednesday, December 31, 2014

637. Fond Farewell 2014 Hearty Welcome 2015!!!!

We are leaving behind 2014 and it will only be in our memory again never in reality. 2014 was just a phase slot in the time. I could only preserve some pleasant memories from it, I could not cling on to those pleasant experiences which I had in that stipulated time span. Even so were those experiences in 2014 which I do not wish to have a repeat of it again in 2015. In total there were some memorable moments as well as some trivial moments which I had to endure. It would be my shear foolishness to think that what I enjoyed in abundance in those times in 2014 could be brought forward into 2015. But I can hope that the radiance of abundance could always be there in 2015. 

Abundance is the joy I strive for when I aspire to have and be enough. I need to know that enough is never attained, it is only ever experienced and hence after 2014 there is 2015.  

Abundance has its reputation in its very nature to overflow. Living in abundance is the practice of letting overflow what I have. I need to ask myself what I have let to overflow into world outside me in 2014. If there is any I need to be aware if it has benefited my fellow beings, if it has then I should hope to continue it in the year 2015 as well. To overflow whatever I intend to let off I have to see that the lid of my overhead tank is kept ajar.  

Life in 2014 has provided me a lot and I need to thank it for whatever I have assimilated, and now I need to keep myself ready to accept what it has to offer in 2015.

Wish You, Your Family and Your Friends a Blissful New Year…..

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  1. True, never force our intentions into the next phase of our growth and awareness for in this only ignorance resides.

    2015 is a new phase, just let it be what it needs to be so we may grow.