Saturday, May 31, 2014

480. Inner Companion is the Soul Mate forever and ever and ever…!

In my blog ( posted a few days ago there was the mention of Peripheral Beauty (Dressing sense), Outer Beauty (Physical Body) and Inner Beauty (Mind) and I enjoyed reading the responses from the great thinkers on the subject. While some felt that inner beauty was important, few emphasized that body and mind has to be in a balance condition for spiritual growth. I concur with the thoughts of all those who have responded.

The inner beauty is to have a crystal clear mind without prejudice and which dwells on present, when this is achieved one can have the inner companion as the Atma Bandhu (Soul Mate). Just as mentioned in that blog about peripheral beauty, outer beauty and inner beauty this blog tries to talks about peripheral companion, outer companion and inner companion.     

The search for a perfect companion who can be with us for life and provide us uninterrupted joy is our objective. In this small life span we come across many whom we might consider to be perfect companion. Like in the peripheral realm we have the business partners or associates. When everything is going along well we assume them to be our best companions. When things start to go from bad to worst there is a change in our thought. Similarly in the outer realm we have our relatives including our spouse whom we think will be a better companion but even that is limited to only this life span. Off course they say “Bandhan Saat Janamon Ka” (Bonded for seven lives) What about the eighth???

The relationship with the fellow beings while sharing this earth plane is necessary in Vyavaharika Jagat (Empirical World), but in the view of Paramarthika Sathya (Ultimate Reality) it has been that He (Absolute) is our soul mate since past so many births. We are all social beings who depend on each other but our ultimate saviour is Him alone. When there is Abhipsa (strong aspiration) in the seeker to have Him as a companion, there is a positive assurance from Him of His presence as a companion that can be felt within. When we have such experience of closeness and affinity with Him, then the entire creation supports us as a great teacher and lovingly protects us with its warmth.

When I have Him as my companion I am drawn inside and I dwell with Him in silence of the soul and am consciously away from unwanted attachments, ego and thought of “ME and MINE”. Void of such thoughts I am well above my senses and mind. My intellect gets unlocked and thoughts are guided through it. With my intellect into play my Prarabdha Karma does not affect me and all those negative Karma gets absorbed. Free from obligations I am stronger than before and therefore free from the clutches of Agami Karma, my impressions of past lives gets elevated to higher limits and provide brightness to my path.       

With my path illuminated I am free from hindrance and obstacles. Success is within reach without much stress and strain. Planning becomes easy without confusions and uncertainty. Discrimination of what is right to do and which to ignore is much clear than before. Hence my life is protected and is in a way guided by Him. I become only an instrument in His hands and I willingly let Him use me for his further creations. Being used for creating a better world my very breath, thought, word and deed seem to be worthy always. I am already in merger with Him, where is the need for me to yearn for Moksha (Liberation). 

And all this is because I have Sri Hari as my Atma Bandhu (Soul Mate).

Friday, May 30, 2014

479. If Money does not help at Crisis, What is the use of amassing Black Money!!!

1,500 Billion USD (approximately Rs. 90 Lakh Crores) slashed in foreign banks as BLACK MONEY by swindling the economy of my country India, is 3 times larger than the foreign debt (426 Billion USD) incurred by my country.  After paying the entire foreign debt, there will be surplus amount, almost 2 times larger than the foreign debt. If this surplus amount is invested in lucrative projects and the earning got by them will be more than the annual budget of the Central Government. So even if all the taxes are abolished the Central government will be able to maintain the country very very very comfortably.

We know about many who slog their entire life earning money more than required. There is nothing wrong in earning money as it is termed as one of the pursuits of life. What would start as the fair means of earning sporadically due to want of more will search for unlawful means. Why would one tend to incline towards unlawful means? Well, if we look deep we find that the cause could be due to lack of patience or lack of confidence in self.

As a kid I was taught about the story of the golden goose. How could one forget the essence of that story to lose patience I always wonder? How much is too much is the basic fact to be understood. Why has the thought of earning money that would help maintain family and to some extent enough to be handful at emergency gone? Avariciousness has not let us to be satisfied with just enough money to maintain family and cultivate spiritual maturity. Money is required unlimited not only for satisfying insatiable desires but for the generations to come. The whole generation could not be blamed however even in this modern era where the culture of philanthropy is become a fairy tale, at holy month of Ramdan Muslims brethrens part one third of their earnings in the name of Zakat and many other religious followers use suitable time to donate to others.

