Wednesday, February 25, 2015

681. Silence is not just the absence of External Sound………………!

Silence from the external sound is easy achieved I can just switch of the music system or I can lock myself inside a room or even go to a solitude place. Have I achieved the silence I was looking for? No, It can happen only if the volume of rattling of the thoughts in my mind is lowered. It is not possible to stop the murmur of the thoughts, but I can lower the pace of the thoughts and minimize the flip-flop of the thoughts. 

When the flip-flop of the thoughts are reduced the sound of the heartbeat (Anahata, the unstuck sound) is audible. This subtle sound is only heard when the external sound is reduced and the Mind is projecting the thoughts at a very very very slow speed. Upanishads says when one sits in the seat of silence the primordial sound of the eternity “AUM” is clearly heard. But it needs extensive practice, though the unstuck sound of the heart beat is clearly heard if one stays clam and is concentrating on the breath.    

It is amazing to know how powerful and enchanting silence can be. We humans have an intimate connection with silence. Somewhere deep down beyond the layer of consciousness in the subconscious level there is our connection with the silence. This silence is the charger of the energy and in the deep sleep it is this silence which provides us the vigor to face the next day with zeal. It is unfortunate that we are unable to know it or understand its importance, maybe because we have introduced a barrier between us and silence.

We always try to avoid silence as we are so obsessed with sound that even when we are struck at the traffic signal we need the radio to be playing music we cannot do without sound. We feel left out or lonely if there is no sound. But in reality it is silence that is our best companion. It remains with us even if the external sound has ditched us. We feel heroic by defeating silence. Even at birth we announce our arrival with a shrilling noise and amazingly we continue to be noisy in our entire life span. Sound is never a hindrance there are vibrations in music. Nada yoga prefers music to elevate from the conscious level to merge with the Absolute. Just as the light is perceived well in the pitch of darkness, the silence is audible clearly if the sound is the divine music.  

Lord Dakshinamurthy, the Lord of Jnana uses silence to express his views to His disciples. It is known that when our senses, mind and intellect is unable to comprehend the expressed theme the easiest channel to grasp it is silence. Even today many scientists, writers, creative professionals get the ideas when they are in seat of silence. If the teacher like Lord Dakshinamurthy communicate through silence, His disciples can grasp it silently. Silence is the most powerful way of communicating. And in spiritual word it is silence which teaches more than discourse and sermon. Discourse and sermon is like the initial push if one sits in the seat of silence and contemplate on those words of the discourse, and then the conveyed thesis is understood clearly. 
Why is it important for a guru to teach in silence? It is due to the difference in the bandwidth of the students. When the Guru explains in a quite communication, it become simple to  understand for the students who are loaded with different Sanskaras (impressions) and Vasanas (tendencies) due their bondage with it since past. The power of a word or the emotions behind it reflect differently to different sanskaras and vasanas, however subtle the words may be, but the realm of silence is same to all.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

680. Bhagavad-Gita has taught me to ponder thus..................

In a seminar organized on the topic “Bhagavad Gita, Indian assumptions and Conversions” in Mysore on 15th February 2015, The so called Intellectual an English Prof. K.S. Bhagavan, tried to burn the Holy Scripture. He said “Bhagavad Gita is the worst, imbalanced, unholy book on earth. It has to be burnt here itself” saying so he tried to burn it but was stopped doing so by the organizers...... (No debate or even mention of this by Indian Media).

Bhagavad Gita has made me understand that obtaining knowledge is better than performing ritual. Better than knowledge is contemplation. Better then is to put the contemplated knowledge to practice, but still much more better is to surrender the results of the practice, because it is then there is immediate Bliss.

Through Bhagavad Gita I understood never was there been a time when I have not existed, nor will there be a time when I will cease to exist. I am not deluded as I have comprehended that the same person inhabiting the body through childhood, youth, and old age, so too after death attains yet another body. So, I am neither the Body, nor Mind nor Intellect. I am pure Consciousness.

Bhagavad Gita tells me delusion sprouts from anger and cause confusion in my mind. My confused mind fails logical reasoning. Without logical reasoning I cannot have a wise conclusion. So it is better for me to remain calm even if I am in a worst situation.Mind is always restless and difficult to restrain, but I can subdue it by continuous practice. Practice, without break just like the flow of melted ghee when poured to another container. 

From Bhagavad Gita I know that I cannot restrain from action, as action is better than inaction. Even if a sit idle my mind is active by thinking. Once a thought appears it is the start of an action. Refraining from action does not get me freedom from action, but convincing my mind to abstain from the results of the action can relieve me from bondage. So, I am not the Doer.

