Thursday, March 31, 2016

809. April Fool!!!!!

In ancient times the first month of the calendar began in March-April and it was been based on the moon phase (as our Hindu Lunar Calendar). Romans could not understand the calendar as it had to have more knowledge on the trails of moon. It was regarded too messy and the Roman calendar was replaced by Julian Calendar in 45 B.C by Julius Caesar with a few changes. When the Julian Calendar which was also based on Lunar phase did not match with the actual time taken by Earth to orbit once around the Sun, which was obvious as the course of Moon and Sun were different it became too clumsy for them.

Fed up with these Moon and Sun phase calculations Pope Gregory XIII in 1582 introduced a calendar called “Christian Calendar” which is now used and it is also called Gregorian Calendar. So the start of year which as somewhere between March-April, now was on January 1st as it was near to the date of Birth of Christ.   

This explains why September which means “Seven” (Septa) in Latin is the 9th month and not the seventh month and October, which means “Eight” (Octa) is the 10th month, and not the eighth month. November, which means “Nine,” (Nova) is the 11th month, and December, which means “Ten” (Deca) is the 12th month. At that time, January and February were last two months of the year.  April 1 was counted the first day of the year in Europe. When the calendar was changed start from January 1, some people stayed with April 1. Those who did were called “April Fools” and were taunted by their neighboring countries. They called all those who celebrated the new year in April as “Fools”.... And it continues even today......and then they called it April Fools Day......but the Sun and Moon did not stop or change their course. Day never changed, seasons remained the same. 

Happy April Fool’s Day……Oops!!!! who are Fool now???……after knowing about it.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

808. Everything cannot be dubbed as Superstition…!

A matter on why one should not clip nails or cut hair on Tuesdays came up. For some it is superstition while some rationalists make it a point to clip nails and cut hair on Tuesdays to prove that nothing happens. Well it is all what one believe in and one should never impose the beliefs on other too.

Is there any scientific reason why one should not clip nails on that particular day is the question. We all know that planets have a subtle influence on our body. Though the western world did not accept it earlier they now seem to show interest on this now.

Just as Surya (Sun) has its effect on our skin and eyes and Chandra (Moon) on our mind, Mangala (Mars) has its effect on the nerve ends and nerve tips pertaining to the nails and hair. Hence it was not advised to clip nails and hair on Tuesdays.

Now what is the proof that Mars has the effect on our nails and hair???

Sometimes subtle matters do not offer proof which the science asks; it can be comprehended on observation. In 1970's and 80's western world laughed at us when our ancients told that moon has its effect on our mind. They dubbed it as superstition even though ironically they called a mentally disturbed person “Lunatic.”

What does Lunatic mean?

This word comes from the Latin “Luna” meaning moon. The Lunar phase has an impact not only on oceans, but also on the human body which has 70-80% water. Amazingly without knowing the word the westerns rubbished our ancient explanation. As the days passed they now start to believe that there is indeed some connection between Moon and Mind. In future someday they will come to understand about the influence of all the planets which our ancients have already pointed and which Medical Astrology accepts. The influence of planets on parts of our body is as follows:
Surya (Sun) - Heart, Eyes and Skin.

Chandra (Moon) - Mind, Hormones and Womb.

Mangala (Mars) - Nail, Hair and Arteries.

Budha (Mercury) - Brain, Nerves and Thyroid.

Guru (Jupiter) - Liver, Legs and Pituitary.

Shukra (Venus) - Kidneys, Digestion and Reproduction.

Shani (Saturn) – Spleen, Veins and Bones.

Now coming back to the point on whether one should not clip nails and cut hairs on Tuesdays? Though the effect of Moon in Lunar phase is on all of us, we all do not exhibit instability in mind. likewise the influence of Mars on Tuesdays could be only on some percentage of the human race but why take risk it is better if avoided as we do have the other days too to clip nails. In case of an emergency like a doctor who need to operate and has to clip nails to maintain hygiene in the OT, then the effect of Mars seems to be too little when comparing to saving someone's life. 