Laws of nature do not allow us to accept anything more than is required for proper maintenance and what we deserve. There is abundance for our need definitely not for our greed. The arrangement is such that every living being gets his due share of food and shelter. Every individual is allowed to take any amount of salt for the dish, but one should not take more than needed. If he adds more salt than needed he is spoiling the taste of the dish. The insatiable lust has made some to go beyond the line drawn by the law of nature and make money more than required. When the money earned is illegal and is not declared as per the law of the land it ends up being BLACK MONEY. What is the use of amassing money if it would not help a person on his deathbed? We have seen many great leaders and business tycoons who amassed money by using the power, policies and lobbying yet that black money could not save them at the time of crises. Such wealth only helps in boosting ego, but fate will take its own course. 

I always wondered why great souls like Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Ramana Maharshi were extremely allergic to money as they termed it as one of the illusions of Maya. They knew Money itself was not Maya, but thinking that it help in crisis is due to Maya. Understood that they were renunciant and would not need money and they lived in the hermit and were not in touch with the outer world, but look what happened to the person who had captured almost three fourth of this earth plane. He became so wise and understood that he would depart from this world leaving all that he had conquered. Hence he ordered that when he died his coffin should have two holes on the sides through which his bare hands should be put out, for the world to see that he is taking nothing with him! I am talking about ALEXANDER, the Great.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

478. Lateral Thinking at Erroneous Context is not Intellectualism....

Thinking is a skill which involves both divergent and convergent modes. An intellectual uses them according to the situation. Irrational thinking and lateral thinking when not synchronized to the prevailing context appears to be unintelligent and irrelative. This divergent thinking is creative thinking and can be appreciated if it sticks to the current events and help in solving a problem. There are many intellectuals who in a bit to show off their thinking skills go off track and give ideas which are irrelevant.

There was a sports meet organized by a school for the elementary students in a village. The chief guest was a very well known name in the world of literature and a person who was considered as Buddhijeevi (intellectualist). The sports event for the day was 800 meters for the boys. The winner of the event was to be awarded with a bicycle which was sponsored by the local philanthropist.

The race was flag off by the school head master and the boys had to go around the school ground twice to complete 800 meters. At the start the boy with the red T-shirt started off in a flash and was ahead of the rest. When the first lap was nearing to completion all the boys were neck to neck in the race and the boy with the red T-shirt was feeling tired. At the mid way of the second lap a boy wearing blue shirt picked up the pace and ran fast towards the finishing line and won the race. The boy with the red T-shirt could not finish the race as he was exhausted. 

At the time of prize distribution the intellectual chief guest called the boy in the red T-shirt and gave away the bicycle to him. When asked about his decision to honour the boy who had not even completed the race the chief guest said, “I appreciate the zeal the boy displayed at the beginning of the race. And moreover what is the necessity of a bicycle to a boy who can run fast and finish the race? The bicycle should be given to the boy who is unable to run fast. He can peddle to school if he is late while the boy who came first can always run and reach the school in time.”

The parents of the students, the class teachers, head master and all the prominent people who had gathered there were dumbstruck by the reply they heard from the intellectualist. In similar manner some intellectuals use their critical thinking and give their opinions on many stories which are to highlight some moral ethics. They do not look at the moral statement the story is stressing on. This way they not only disrespect the literature but also mislead the young generation.

Yes, out of the box thinking is very crucial to succeed and it is good for a person to have, but it has to be pertained to very few subjects. There cannot be logic to all that is happening around us some are approached by using our conditioned thinking. All of our thoughts are mostly conditioned. Though it may be right for us to think laterally it is not always right to use it at every instance. Out of the box thinking can generate ideas for processes, techniques, and outcomes that are innovative and which can get a WOW expression on the younger generation face, but sometimes it could miss the very much obvious…..isn't it????? 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

477. Who is a Brahmin? We can be one if we change our Attitude!!!

There is an incident in Chandogya Upanishad where Gautama Maharshi accepts a boy who is the son of a Sudra woman as his disciple. There is nothing to be surprised and it did not make a flutter then simply because the person was gauged according to his behavioural qualities. When asked by Gautama Maharshi, about his family the boy had frankly told that neither his mother nor he knew who was responsible for his birth. Speaking truth had made him behave like a Brahmin and so Gautama Maharshi accepted him as his disciple.