Bhagavad Gita explains to me that there is nothing in this entire universe that can make me happy unless I am contentment with what I have. Without contentment there is insecure feel. Fear is an outcome of insecure feel. I should not feel insecure of what is not real as it never was and never will be. And what is real is always there and cannot be eliminated. If I am contented with Self to serve the Self and am satisfied within the Self then there remains nothing more for me to accomplish, so no insecure feel and nothing to fear also.

Bhagavad Gita illustrates that whether it be Karma marga (path of action), Jnana marga (path of knowledge), Raja marga (path of meditation) or Bhakti marga (path of devotion) all are the ways to lead to Divinity. None is inferior or superior. I have to choose the path which gets along with my nature. I need not criticize those who are threading other paths and at the same time boast about my path before them. It is irrelevant as to how I thread the path to attain divinity. If my focus is right and intentions are great and without attachment, I will arrive at the light and become one with it.

Bhagavad Gita assures me that I might not get more than what I desire but I won’t get less than I deserve. Knowing this I need not step out of Dharma to acquire anything which is not mine. If I am entitled to possess something and even if I am not pursuing it, it falls on my lap. At the same time if I do not deserve it how much ever I try to acquire it I fail to lay my hands on it. So, I am non-Doer. If I search for an answer to know how as a spiritual seeker I should behave with my fellow beings, I find it necessary to be truthful, tolerant, compassionate, and modest. With all such qualities no work stains me and He is there to help me always. 

Bhagavad Gita reveals to me that making my mind single-pointed towards the Absolute and with a heart that is pure, all my fears get dissolved in the vicinity of the Self and all my desires get dedicated to Absolute. With all my desires dedicated to Him my mind and senses are controlled, there is no hindrance for the union of the Self within so that I attain a state of abiding joy and peace within me.

And most important of all...... In this scripture He promises me that He always comes to destroy the evil and protect the good, so I have to never be evil or even stand by it……!

Why is it that some so called Intellectuals” target this wonderful Scripture without understanding it....... I wonder???  

Monday, February 23, 2015

679. Miracles happen Daily but Ironically we Pay no Attention....

A miracle is the word which is used to an event or an occurrence which is contradictory to the law of nature. Although in general terms it is also used as an exclamation to something which is marvelous, incredible, and unbelievable. As a theist I do not agree with talks such as “against nature” as I firmly believe that Absolute is much more potent than nature. So as far as miracles are concern it may be astonishimg to me but for Him it is all just in the game. I need not depend on the miracles to consider Him a super power and to have faith in Him. When I have experienced Him as Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent, there is no need of such miracle.

For some a miracle is a pragmatic event that triggers awareness of Absolute’s existence and power. Does the Absolute, who is Himself Omnipotent, need such striking outside influences to make the immortals like us to believe in Him? For example, the coming out of Narasimha from the pillar could have been like a miracle for mighty Hiranyakshayapu or for the matter even to an ignorant person who is listening to this story, but it was never so for little Prahalada who was sure that Lord had the capacity to emerge from anything and everything. Prahalada believed that everything that is in this universe is emanating from Him and He permeates in all of them. It is all in our mindset, we need a miracle to happen, a strong proof to make our belief even stronger. In this sense, at least, there are many miracles happening every day but are we not so fortunate to observe them? Could material avariciousness be the hindrance for it, I wonder?
We need miracles like the idols of Ganeshji Maharaj drinking milk when feed from a steel spoon, or the photos of Shirdi wale Baba ji spilling out honey or scared ash, or the portrait with the heart of beloved Jesus bleeding, or the name of Mohammad on the scales of a fish, or a talking bronze Buddha statue. There is so much Ego in such miracles just wanting to confine the Absolute to certain sect and religion. While He is making it felt to every creature in this universe about His grace through the smile of a newborn babe which is no less than a “miracle.” No egoistic and fanatic religious head can claim it to be act of his personal deity.  

Not that I do not believe in miracles, my argument is that Absolute does not need to exhibit His existence through such cheap acts. Also if He is one and only for the entire universe there is no sense in Him appearing only to certain sect by the way of miracles?  I do experience His miracles every day in the form of the vast painting on the canvas of the sky at sunrise and sunset. I feel miracles happening when I see the calf coming out of its mother’s womb, or the sight of the first two leaves that sprout from a seed, or the spectacle that occurs with the full blossomed flower that was a little bud yesterday.

Universe is filled with such miracles; we need not depend on miracles to develop faith in Him, He is the Himself a biggest miracle. He answers us with His natural loving response if we attentively, constantly, truthfully pursuing Him and deposit our trust in Him. Believing in Him to the utmost level will take out the interest in yearning for His miracles there will be nothing to wait for as we become insightful of all that He is done and doing in and around us.

