Saturday, May 31, 2014

480. Inner Companion is the Soul Mate forever and ever and ever…!

In my blog ( posted a few days ago there was the mention of Peripheral Beauty (Dressing sense), Outer Beauty (Physical Body) and Inner Beauty (Mind) and I enjoyed reading the responses from the great thinkers on the subject. While some felt that inner beauty was important, few emphasized that body and mind has to be in a balance condition for spiritual growth. I concur with the thoughts of all those who have responded.

The inner beauty is to have a crystal clear mind without prejudice and which dwells on present, when this is achieved one can have the inner companion as the Atma Bandhu (Soul Mate). Just as mentioned in that blog about peripheral beauty, outer beauty and inner beauty this blog tries to talks about peripheral companion, outer companion and inner companion.     

The search for a perfect companion who can be with us for life and provide us uninterrupted joy is our objective. In this small life span we come across many whom we might consider to be perfect companion. Like in the peripheral realm we have the business partners or associates. When everything is going along well we assume them to be our best companions. When things start to go from bad to worst there is a change in our thought. Similarly in the outer realm we have our relatives including our spouse whom we think will be a better companion but even that is limited to only this life span. Off course they say “Bandhan Saat Janamon Ka” (Bonded for seven lives) What about the eighth???

The relationship with the fellow beings while sharing this earth plane is necessary in Vyavaharika Jagat (Empirical World), but in the view of Paramarthika Sathya (Ultimate Reality) it has been that He (Absolute) is our soul mate since past so many births. We are all social beings who depend on each other but our ultimate saviour is Him alone. When there is Abhipsa (strong aspiration) in the seeker to have Him as a companion, there is a positive assurance from Him of His presence as a companion that can be felt within. When we have such experience of closeness and affinity with Him, then the entire creation supports us as a great teacher and lovingly protects us with its warmth.

When I have Him as my companion I am drawn inside and I dwell with Him in silence of the soul and am consciously away from unwanted attachments, ego and thought of “ME and MINE”. Void of such thoughts I am well above my senses and mind. My intellect gets unlocked and thoughts are guided through it. With my intellect into play my Prarabdha Karma does not affect me and all those negative Karma gets absorbed. Free from obligations I am stronger than before and therefore free from the clutches of Agami Karma, my impressions of past lives gets elevated to higher limits and provide brightness to my path.       

With my path illuminated I am free from hindrance and obstacles. Success is within reach without much stress and strain. Planning becomes easy without confusions and uncertainty. Discrimination of what is right to do and which to ignore is much clear than before. Hence my life is protected and is in a way guided by Him. I become only an instrument in His hands and I willingly let Him use me for his further creations. Being used for creating a better world my very breath, thought, word and deed seem to be worthy always. I am already in merger with Him, where is the need for me to yearn for Moksha (Liberation). 

And all this is because I have Sri Hari as my Atma Bandhu (Soul Mate).


  1. A very deep thought.what you mean the inner companion is meditative silence.The more you are in that the more peaceful you become and that gives you enormous energy.!!

  2. I like how you have suggested our internal relationship mirrors our own spiritual connection - this is so true and working on my own connection has brought me a deeper sense of peace and alignment.