Tuesday, May 20, 2014

472. Be Good and Be in Good Company too….


O Kings, answer Draupadi's question first. If we do not answer to her we all will descend into hell. Father, Bhishma, Vidura you are the eldest of the Kurus, yet you remain silent. Why are Drona and Kripa not uttering a word? Let the kings who have assembled here from all directions keep aside theiranger and give Draupadi a reply.

This was the voice from the Kaurava side raised by Vikarna one of the brother of Duryodhana. Draupadi was pulled by her hair by Dushaasana to disrobe her in the assembly after Yudhisthira had lost her in the game of dice. She had put a most valid question on the legality of the rights of her husband Yudhisthira to place her at stake in the game. Vikarna’s voice for justice were like Aranya Rodana (Cry in the Wilderness).

A person has to have good thoughts and possess morality. And it does not end there, if he is amidst people with evil thoughts and those who are immoral his being is not felt at all. Though he has great intent the group he fits in will not allow his intent to materialize. Nevertheless Vikarna voices discontent over the disrobing of Draupadi, but his voice was not heard as he was in the Kaurava camp among those who do not care a dime to Dharma and had to agree with what his 99 brothers have to say hence he was killed by Bhima at the time of the Great War in a mace fight.

In the recent Lok Sabha elections one of the prominent personalities who had an excellent reputation as a good citizen contested in our constituency.  Unfortunately he was in the fray representing the party immersed in scams and corruption. Many supported his decision saying it did not matter much as he was a good candidate, but he lost the election rejected by the larger section of the electorates, why? Being good does not matter if one is with set of unworthy people. Because those unworthy people will never let the good person remain good, like Vikarna in Mahabharata the voice of the good person is subdued by the roar of the evil ones. Good person can never be his self when in company of bad and hence is deprived of his status.     

In contrast an average person when in company of great people receives enormous respects. Being in a good company acts as catalyst in his life and in the flow he surges to greater heights. An ordinary string which otherwise might not get the fortune of being anywhere near the Lord finds place when used as binding device to make the garland of flowers. By just being in company of flowers the string can reach the shoulder of the Lord. Flowers elevate the status of the string….  What say?????  


  1. The company, satsangis very important for one s growth. Even if the person is good if he is in a bad company he loses respect.one has to be very choosy about the connections he keeps.it is more important than being just good.!!

  2. When I'm in the company of like minded people I express myself as I am but when I'm not I express myself as what they deem as lowly. When we don't fit within this norm we are deemed as being lowlier than those around us. When deemed this way we must realise these people are not of high virtues however when we are with people with the same or higher virtue they don't see anyone as being lowly so you are, in my mind, perfectly correct in this.