Once it so happened that on an independence day a politician unfurled the National Flag and the Anthem started. The dictum is that one has to stand in attention while the National Anthem is played. The police personal who was standing in front of him had sunstroke and tumbled. This politician who was saluting the flag rushed to help him. Here the respect to the National Flag and the Anthem became secondary his primary duty was to help the man in discomfort. 

It is pure wisdom to analyse the situation and not to stick on to the dictum. And so also it would be foolishness to dub everything as superstition instead of looking for the science behind it……What say???

Monday, March 28, 2016

807. Was Karna a true friend to Duryodhana???

“What is your Dharma?” asks Krishna to Karna.

“To protect my friend Duryodhana is my Dharma” says Karna.

“Do you protect him even knowing that your friend is doing Adharma towards hundreds of thousands of men? Do realise that because of your presence Dharma has to fight harder for victory?” questions Krishna.

“Dharma has ditched me many times. Dharma for that matter has never been my friend. I have only one friend Duryodhana and my only Dharma is to fight for him even if he is wrong.” 

“Your tattvanista (veracity) is wasted on a man without integrity.” says Krishna.

To which Karna replied, “I cannot leave my friend when he needs me the most. I know he is wrong but that has nothing to do with my gratitude”.

Now the question is, was Karna a true friend to Duryodhana or was he loyal to the wicked prince just because his ego was pampered when Duryodhana crowned him the king of Anga. A true friend is one who tells the truth which may hurt like salt on a wound. Only a sycophant supports knowing very well that what he is supporting for is wrong.

Many in this modern era equate Karna to be a hero as he showed loyalty till the end. But this thought is Abrahamic as the reality in appreciating the friendship between Karna and Duryodhana loses its essence. Karna very well knew that Pandavas were Dharmic and hence the Lord stood behind them.Yet he did not look for the welfare of his friend instead he supported the downfall of his friend.  

Why then did Karna support Duryodhana know well that he was Adharmic???

Karna failed to look at the events in a larger perspective.

What is the larger perspective then???

Karna was bound to loyalty he did not look at what would happen if he supported Kauravas. Had he not supported Duryodhana maybe the war would not have happened in the first place. Karna who was the recipient of the Anga could have persuaded his friend to part with the mere five villages that Krishna asked for when the Lord made the last attempt to avoid war. As a friend Karna failed to put sense into Duryodhana as he felt it was more important to cosset the ego in the wicked prince. Karna knew that the whole of Kaurava army would be killed in the war yet he never made an attempt to advice his friend what he was doing was wrong.  

Karna had a list of bad experiences like the humiliation at the martial exhibition, curse of Sage Parasurama, getting deceived by Indra which made him go against Dharma. In reality it was the intricate web of Karma which was acting on him as he had asked for it when he was Dambhodabhava in his previous birth. With limited knowledge Karna lacked to perceive his past karma and supported Adharma.

Will karma accept the logic when I say; I had been pick-pocketed so I support those who are pickpocketing……. Just give a thought to it. 

Thursday, March 24, 2016

806. Who is a DhIra???

Sage Valmiki refers to Hanuman as “DhIra” in Srimad Ramayana. When I searched for the English equivalent for this Sanskrit word I could not get one. Valiant was the only English word which was very near to illustrate the word DhIra.
DhIra in English seems to suggest as an adjective to one who is brave, courageous, bold and fearless. In Sanskrit this word can be analysed as “Dhi Sa Ramante itti DhIra” meaning one who is delighted to go with what the Dhi says is DhIra.”

Now what is this Dhi???  
Dhi is the highest power a human being possesses and it has its dwelling in the Ajna Chakra (Pineal Gland). Using of this power is the one which differentiates a human from an animal. An animal in its entire lifespan is after SEED namely Sleep, Eat, Enjoy and Defend. There is one trait in a human which highlights the distinction and that is the use of Dhi, the Intellect. With this ever bright and glowing Dhi Shakti it is possible to discriminate what to do and what not to in accordance with Dharmic sense or if you want me to say in modern language Ethical sense. Hence in Gayatri Mantra we request the Absolute to illuminate our Intellect (Dhiyo Yonah Prachodayat).
When I take up certain task there are two motives in accomplishing that task. One is the benefit I am going to get while the second is the fulfilment of the task itself. My mind is the one which generates the first looking for the benefits behind the task. Intellect always aims at the fulfilment of the task. Mind is propelled by the sense organs and Intellect is guided by the Absolute Consciousness. 
Hanuman had to leap over the sea to reach Lanka. Mainaka, the mountain asked Hanuman to rest on it for a while and then proceed. If Hanuman had considered his comfort as priority which the mind also wanted he would have been delayed in his venture. Hanuman heeded to his intellect and did not rest until he found Maa Sita.