It is time that we step out of our limited boundaries to view the miracles that happen daily in subtle things. I feel that we must unchain the Absolute from the confines that we and our religion has put Him in. This will make us experience the enormous power of the Absolute in totality and our fear of losing Him to other sects or religion also will fade off. Never wait for a miracle to happen to make you believe in Him, as there is enough proof of His existence already.

The greatest and much needed miracle has to happen in us, in order to get aligned with that Absolute Consciousness ….. Right ?

Saturday, February 21, 2015

678. Avoid the Lower Desires to Accomplish the Higher Desires....

Maa Saradadevi, wife and spiritual counterpart of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa has said we have to shun lower desires to have higher desires in spirituality.

As we go along exploring our world and start perceiving the reality around us, our mind projects several desires depending on its plane of maturity and knowledge. It is known fact that every individual has a desire to experience joy in life. Those who have the plane of maturity and knowledge in the lower level seek joy from the objects outside them and this is called yearning for lower desires. 

To fulfill this desire their mind tries to spin the yarn of opportunity around several experiments hoping to make it possible. This process of hit and miss goes on nonstop as the mind has limited knowledge. Amazingly for them even when the joy from the desired object is experienced it does not stay for long as it starts longing it from another. This process of trail and error goes on nonstop as the mind is never satisfied with objects outside. These lower desires also deliver happiness only just by experiencing it not by accumulating. 

Another unbelievable power of this lower desire is that it does not allow the individual to aim for higher desires. Higher desires are those which help in putting ego aside. With ego subdued there is a desire to seek the Universal Truth and know the purpose of this life and wish for the welfare of other. It is not like the lower desire of wishing for self as in possession but it wishes for others as in contribution.Higher desire is an attitude of giving not wanting. 

There is no need to develop higher desire the moment the lower desires are dropped the mind get fixed in the higher desires automatically. There is a need of sincere effort only in letting the lower desire go and the whole exercise is to see that they are dropped.

How to know if the desire is lower or higher???

Mind projects a thought which contains a desire. At the first instance make sure if the desire is fulfilled is it going to make you happy or will it make you as well as other also happy. Find out if there is any compulsive behavior in you to fulfill that desire which is going to keep you alone happy. Observer if fulfilling that desire is going to cause harm to anybody else. If it is a lower desire it might give you instant happiness which will not retain its validity for long. In case of lower desire, the more intensely there is desire to get what is wanted, the more intensely our unhappiness is felt at not getting the object of that desire. Lower desire is an attitude of wanting not giving.

Most importantly if we live for higher desires we are living for now and present not perturbing about future. As in lower desire there is a tagline “I do not have it now” which is an obvious statement to yearn for it and earn it. That which is not making you happy when it is not with you, will never make you happy when it is with you. Realization of this truth is simplicity.

Organize your desires and categorize them. Lower the lower desire to transcend to higher desire. Higher desire is just way of life which when accomplished will fade away and it is then an individual will be experiencing what is in store without yearning for any….!

Friday, February 20, 2015

677. Why should I focus on the Thorn when Flower is Attractive??

What a beautiful picture of rose, so nice are the petals and look at the dew drops over it. I can experience the beauty of the flower and hope the picture is pleasant to you also and even you are experiencing its beauty. The flower in the picture is providing a soothing effect on my mind. I am able to rejuvenate by the sight of the flower, so enchanting it is. Had I been a poet I would have scribbled a few lines on its beauty. Had I been a connoisseur I would have presented it to my beloved. Had I been a devotee I would have place it at the feet of my Absolute. Had I been a nature lover I would have left it in the plant for other to have a glimpse of it and enjoy the sight.

Every individual who has set his sight on the picture of the rose and is praising the flower amazingly does not talk of the thorns. But the thorns are very much visible in the picture, then how come we never talk of it? Did we miss looking at it? The thorn and the flower are very much visible in the picture but our mind had been preoccupied by the charm of the flower. If our mind is occupied with the goodness of a thing there is a slight chance of it to deviate and think of the bad in it. Generally we say that we humans tend to look for the negative aspect in every object. But it not true we do so only if we do not like that object we search for the loop holes in it, try to criticize it and want to bring it down, as against if we like it we skip see the faults it. 

Appreciation is an art if I am engrossed in appreciating the rose in the picture my mind never talks of the thorns in it. In reality the thorns are also an integral part of the flower. Without thorns I am sure the flower will be gulped by the goat or sheep nearby. Thorns as protection for the rose they are just servants serving the rose, helping the rose to be there; they are not against it, they are not enemies. Thorn is the survival mechanism provided by the Absolute to the rose plant. Who am I to object its presence? If I like the flower I have to appreciate it the thorn comes in a package with it is for me to accept it or reject it.