In the Shanti Prava of Mahabharata Sage Bharadwaja asks Bhrigu Muni to explain how a person can be considered to be a Brahmin? Bhrigu Muni explains very clearly that every single individual is born as a Sudra and it is by his Samskara (good actions) that he becomes a Dvija (twice born) and further if he studies Vedas he is a Vipra (learned person) and ultimately if he is able to comprehend Brahman he becomes Brahmana (Brahmin). Bhrigu Muni never said a son of a Brahmin is a Brahmin. We know that Ravana who was the son of Visrava and grand son of Sage Pulastya was never looked as Brahmin for his heinous deeds.

For a person to be considered a Brahmin he has to posses some qualities like Control over anger and senses, always contemplate on Truth, maintain peace and tranquility in mind, be modest and humble, ready to help others, thrive for spiritual advancement and consistency in spiritual practice.

There was a Purohit family which lived in a remote village in Kashmir. The father and son were priests in a Shiva temple. Mostly in the village there were growers of saffron flowers. The Purohits son fell in love with the saffron grower's charming daughter.

He was sure that his father would never agree for the alliance. He thought, “What if I tell to my father that the girl is from a Brahmin family”. He led the girl to his house and introduced her to his father, “Pita ji, this is a poor Brahmin's daughter. I want you to accept her as your daughter-in-law.” The girl who did not know anything spoke out instantly, “Arey, you are mistaken I am the daughter of a farmer.”

Brahmin smiled at the girl and said, “My child, it does not matter who your father is by profession, he has taught you the qualities of a Brahmin. A Brahmin never takes refuge in lie and falsehood.” Then turning towards his son and said this young man is not a Brahmin. I feel proud to have you as my daughter-in-law, and that will be only if you have no objection to marry this fellow who is a Non-Brahmin.”


What has to be Brahmin? Is it this physical body that needs to be a Brahmin? Will the body which is bathed thrice a day become a Brahmin? No, all of us can clean our physical body from outside but inside it is filled with unwanted and unclean stuff. So by cleaning the outward body one does not become a Brahmin. Then is it the Atma which has to be changed to be Brahmin? No, Atma is the same in all of us and it is pure consciousness which is a part of the Divine source hence there cannot be difference between my Atma and the others. So finally what needs to be checked is our Mind. The mind has to be free from impurities it has to be like a clear crystal which has truthfulness, kindness, tolerance, love and compassion. And with such a mind one is a Brahmin and with such a mind he is deemed to gain knowledge of the Brahman and transcend beyond happiness and sorrow. A little change in our attitude can make us live like a Brahmin and help us reach our destination in a jiffy...........What say????

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

476. Inner Beauty can be let to stay glowing as long as we Live!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Which is the beauty mentioned here is it Outer Beauty or Inner Beauty? Outer beauty is pertaining to looks of the body, while inner beauty is the pure essence of goodness that resonates from inside.

The outer beauty can be different to different people as the degree of judgment varies. In a strict sense outer beauty depends on physical appearance solely based on external features. Some are born with the natural features while some achieve it by means of a temporary camouflage of face creams to enhance the degree of beauty. The point to be noted here is that those who are born with natural features as well as those who try to achieve it, in the process of aging do lose the outer beauty. As far as I know unlike outer beauty everybody does have inner beauty which never fades. It is a pure spiritual energy that flows within all of us. While some polish it every now and then for it to shine some just ignore it. It is the one which indicates that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Thus mankind has noticed that outer beauty is but a temporary and transitory illusion and inner beauty is a spotless permanent Truth. Though outer beauty is used to gain instant and temporary gratification in the physical realm only, it is the inner beauty enables the individual to enjoy permanent contentment in all three realms namely physical, mental, and spiritual.