In Kathopanishad Yama tells little Nachiketa that Preyas (Pleasure) and Shreyas (Pleasant) are the split roads one encounters while preforming action. Any task done with Preyas in mind will benefit the individual alone and that is not what a DhIra does DhIra opts for Sreyas with his intellect guiding him to accomplish the task by Dharmic means for well-being of all. Hanuman took the fulfilment of the task as the priority and his own comforts as secondary. Hence Sage Valmiki addressed him as DhIra.   

Further even at a critical moment DhIra does not take refuge of a lie. Come what may he is always truthful hence they say one needs to have courage to talk truth always. Raja Harishchandra was a DhIra. He would never utter a lie even at a life-threatening situation. Nakshartika the appointed due recovery agent of Sage Vishwamitra insists Raja Harishchandra to tell a lie to get out of the mess he and his family is in. A DhIra that Raja Harishchandra was he maintained his vow of speaking truth and endured all the hardship.

Be a DhIra, come what may….. It might not relieve you of hardship but then it reveals who really YOU are….. What say???

Thursday, March 17, 2016

805. Bharat Mata Ki Jai……...

My country is my mother I bow to her till my last breath. My land is the hub of spirituality and it is the very place where the mind of a seeker aspires for the ultimate glory of Divinity. My motherland breeds different cultures and has in her lap the siblings from different race and religion.    
My motherland in the true motherly spirit welcomed those who had the intentions of invading her. From Alexander to the Mughals to the British and Portuguese all of them wanted to capture her by force but she treated even them with the maternal spirit. Yes she has been looted of the material opulence but even today her womb is rich with the spiritual treasure. The threshold to that treasure which is knowledge has been passed on from one generation to the other for more than thousand years.

My motherland is the land of great thinkers and discoverers who provided us the knowledge of the universe and the nature. They never cared for personal comforts but their only aim was to serve humanity. World’s first university came up in Takshila around 700 B.C. Sanskrit was the medium of communication and many languages in India and Europe has its origin from Sanskrit. Sage Sushrutha in 600 B.C was considered father of surgery and Ayurveda was the oldest school of medicine. Sage Bhaskaracharya calculated the time taken by the earth to orbit the sun. Baudhayana calculated the value of “pi”, invention of “zero” and “infinity” is credited to Aryabhatta, theory of relativity was well known to our ancient philosophers. These tireless works has never stopped and is still going on to upgrade the level of living standards of the society. 

My motherland has always provided in abundance for those who have come to her with either spiritual thirst or for want of academic knowledge or to learn arts and music. The culture and tradition which has its roots in “Sanatana Dharma” and passed on from generation has not been able to get diluted. Despite many attempts to distort it by many since ages and by some even today it is not been possible. The reason being that what my motherland is advocating is not only Satyam (Truth) but Ritam (Absolute Truth). 
My motherland is “Land of Disparity” one can find a richest man and the poorest people, most educated as well as illiterate, the most powerful and also the oppressed, the orthodox as well as liberal, the piously religious and the atheists, the skyscrapers and slums, corrupt and the compassionate. With such disparity we her kid lived united in the past and will still live united in future. Even though a few of us have fallen prey to the divide and rule policy induced by the British we stand united. This attitude of every Indian is the reason from some to have sleepless nights, they want to divide us by using weapons called “Free Speech, Dissent and Intolerance.”         

I will be true and worthy son of Bharat Mata only when I uphold the dignity and honour of my puniya bhoomi Bharat Mata. I am proud of her and hence I say aloud “Bharat Mata Ki Jai.”

Anyone with me??? 

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

804. Being Honest in Corrupt situation……Hurts!

“A person should not be too honest. Straight trees are cut first and honest people are victimized first” says Chanakya, the adviser and prime minister of Emperor Chandragupta of the Maurya dynasty.