Likewise every religion & philosophies has rose and thorns. If I have the will to appreciate the rose then I should have the broadness to accept the thorn also. There is no use in comparing with the other flowers from other plants and writing about the thorn and its disadvantages. Every religion & philosophies have lots of good to say, is there any benefit in finding for the lapses and debating on it and writing blogs in sequel about them. If I need to spiritually evolve I need to know about every religion & philosophies and try to gain from each of them, if I relates one to one another instead of comparing it I will definitely understand them properly. 

Once I start looking at the positive, all negativity just disappears. Though the things around me are same the way I look at it, will matter most. This new perseverance will do a lot well; it opens my mind to receive a lot that is not known to me.............. Am I Right?

Thursday, February 19, 2015

676. Insight always better to have when Knowledge is obtained.

Knowledge is the one which I receive from outer sources while Insight is that which I get from within me. Insight is to know that there is no knowledge. Knowledge inspires me to acquire, Insight whispers to me saying there is nothing to acquire at all. There is the vision of Duality (Dvaita) in Knowledge but Insight vanquishes that Duality to exhibit Non-duality (Advaita) to me.

Knowledge had made me efficient in seeing the differences and Insight has made me understand that there is no difference at the core. Knowledge had made me recognize waves in the ocean; Insight merged the waves with the ocean. Knowledge use to teach me while Insight is making me think.

Knowledge is an art of learning; Insight is the art of unlearning. Knowledge thought how to react to a situation; while Insight told me only to act to a situation and not to react. Knowledge was to understand; while Insight is to realize. Knowledge wanted me to be concerned of the past and future while Insight wants me to live for the present moment. Knowledge was like knowing about the mango that is in the branch of a mango tree and Insight is to consume it and becoming one with it.

Knowledge was like having the first hand information of the paths; Insight is to thread the path. Also Knowledge was to know that there existed a path to thread but Insight induced the sense of no separate path and everything is path in me. Knowledge was categorizing all that I see with Insight I was with those things being aware of only one-thing without a second.

Knowledge was to know that everything was an illusion and Insight is to have come out of the delusion. Knowledge taught to coagulate while Insight insisted me to get dissolved. Knowledge pushed me to know the Truth, Insight encourages me to merge with that Truth and be with it eternally. Knowledge trained me identify the ego in me and make me aware that that I am not the Truth and I have to seek the Truth; while Insight is Truth in which I am now dwelling.

This blog does not say that knowledge is of no use, but only wants to convey that if one has acquired the ability to solve the algebraic problems there is less use for him to carry a Abacus or a Table’s Book with him always.

Knowledge and Insight should never be looked at two different or opposite words. Knowledge is in fact one of the ways to get the Insight and express it.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

675. Influence of Time, Space and Causation on daily events!!!!

Yesterday on the occasion of Maha Shivaratri I had to go to bazaar to buy fruits and flowers to offer to the Lord in my altar. I was buying flowers and I asked the women to give Bilva Patre (leaf of Bel) for  10 as it is considered most auspicious to Lord Shiva. To my surprise the women picked a few not more that 10 leaves and added to my flower parcel. I just wondered how the demand and supply has caught up with pooja items also. As I was thinking so a Maruthi Swift car stopped near the payment and a young man came out of the car, he asked for Leaf of bel the women picked up a few and handed over to the young man. 

“hattu rupaayi” (Ten Rupees), she said.

The young man looked at her and then at me and said, “At festival times these vendors loots us.”

All I could do is just give him a smile.

He continued, “Two months back in my home town, we have this Bel tree in our compound we had the branches chipped and we had to beg the municipal authorities to clear the heap. Here in Bangalore everything has a huge price tag on it.”

I looked at the car number it read KA-14 registration suggesting it was not from Bangalore but from Shimoga district about 250 kms from Bangalore. So this Young man was from Shimoga working in Bangalore I thought.

Again I nodded my head and paid the women the money for the flowers and left. Meanwhile I started to think why the young man had connected to the heap of leaf of Bel which had been cut off from the tree in their compound in his home town Shimoga which was 250 kms from where he was purchasing the leaf of Bel.

Then I could conclude how the Time (Kala), Space (Desa) and Causation (Nimitta) influence in our life and create a sort of illusion (Maya). Now, the tree in Shimoga was trimmed two months back which was not near Maha Shivaratri day when the Leaf of Bel would be in demand. And the space where the tree stood was not a place where people were keen to buy the leaf. And two months back there was no occasion where leaf of Bel could be used expect for some devotees offering it to Lord Shiva on Mondays.      

