Saturday, May 17, 2014

470. Intentions have to be pure but Expectations are to be shunned…

“I am like the Flute in the Hands of the Lord” so said my blog yesterday ( I received a few E-mails reflecting apprehensions over that statement. One of my friend asked if the blog was not misleading by saying God would handle everything and would it not be shunning the responsibility by an individual by saying so?

I concur with the views that one has to be responsible. I like to elaborate on why and how the thought of feeling safe at the “Hands of the Lord” will boost. Self-effort is a must in every field as it helps one to succeed. If the blog posted yesterday is read with the perspective of looking at actions as intentional rather than expectation, the perception will be different.

At the onset let us look at the difference between Intentions and Expectations of action. Intentions generate an energetic commitment to our action while expectations are constructs of the mind trying to figure out the outcome of our actions. Intentions create a goal and expectations define the path to reach that goal. However, when I let go my expectations, miracles do happen. Absolute may have a better path for me than anything I can possibly imagine. All I need to do is have good intentions over my action and prepare myself to the action. Absolute has provided me Free-will, I can use my energy in taking my Free-will to a certain limit and then I can leave a lot of room for the Will of the Lord to work in on my action. A farmer should have the intentions of feeding the citizens of his country and has to sow the seeds in his field, his work at the field is the proof of his Self-effort. The yield of the crop is purely in the Hands of the Absolute.   

In the Mahabharata war Duryodhana is frustrated after eight days.  He suspects Bhishma, the Commander-in-chief of the Kaurava Army of partiality since none of the Pandava warriors were killed for the past eight days. Bhishma is assures him that the next day he would kill Arjuna. The news spreads across to the Pandava camp and Yudhisthira is worried. He walks into the tent of Arjuna and to his amazement finds Arjuna sleeping.

“Did you hear, Bhishma has decided to kill you tomorrow in the Warfield” said Yudhisthira.

“I Know” said Arjuna calmly.

“Does it not disturb you” asked Yudhisthira.

“Not at all, when I have Lord Krishna with me I need to worry” said Arjuna.

“You are not talking like a warrior. Bhishma is a tough contender. You cannot shun your responsibility by just saying Krishna is with you” replied Yudhisthira.

“The ability to face any contender was taught by Guru Drona to all of us, I am sure I have practiced the skills he wanted me to master my Self-efforts contributed there. And Lord Krishna has told me to fight the war with a good intention. My intention is to overpower the Adharma (Unrighteousness). If my intentions are right the things start happening the way it should.” said Arjuna.

We all know the outcome of the Great War……As Gandhari rightly summarized “Yato Dharma Tato Jaya” (Where there is Righteousness there is Victory). And I understand “Yato Krishna Tato Dharma” (Krishna is there, where Righteousness is)….. What say????

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