Outer Beauty is subjected to changes according to time space and causation. It can not remain the same all the time and we are too limited with the knowledge of seizing it. There are siddhis by which the ageing process can be reversed and it is a tough process. Amazingly inner beauty though which does not change could be shrouded as per time space and causation. It is ever glowing but it cannot be let to remain the same all the time. Through our limited knowledge we can hold it in a condition which is better.

I cannot gain control on the changes that occur to my body but can have control on my mind and let it remain the same till I finish this life span. This blog is not to highlight that outer beauty is not necessary, in fact the way we present ourselves is important when we are in a society. Kaviratna Kalidasa writes in one of his works thus: “A person has to have the four essentials called Vidya (Knowledge),  Vinaya (Modesty),  Vak (Good Speech),  Viveka (Wisdom) so that he can live a successful life in society.” He calls it four Va-kara and he does not stop there he continues to state that even if all the above said four essentials are absent in a person he can survive with one most important Va-kara called Vastra (Dress). Though this statement seem to be inspiring or motivating, the dress we wear is affordable to everyone who has money but for the other four one need to cultivate it and it can be made to remain till one stays on in this earth plane. Can we call this dress sense as the “Peripheral Beauty”? This peripheral beauty could get soiled in a day or two, outer beauty could wither in a decade or two, and the inner beauty can stay unstained as long as we wish. Now is it not necessary to know how to that this inner beauty is ever glowing..... What Say???? 

Monday, May 26, 2014

475. Going to a Temple is to connect Consciously with the Deity.!

A group of young men decided to go to Tirumala on their bikes from Bengaluru. One young man informed about the tour to his grandfather who was relaxing on the easy chair.

“Is there any occasion, Putta?” asked the old man.

“No Thata, just to have Darshana of Lord Balaji” said the young man.

“Good, when you are near the Bangaru Vakili (Golden Gate) you are able to have the Glimpse of the Lord. Do not bring your list of wantons at that time just fill your eyes with His image.” said the old man.

“Thata, is it wrong to ask the Lord to fulfill my wishes?”  

“My boy, He knows everything which includes your mind and your thoughts. He bestows you what you deserve not what you desire. I am suggesting you not to waste the little time you have when you are in front of Him by pleading Him for wantons, instead get aligned to that Divine Consciousness.”

“If that is what I need to do can I not do it here in our pooja room, Thata?”

“My boy, I am proud of you to have a thought like that, it shows that you believe His presence everywhere. Putta, there are some places where the entire environment is incline to a solitary objectivity hence those places have more positive vibrations. I know an ardent devotee can bring the image of the Lord in his mind by just thinking about Him. But it is better to travel to those places every now and then. In such places the connection of Consciousness of the Self with that of the Divine Consciousness happens in a jiffy. Through mere glimpse of the Deity there is an expansion of Consciousness at such places. Some have Goosebumps at the sight of the Lord. ”
“Thata, should I tonsure my head?”

“Putta, offering hair to the Lord at Tirumala is an emotional contribution which is left to the devotees. There is no compulsion and it should not be offered by anyone’s instruction also. You should not ask me or your papa also if you feel like offering you can do it.” 

“Thata, I heard that the TTD has made an offer of five Laddus to women who get their hair tonsured.”

“I think some management personal might have put that suggestion. There is no need to make such offers as it need to be left to the belief of the devotees. These business management candidates have these types of suggestions they fail to understand that business and devotion are entirely different; they are smart only to sell products they cannot do the same in the matter of belief and devotion. Some years back a toothpaste company appreciated a suggestion given by one of its management employee to increase the diameter of the mouth of the toothpaste tube so that the volume of the flow of paste is more by each squeeze and thus increase in the sales. Such kind of management personals if asked to give suggestion in temple boards it is very unfortunate. It is not a marketing strategy it is an emotional belief and very personal. Absolute does not need promotion, does He??” 

“O.K Thata, I will remember your words for ever.”

“Not only at Tirumala whenever you go to the temple go with an open heart. Keep aside your agony, wishes, self-image and self-importance. Remember you are same to Him as all around you there. Stand in front the Deity in silence and you will experience the magic that works through you. This is a holy experience of your inner Self with Absolute. It is an occasion where you are subjected to receive some old revelations in light of the level of advancement you have made, your present reality, which makes your life so refreshing, rejuvenating and levitated.”