Everything in our life seem to be like this we are not able to distinguish the importance and relevance of things which we use and we create our own assumptions and try to compare with the event which is not. This is one experience which Lord Shiva bestowed on me on this Maha Shivaratri Day. I came to know that what is in the present is more important than the past, as the past may not have the time, space and causation similar to the present..............What say????    

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

674. Shiva, my Eternal Spiritual Guru.

According to Hinduism Brahma creates while Vishnu protects and Shiva transforms. Shiva does not destroy, as energy cannot be destroyed He only transforms. The good and bad exist in this universe with slight balance between the opposing forces of good and evil. When this balance gets disturbed and continuation of life becomes unfeasible, Shiva dissolves the universe. This is known as “Pralaya” the Cosmic Deluge and it is done in order to make way for another cycle of existence.

Shiva has the unclad body smeared with ash symbolizing the transcendental aspect of the universe. The three matted locks of hair represent the assimilation of the mental, physical and spiritual energies. 

Three eyes represent the Sun, Moon and Fire. 

The three white-lined Bhasma (Ash) on His forehead reminds his devotees to annihilate the three Mala (Impurities), namely Aham (Ego), Kamya (Expectation), and Maya (Illusion), and avoid the three Eshana (Craving), desire for Stri (Woman), Sampatti (Property), Swarna (Gold), and shun the three Vasanas (Tendencies), Loka Vasana (Materialism), Deha Vasana (attachment to body-mind) and Shastra Vasana (boast of knowledge), and only then one can attain Him with a pure heart.

Snake around his neck symbolize the Jivatma (Individual Consciousness) resting on the Paramatma (Absolute Consciousness). The crescent moon on his forehead represents mind. It denotes that a seeker has to keep the state of his mind like the crescent moon. While the full moon represents “Know-it-all” mentality while the crescent moon depicts the humble state of mind wanting and waiting to know. This humble state of mind controls ego, when ego is controlled humanity and humility blossoms.

Shiva is the greatest Vaishnava always meditating on His SELF who is none other than Sri Hari. Shiva is the Eternal Spiritual Guru who has to lead me to Paramapada (Supreme Abode). He has done it at the start of Kaliyuga when He appeared as Sukhadeva to recite the glories of Sri Hari through Srimad Bhagavatam to King Parikshit in the kings last seven days. 

A spiritual master has to be “Ashutosha” one who is quickly satisfied and quick to give benedictions. There is none like Shiva who is “Nishkapata Kripalu” the one who is guilelessly compassionate. I find no Guru who can equal Maharudradeva and hence I bow to Maharudradeva to lead me to Murari.

Monday, February 16, 2015

673. How to use the Antahkarana to have Atma Darshana??

Humans are the only animals which yearn for Bliss. All the other animals are satisfied with the SEED (Sleep, Eat, Enjoy and Defend). The evolution process through Pancha Koshas (Ref: reveal that humans are bestowed with Intellect (Buddhi) which has to be utilized to excel in finding the Eternal Bliss. 

How can our Intellect be of help to find Bliss? 

To have Atma Darshana is to be in Eternal Bliss and to achieve that one has to use Antahkarana, the inner conscience. 

This Antahkarana comprises of

Manas: which always interacts with the world through the sensory organs and it is called Mind.

Buddhi: The realm of thoughts and faculty of Discrimination and it is called Intellect.

Chitta: the massive storehouse of inherent Impressions (Vasanas) and Tendencies (Samskara) formed as a consequence of repeated actions performed in the present as well as previous births and it is called Memory. And finally

Ahamkara: The predominant notion of one's own personality like “I am so and so” and it is called Ego.

These four faculties of the Antahkarna can be used as tool for experiencing the Reality (Atma Darshana).

Atma is subtle and pervades the entire Physical Body. Since it has not being stationed in a particular part of the Physical Body it makes us difficult to find it and have a look at it. By the help of the Antahkarna we have the possibilities of exploring the secrets of our inner world which in fact is the essential part in the spiritual search for Reality. Mind cannot be rubbished of as mere illusion in this approach. Yes, Mind is equated to illusion but only when it is subjected to exploring the outer world to annihilate avaricious materialism, to experience the Reality who dwells in the cave of the lotus heart, Mind is indeed the tool.

The Mind has such a powerful speed that it can travel from Bengaluru to New York in just a fraction of seconds and come back, since the both the place does find physical presence in the imagery mind as the places were reflections of the actual which exist very far away. A reflection is as real as the object even though the object is far away, so it would not be that correct to call the mind a mere illusion. 

