Wednesday, December 17, 2014

625. The Wait is for What?????

We wait for all good things to happen on their own, while for those which are of less relevance we take the initiative to do in a hurry. We imagine that in those which we feel benefits us more we have to put more of our interest. Why is it so that we just cannot get out and do those things which helps the well-being of all?

Even though for our thoughts which are of good intention, we wait for the decision to be made by our mind. As though it is everything we depend on the word of our mind to say that we do not need it, or too busy to take part, or too young for it, or too old for it. In other words the mind is letting our ego to block from living to the maximum.

It is said that “Alasyam Amrutham Visham” (If delayed even Ambrosia turns into Poison). We have had this weakness to think that any exciting event might make us happy. We fail to understand that everything we do has both positive and negative results depending on the time and situations. We procrastinate things with a false assumption that if it is done when the time is appropriate it will yield better results. But wisdom is to know that to do anything worthwhile starting at auspicious time will have no relevant on the result. Having said that for all those deeds which aren't worthwhile no time is right time. 

It is a meaningless nature in us to underestimate the strength of our will power. It is just the deception of mind which makes us wait for the appropriate time. All time is the right time to do any work if done with sincerity and determination to finish it. It is uncalled for to lose our will power to the habitual thoughts and get stuck in our own minds partially deaf, blind, insensitive to the intense, vivid, astounding, crest of Reality.

While the mango has to be let to ripe on its own without the help of Calcium Carbide, the sledge hammer at the blacksmiths shed has to be stuck when the iron is white hot. Every deed has its own pace so urgency is required for some and for some patience is the better option …what say??

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