The young man took the blessing of this grandfather and the next day he left to Tirumala to have a meaningful pilgrimage.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

474. Looking at the Positive trait is like appreciating Divinity!

A gazelle was chased by a cheetah; the gazelle was running zigzag confusing the predator. After a hot pursuit the cheetah stroke the leg of the gazelle sending it off balance and jumped over it to grab the neck. A person known to me who was watching the sequence on the Animal Plant Channel said “Oh no, poor gazelle” I asked him would not the cheetah starved if it had not caught the gazelle for the lunch. He said, “Why, should it not eat grass or plants like the gazelle did to fill its stomach?”

"If it were to be so, there would not have been enough grass for all the animals. As it is now there is an annual great migration by the Wildebeest from Serengeti to the greener pastures of the Maasai Mara. What would happen if all the canines and felines start eating grass?" I asked. He understood the Law of Nature i suppose.  

Everything that is happening in this world is neither bad nor good. It is only the way we think which brands the event as good or bad. It is become a routine to think from one point of view only, if we develop to think from the other point as well we can understand the secrets behind all this and there is nothing for us to acknowledge also. This is in accordance with the Law of Universe. With such a thought a seeker can try to look at the positive trait in every event rather than looking for negativity in it.

It is difficult to look at positive aspects at the start as we are used to looking at the black dot on the white board. It is hard to find good virtues in others since there is lack of it in us. If one starts to find for the merits in others his own life begins to be filled with them. Upanishad says “Isavasyam Idam Sarvam” meaning: This entire universe is pervaded by Him. Those who believe this always look at the core and finds divinity in everything. They do not differentiate between good or bad as they find everything to be His. Thus divine qualities of harmony, equanimity and holiness begin to advance in them.

Once Guru Drona called young Duryodhana and Yudhisthira, both were learning war skills from him. He asked Duryodhana to go to his kingdom and count how many of them praiseworthy. At the same time he asked Yudhisthira also to go and find out how many of them in the kingdom were immoral. He asked them to give the count the next day.

When Guru Drona asked them the next day neither of them could find a single person, while Duryodhana did not find a single person who was praiseworthy and Yudhisthira did not find a single person who was immoral. By this episode it does not mean that people in the kingdom were lifeless like zombies. There were both positive and negative trait in them but the perceiver could find what his heart was filled with.     

So there is nothing bad or good in this world. It is only our perceptions which make it become one. There is no point in try to judge others as it will never take us anywhere, instead if we look for the Divinity in them it will help us excel further. The only way to make it happen is by constantly remembering that Divinity resides in the heart of every individual being…………Am I right????? 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

473. Worries belong to either past or future, nothing to present!

There was a small hamlet where the people had agriculture as their main occupation. As years went by due to severe drought people started going to the near by city to work. Everyone felt that times where going well some two decades ago when there was plenty of rain and they could grow paddy in abundance. Now the whole village was not as happy as they were at that time.   

Once every year the villagers organized annual Car festival (Rathotsava) as a mark of gratitude to the main deity of the village. It was a nice gathering of devotees in the temple for the festival and in the evening they had a discourse from an enlightened soul. Before starting the discourse the village headman requested Swamiji to perform some Homa or Havan so that the villagers are joyful always.

Swamiji said, “Joy is the inner matter there is no necessity for homa or havan. Homa is done only as gratitude to the Lord, just as you have done the car festival.”

Village headman said, “Swamiji, as the head of the village I humble request for you to get rid of worries from our lives. You are enlightened person we don’t think this is impossible to you.”

“Yes, it is very simple to get rid of worries. I am trained in it. To begin with, I need to categorize people according to the kind of worries they have. Some are worried due to some incident that happened in the past while some are worried about future and some of the present situation. Those who are worried of the past come to my right and those who are worried about future stay to my left and those who are worried about present stand in the middle.”

The whole gathering divided into three groups and amazingly the strength of all the three was equal. Looking at the people on his right Swamiji replied to them, “You are all worried about something that happened in the past and now it is only in your memory. By worrying about it can you change it for better? Worrying about past is due to ignorance you can eliminate it by simply not remembering it again and again. A wounded monkey scratches the wound often and makes it big so are you people worrying about a past event which serves no purpose.”