Mind (Manas) borrows Consciousness (Chaitanya) from Atma just like the how moon which gets light from Sun, but behaves as if it is self-illuminating. Mind is the link between the Physical Body and the Atma. As it is Mind has its say on the Physical Body it also wants to be superior to Atma, forgetting that the source for its illumination is that very Atma. It is here that our Intellect (Buddhi) has to intervene and guide Mind to shun its illusion of superiority over Atma.

When Intellect peeps into the Mind it is welcomed by a numerous messy intricate webs of sentimental, rational, subliminal, paranormal emotions which are the initial raw materials for the thoughts that mind projects every now and then. This mess has to be cleaned by the Intellect by systematizing and disciplining the Mind. To discipline the Mind the Intellect can use either Nama Japa, or indulging the Mind in Attentive Work, or provide Self-Knowledge to the Mind.  

When there is discipline in mind without chaos the Antahkarna will automatically become Clean (Shuddha) as crystal, with a crystal clear Antahkarna, the veil of Ignorance (Maya) is lifted. With the veil of Ignorance gone Antaryami, the in-dwelling entity in every individual like water in the depths of the earth is sure to grace the Mind with His vision. 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

672. Answers to the Three Questions…………

Once a King wanted to know answers to three questions which was haunting him a lot. He had been contemplating on these three questions for a long time. He had a host of learned scholars in his Kingdom; hence he thought they could answer them. One day the King raised those questions in his Sabha. 

The questions were thus:

How can scriptures justify that God is everywhere?

How can we know that He is casting His look on us?

What does He do that?

However the entire bunch of learned men in his court could not answer these questions appropriately. There was a Sage living in the forest at the outskirts of the Kingdom; the King went to him with the questions. He asked the Sage to answer these questions.

The Sage answered thus to the first question of the King: “Oh King, God is present in everything just like butter in the milk”. 

To answer the second question the sage lit up a lamp in his hermit. 

He and asked the King, “In which direction does this lamp shed its light?”  

The King answered, “The lamp is shedding its light in all the directions”.

The sage said, “Exactly in the same way God is self-illuminating and His vision is not directed to a particular place or person or a thing. He has His vision on all things equally”. 

The King asked, “Oh Sage, what does He do that?”

Sage said, “Oh King, I am giving you profound knowledge in spiritual matters. So I am in the position of a preceptor, you a disciple. Isn't it? So as per Shastras you have to give Guru Dakshina are you prepared to give me your Kingdom?”

The King agreed and asked for a water to give Arghya (offering) to the Sage. The Sage said with a twinkle in his eyes: “This is how God does. He brings down the mighty and elevates the humble. He takes the poor and humble to height and at the same time can push the rich and arrogant down. He is capable of doing anything and everything which a mere mortal like us cannot even imagine. He is all pervading, can see all and can do anything”. Oh King, just contemplate on these answers you will know much more interesting facts about Him. 

The King got the answer for all the three questions and was very much pleased. He expressed his gratitude to the Sage and honoured him. 

God is Omnipresent, Omniscient, and Omnipotent. If one has belief in this he will never try to search for Him outside instead he will try to find Him inside. It is very easy to find Him inside when compared to look at Him outside, as that which is outside is painted with name and form which conceal Him. Inside He is in His natural form and finding Him there is an experience and it is worth it.

Let us give a try……! 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

671. If you know this you know something worth knowing..........!

If I know that I do not know, then I am at the threshold of gaining knowledge…….

If I know that my tongue is working faster than my mind, then I need to hold my tongue…….

If I know that I cannot change the past or worry about future, my present is not ruined…….

If I know that it is His choice that matters most, I have a bright future…….

If I know the language of smile, I do not have enemies…….

If I know that the music for the soul is laughter, I form an orchestra by laughing with others…….

If I know that humans look at content and Absolute is interested in intent, my intentions will be better……. 

If I know that the choice made by me today is not affecting others, then my tomorrow is not affected…….

If I know that a harsh word does not break bones but could break hearts, then I do not wag my tongue…….

If I know that it is only by going through the difficulties I can come out of it, I am a success…….

If I know that love does not diminished by spreading, then I never hesitate to love other…….

If I know that even though happiness gets enhanced by things outside it does not depend upon it, then I am at Bliss…….

If I know that it is the inner beauty which matters most, then I will be enchanted by every person I meet…….

If I know that by being frustrated for one minute I lost 60 seconds of my happiness, then I will never get frustrated…….

If I know that troubles and hurdles in life cross cut those who are surging forward, then I do not mind them…….

If I know that I have to love someone even if he does not deserve, I am a human…….

If I know that it is smartness to hold my tongue and saneness to let go my mind, then I am spiritual……. 

If I know that there is no use changing the world but changing self, then I am a sage…….

If I know that more the quieter I become the more I listen, then I am a saint…….

