Saturday, December 27, 2014

634. They are Interconnected Lets not Miss the Link……………

In our factory yesterday we were using the hoist crane with linked chains to lift the weight of around 1000 kgs. While our operator was pulling the chain I happened to observe that the each link of chain had to get interlocked with the knot for the work load to be pulled up. On observing this a thought came to my mind, it was that even though I may be not be moving further on my spiritual path due to my Prarabdha Karma Phala (resultant karma)  I need not worry. All I have to do is to pull the link of the chain one at a time so that I can elevate exactly as the load which came up.

Link of the chain should be perfect and there should be a continuous effort without stop. I have the will I can excel and fulfill the purpose of life and the interconnected link are thus:

We perform actions which may be right or wrong. 
If they are wrong we have committed mistakes and for that we have remorse.

Remorse bring sufferings got from guilt.

Guilt is because of fear.

Fear is because of lack of compliance.

Compliance can be obtained by disciplining ourselves.

If there is discipline in everything we do it becomes a ritual.

Ritual unfolds culture.

Culture breeds manners.

Manners teach ethics.

Ethics ingrains empathy, from empathy we are accustomed to compassion.

Compassion gives humility, and from humility one has patience with which comes endurance.

Endurance imparts fortitude, from fortitude there is enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm supplies dedication, from dedication one learns sincerity.

Sincere person is reliable, a reliable person has consistence.

Consistency is dependability and hence loyal.

A loyal person is always certain and firm.

Firmness flowers steadfastness.

Steadfast person is simple and principled hence liked by all. Such a person has happiness of everlasting nature so he is always cheerful.

Cheerful person is fulfilled hence is not attached or attracted to any thing. He is dispassionate to unwanted wantons.

Dispassionate person that he is makes him contented.

Contentment gets him satisfaction.

Satisfied person has a clear mind.

Clear mind is clarity in thoughts.

Clarity in thoughts flourishes open-mindedness.

With an open mind he is non judgmental.

Being non judgmental is willingness to take information.

Information is knowledge.

From knowledge intelligence grows, from intelligence one is wise.

Wisdom enables one to discriminate.

Discrimination sets us vision with it we set goals and we have a mission.

For a mission there is action.

Action gives us experience.

Experience generates perfection.

Perfection induces excellence in us.

Excelling is all we have to look for and that is the purpose of our life. 

Was I right in thinking so???????????

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