Now turning to his left he spoke to the group, “Worried about future which is not sure if it happens in reality you have the worry only in your mind. So, be positive and face the future without giving importance to the thoughts which make you worry about the future. No astrologer can change the future, that which is inevitable has to be endured and for that patience is the best shield.”

“Those who are in front of me need to show me the present only then I will be able to find a solution. Present is an insignificant interval squeezed between the tail of the past and the head of the future. At present you are all standing in front of me a few minutes before some where to my right and some were to my left when I said all those who worry of the present came and stand in front of me you gathered here. Now that is past and even this moment will pass on very quickly and become past. Why should you worry about that which has such a small span of life?”

Further Swamiji addressing everybody said, “Living a peaceful life does not depend on the situations of past present or future. Accepting life as it comes and having a will to let go without getting attached to anything is the key for a peaceful living. Do your duty and be contented with what you have. This is real joy. Enjoy what you have instead of worrying about what you do not have.”

Every body who gathered there were thrilled as there is nothing to worry about past, future or even present.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

472. Be Good and Be in Good Company too….

O Kings, answer Draupadi's question first. If we do not answer to her we all will descend into hell. Father, Bhishma, Vidura you are the eldest of the Kurus, yet you remain silent. Why are Drona and Kripa not uttering a word? Let the kings who have assembled here from all directions keep aside theiranger and give Draupadi a reply.

This was the voice from the Kaurava side raised by Vikarna one of the brother of Duryodhana. Draupadi was pulled by her hair by Dushaasana to disrobe her in the assembly after Yudhisthira had lost her in the game of dice. She had put a most valid question on the legality of the rights of her husband Yudhisthira to place her at stake in the game. Vikarna’s voice for justice were like Aranya Rodana (Cry in the Wilderness).

A person has to have good thoughts and possess morality. And it does not end there, if he is amidst people with evil thoughts and those who are immoral his being is not felt at all. Though he has great intent the group he fits in will not allow his intent to materialize. Nevertheless Vikarna voices discontent over the disrobing of Draupadi, but his voice was not heard as he was in the Kaurava camp among those who do not care a dime to Dharma and had to agree with what his 99 brothers have to say hence he was killed by Bhima at the time of the Great War in a mace fight.

In the recent Lok Sabha elections one of the prominent personalities who had an excellent reputation as a good citizen contested in our constituency.  Unfortunately he was in the fray representing the party immersed in scams and corruption. Many supported his decision saying it did not matter much as he was a good candidate, but he lost the election rejected by the larger section of the electorates, why? Being good does not matter if one is with set of unworthy people. Because those unworthy people will never let the good person remain good, like Vikarna in Mahabharata the voice of the good person is subdued by the roar of the evil ones. Good person can never be his self when in company of bad and hence is deprived of his status.     

In contrast an average person when in company of great people receives enormous respects. Being in a good company acts as catalyst in his life and in the flow he surges to greater heights. An ordinary string which otherwise might not get the fortune of being anywhere near the Lord finds place when used as binding device to make the garland of flowers. By just being in company of flowers the string can reach the shoulder of the Lord. Flowers elevate the status of the string….  What say?????  

Saturday, May 17, 2014

470. Intentions have to be pure but Expectations are to be shunned…

“I am like the Flute in the Hands of the Lord” so said my blog yesterday ( I received a few E-mails reflecting apprehensions over that statement. One of my friend asked if the blog was not misleading by saying God would handle everything and would it not be shunning the responsibility by an individual by saying so?

I concur with the views that one has to be responsible. I like to elaborate on why and how the thought of feeling safe at the “Hands of the Lord” will boost. Self-effort is a must in every field as it helps one to succeed. If the blog posted yesterday is read with the perspective of looking at actions as intentional rather than expectation, the perception will be different.