If I know that people are meant to be loved and materials are to be used, then I know how to live…….

If I know that comparing myself with others does not improve my status, then I am contented…….

If I know that material objects are just tools for me to enjoy life, then I do not hoard it…….

If I know I can’t improve any further, then I am just not aware of my areas for improvement…….

If I know that my life is limited and is little here on this earth plane, then I spend it very wisely with my near & dear ones…….

If I know that if I invest time with family and friends, then there is no need for me to sign up in social networking sites…….

If I know all this and thrive to excel the purpose of my life is fulfilled……. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

670. Without Equanimity in our thought the Democracy suffocates…!

Vidya Vinaya Sampanne Brahmane Gavi Hastini
Shuni Chaiva Shwapaake Cha Panditaaha Samadarshinaha
 -BG 5-18

According to this verse from Bhagavad-Gita, a humble sage, by virtue of true knowledge is able to see with equal vision a learned scholar, a cow, an elephant, a dog or a low class.

A civilized society is the one which understands that every human as a part of that Supreme Soul. While a very few in the society look at their fellow beings as no more worth than machines. And for them machines are simply tools to be used for their benefit and if they do not need them they just discard them. In the Dharmic view of equality a human being is considerably more urbane, considerate, and ethical, than just materialist democratic personality. A person of Dharmic views will find his fellow human as himself with infinitely more than the mere bodily appearance. When we talk about “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” (World is a family) where does the differentiation of the people of one region and the other arise at the first place. A truly civilized society comprises of citizens who aspire toward the subtler and nobler spiritual aspirations of life and hence view the world from a spiritual perspective. That nation which has leaders who serve the interests of its people without hatred as well as nepotism has the Dharma Rajya (Dharmic Rule). 

What is lacking to have such a thought? Samata bhava is needed.

Samatavada is a call to interrelate with the world in equanimity which needs a person to overcome the effects of the Sukha and Dukha (pleasure and pain) which are the byproducts of Raga and Dvesha (attachment and aversion). One has to learn to take care of the garden and be glad about all the flower bearing plants. He should never favor one plant over the other or only take care of one variety while leaving the rest to wither and wilt. If the compassion has gripped to attachment, intolerance, or discrimination, it becomes possessiveness.

Our love to others becomes limited when there is no thought of equanimity. A poet-saint equates mother earth to be personification of equanimity. He writes we should learn to be like the mother earth, because no matter what people pour on her, whether it is milk, water, urine, spit saliva, or throw out feces, she receives them all without discriminating whether it is from a high status or a low class person. This is because mother earth is colossal hence she has the capacity to receive, embrace, and transform all that she receives. If we do cultivate our heart to be open and colossal we can also embrace anyone or anything without feel of inferiority or superiority.

There is this experiment which is done in physics lab where if a handful of salt is put in a bowl of water and stirred, the water becomes salty and the water is inconsumable. But if the same quantity of salt is put in the water tank that is put up in the rooftop of the lab, there is no change in the taste of the water. Likewise if our heart is large like the water tank when compared to bowl, there is no suffering from small problems. The large heart is got from equanimity which comes when we look beyond perfect and imperfect angle. Thus we obtain the ability to see everyone as equal. This attitude makes us remain impartial even in a conflict as we are able to love and understand both sides. From this we shed all discrimination and prejudice thus demolishing the boundaries that we had erected between ourselves and others. Unless we see others and value them as more than ourselves and stop perceiving ourselves as elite and exceptional from others, we will never have true equanimity.

Monday, February 9, 2015

669. Pancha Koshas and Evolution.

Gurus from Vedanta tradition advise a seeker in search of Self to practice “Neti, Neti” contemplation (“not this” “not this”). If we look in to what they want us to negate we will have to know about the Pancha Koshas (The Five Sheath). 

The Pancha Koshas are described as five layers encasing the Self. Annamaya Kosha (Physical), Pranamaya Kosha (Vital Breath), Manomaya Kosha (Mental), Vigyanamaya Kosha (Intellect) and Anandamaya Kosha (Bliss). These are described as five doors successive opening of which leads the Jeevatma (Individual Consciousness) towards Paramatma (Absolute Consciousness) in other words from all bondage and ultimate merger with its Divine source. It is a routine to relate our Self with the Body, Mind and Intellect but the true identity is beyond all these.

All the creations (both living and non living) posses the first layer, the Annamaya Kosha, which is the symbol of existent stage of evolution.

Then next the layer is Pranamaya Kosha, the vital energy. It is connected with the breath, but also with the processes of digestion and growth and is related to the plant stage of evolution.