At the onset let us look at the difference between Intentions and Expectations of action. Intentions generate an energetic commitment to our action while expectations are constructs of the mind trying to figure out the outcome of our actions. Intentions create a goal and expectations define the path to reach that goal. However, when I let go my expectations, miracles do happen. Absolute may have a better path for me than anything I can possibly imagine. All I need to do is have good intentions over my action and prepare myself to the action. Absolute has provided me Free-will, I can use my energy in taking my Free-will to a certain limit and then I can leave a lot of room for the Will of the Lord to work in on my action. A farmer should have the intentions of feeding the citizens of his country and has to sow the seeds in his field, his work at the field is the proof of his Self-effort. The yield of the crop is purely in the Hands of the Absolute.   

In the Mahabharata war Duryodhana is frustrated after eight days.  He suspects Bhishma, the Commander-in-chief of the Kaurava Army of partiality since none of the Pandava warriors were killed for the past eight days. Bhishma is assures him that the next day he would kill Arjuna. The news spreads across to the Pandava camp and Yudhisthira is worried. He walks into the tent of Arjuna and to his amazement finds Arjuna sleeping.

“Did you hear, Bhishma has decided to kill you tomorrow in the Warfield” said Yudhisthira.

“I Know” said Arjuna calmly.

“Does it not disturb you” asked Yudhisthira.

“Not at all, when I have Lord Krishna with me I need to worry” said Arjuna.

“You are not talking like a warrior. Bhishma is a tough contender. You cannot shun your responsibility by just saying Krishna is with you” replied Yudhisthira.

“The ability to face any contender was taught by Guru Drona to all of us, I am sure I have practiced the skills he wanted me to master my Self-efforts contributed there. And Lord Krishna has told me to fight the war with a good intention. My intention is to overpower the Adharma (Unrighteousness). If my intentions are right the things start happening the way it should.” said Arjuna.

We all know the outcome of the Great War……As Gandhari rightly summarized “Yato Dharma Tato Jaya” (Where there is Righteousness there is Victory). And I understand “Yato Krishna Tato Dharma” (Krishna is there, where Righteousness is)….. What say????

Friday, May 16, 2014

469. I am just an Instrument that needs to be tuned…..!

A musical instrument does not generate melodious music on its own. A learned musician is able to bring out melody from the instrument. I believe that I am just as an instrument at the hands of the Lord above. It is His hand that is delivering the enchanting music if any from me. At times there could be some Apasruti (discord) and I feel it could be purely because I am not tuned to perfection, in other words there is disharmony in my thought, word and deed. If I let myself to be fine-tuned just the way a musician does before the start of the concert, I am always melodious.

It so happened that Sri Krishna wanted to play a musical instrument and to decide which He could chose from the large variety of them, He decided to inspect and went in front of each of them. As He approached the Mridangam it started to reveal its identity and said, “Lord, I have a rich and varied tone in me and my sound creates an urge to dance”.

Krishna looked at it and went forward and there was Veena the stringed instrument. It said, “An ancient musical instrument I am, when my strings are plucked I produce enchanting strains. I would suite well in your hand”.

Moving forward Krishna came across Violin. “I am imbedded with treble pitch when a horsehair bow is made to slide over my strings melody goes off”. Then it was the twin brothers’ one dayana and the other bayana. “We both are sophisticated and delicate with both your hands over our membrane we vibrate lovely din din dinak sound”

In the corner was this bamboo stick with hole over it and Sri Krishna went over to it. It did not say anything and Krishna asked, “Who are you?”

Replied the Flute, “Oh Lord, I am just an ordinary bamboo stalk with few holes over me I remain silent and only if you put your Madhuram Adharam (sweet lips) on the first hole and blow a stream of air into me and only then it is possible for me to emit charming sound”.

Sri Krishna then lifted it and brought it near His lips and blew into it and lo behold there was an enchanting sound that could mesmerize the entire Vrindavan.

Flute has the same structure as the human personality there are eight holes (one blow hole, six finger holes and the end hole) which relate to the five sensory organs, mind, intellect, and ego being the end hole. If ego which is the inside of the bamboo cleared an ordinary bamboo stalk becomes a hollow reed flute, then the Lord will pick me up, put his lips and breathe through the first hole (intellect) which is the blow hole and infuse the “Dhi Shakti” in me and out of the hollowness of my heart, the captivating melody will emerge for all creations around to enjoy my existence. But if I will continue my attitude of doer-ship and arrogance then the Lord will distance Himself from me, since I think I can flourish without His intervention and will be useless for His purpose.