Then next is made up of feelings, thoughts and emotions as well as memory and imagination, comprising both faculties of Manas (Mind) and Chitta (Memory). The Manomaya Kosha is related to the animal stage of evolution.

The next Vigyanamaya Kosha is what sets human beings apart from animals. Though animals may also have feelings, emotions, thoughts and memory just like us, but only human beings have the faculty of discrimination between right and wrong, real and illusory. Many a times we confuse “trained mind” and “adoptable mind” to intellect. 

After watching Animal Planet and NGC we think animals are intelligent but they are not they have either got trained mind or have adoptable mind. Also we sometimes tell he is intelligent to have made money and built a palatial house it is not intelligence it is well trained mind. A weaver bird is in fact a best architect and builder both. Intelligence is only a discriminating faculty which is there in all of us, we are not aware or not using it. This Kosha also has an ego, a sense of identity or “I-Am-ness” (ahamkara) and stage of human evolution.

Last and final Anandamaya Kosha is the finest veil covering the Self. On this level, there is a strong awareness about the oneness of the individual and the Absolute. However, there is still some separation and unless this covering is transcended, individual existence and therefore rebirth, will continue. This Kosha contain the essence of that Jeevatma which has the experiences of countless lifetimes and stage of spiritual evolution.

After negation of all the Koshas, encased yet untouched by them and as clear as crystal, is the Self which is pure spirit and which is not different from the Absolute Reality (Brahman).

Saturday, February 7, 2015

669. Mindfulness Most Required while Performing Puja to a Deity…!

While performing puja just close your eyes and imagine that the deity is sitting right in front of you. This imagination is very powerful as it takes you close to the Absolute you are worshiping. Puja is not a duty or a routine ritual but it is yoga, the exercise to unite with the Divinity. With that union the unwanted thoughts are vanquished. It is an easy means to control the mind from projecting too many thoughts.

The motive behind getting involved in puja or bhajans is to engage our self to reach that transcendental realm. Once there lived a miser who wished to perform puja but would not like to spend much on the articles required for puja. One day he approached a Sadhu and requested him to preside over the puja. But the Sadhu requested him to at least arrange for some milk and sugar to be offered as prasad to the Lord. The miser did not agree.

Sadhu Maharaj told him at least if he was aware of the puja being performed it would be more than sufficient and asked him to close his eyes and imagine that he is sitting on the banks of River Ganga with a beautiful idol of Sri Krishna in front of him. He is washing His feet and offering a decorated throne to Him. He asked him to imagine he is offering the Lord milk with sugar. In his imagination the miser put more sugar into milk. He being a miser wanted to take out extra sugar he had put in the milk. Suddenly someone stopped him and he was startled. He saw it was Sri Krishna Himself standing in front of him. The miser had the darshan of the Lord even though in a negative means. This is just to show how powerful it would be if one engages mind while doing puja. That is called Manas Puja and the ultimate goal in it is to realize the Absolute. Without engaging mind this is not at all possible.

There is another story in Mahabharata which depicts the necessity of be conscious while doing puja. Arjuna was an ardent devote of Lord Shiva. He used to perform puja to the Linga regularly pooja with Bilva leaves, but none of his other four brothers were seen doing puja. He felt very proud that he was doing puja daily and he was close to the Lord than his other brothers. Sri Krishna who came to know about this wanted Arjuna to know what the truth was. 

One day He took him to Mount Kailash, the abode of Lord Shiva. On the way Arjuna saw large number of baskets of flowers being carried by the Bhutaganas (attendents) to Kailash. Arjuna asked Sri Krishna about it and Sri Krishna as usual asked Arjuna to checkout about it from those who were carrying the baskets of flowers. Arjuna stopped one of them asked about it. One Gana replied that the baskets of flowers were from Bhima, his brother.

Arjuna was astonished as he had never seen Bhima sit in front of Linga and pray as he did daily. At the same time he was overwhelmed that if someone who had never sat to pray could send so much of flowers what about him who was doing puja daily. Hence Arjuna asked the Bhutagana to show him his portion of the flowers offered to the Lord. They showed a small mound of flowers lying in one corner. Arjuna was surprised and he asked Sri Krishna to explain this disparity. Sri Krishna then explained him that even though Bhima did not step into any temple he was thinking of Lord Shiva at all times. If he were to sees a flowers that had freshly blossomed in the garden he would mentally offer those flowers to Lord Siva. Thus offered flowers were loads in baskets that were reaching the Lord on mount Kailash the very next moment. Thus, Sri Krishna explains Arjuna to be aware and conscious of the Divine while doing puja.

Spending money on the flowers, fruits, and decoration will not be of any use if mind is wandering elsewhere while doing puja, if done so it is sheer waste of time…….Do you agree??????