Looking at the quote by the wise man one could decide that honesty doesn't pay and conclude being crooked is the order of the day. Now was the wise man wrong in saying so then??? No, honesty is the trait which never loses its glitter. Chanakya had a bad time when he was under King Nanda whom he overthrew and made Chandragupta the new king. Maybe it was that experience which made Chanakya to quote so.

Our National motto is “Satyameva Jayate” meaning “Truth alone Triumphs.” Being Honest is complete truthfulness to oneself and not to deceive others. Honest and too honest are two different things. Honest person is pure in his actions at the same time he is also alert, while too honest person though pure in his actions he is not alert. Being too honest invites other to take him for a ride. So the best way to deal with corrupt is by not being too honest with them.This is a strategy to deal with corrupts as they are large in number. 

At the Great War of Kurukshetra, Shri Krishna shuns being too honest when it became too difficult to win over mighty Dronacharya. He dealt with it very tactfully by making Yudhishthira utter half lie.  When Dronacharya asked Yudhishthira if Aswatthama was killed, Yudhishthira confirmed it. Drona meant Aswatthama, his son; in fact, it was an elephant named Aswatthama which had been killed by his brother Bhima, to which Yudhishthira was mentioning. Yudhishthira distinctly said that Aswatthama was dead, adding indistinctly the word elephant before the name Ashwatthama. Weakened by the thought of his son’s death, Drona lost the will to fight and drops his ammunition. Seizing that opportunity Dhrishtadyumna attacks Drona to finish him. 

Even so while at incognito in the palace of Virata, Draupadi dons the role of governess to queen Sudeshna. Kichaka, the queens lustful brother gets infatuated to the beauty of Draupadi and desire for her. Unable to stop his advances Draupadi informs Bhima who assumed the role of cook at the palace. Bhima asks Draupadi to invite Kichaka to a specified place for a secret meeting at night. Draupadi does so and at the specified place, Kichaka finds a woman sleeping on a cot. Kichaka quickly moves towards the cot and tries to hug the sleeping women thinking it was Draupadi. Bhima in the guise of the sleeping women crushes Kichaka to death.

Honesty is not its own reward. It is just one aspect of living with integrity and kindness. One has to live an honest life and at the same time should not let anyone take advantage of that honesty……. Am I right??? 

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

803. Agami Karma, the current affairs…..!

Karma Siddantha basically talks of three types of Karmas. Sanchita, Prarabdha and Agami Karmas. 

Sanchita Karma is the sum of all the total fruits (Good & Bad) obtained during the past many births. Prarabdha Karmas are Karma Phalas (Rewards) that are allotted to us for the present life which may be good or bad (enjoyable or sufferings). Agami Karmas are deeds that are to be performed during the course of this life time by an individual, be it good deeds or bad deeds or a mix of both which gets accumulated in Sanchita.

Off the three an individual has no hold on the first two namely Sanchita and Prarabdha, while Agami is in his hands alone. We say everything is destined and this is most misunderstood. True everything is destined but what is that which is destined has to be understood. The end result is destined but how and who does it is not. 

If we contemplate on the 11 chapter of Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna while displaying His Cosmic manifestation reveals to Arjuna the decimation of Kauravas. Arjuna sees Dhrona, Bhishma, Jayadratha, Karna going inside Lords fiery mouth. When Arjuna was reluctant to fight in the war, Lord Krishna tells him the fate of the war is destined and they will die but who will defeat them is the question? Lord suggests Arjuna to be the one and enjoy the fame and glory though all those warriors have already been awarded death by Him according to their Prarabdha Karma.

Now most important thing is can anyone kill and point it towards Prarabdha Karma? No. An analogy will help understand better: Mahatma Gandhi was shot. It was decided at the time of his birth (though no one would ever know before the event happen) that Mahatma Gandhi would live for 78 years and would be shot at on January 30, 1948 at 5.17 pm to bring an end to his life this was his Prarabdha Karma.

But was it the Prarabdha Karma of Nathuram Godse to shoot at Mahatma Gandhi is the question?

NO, it is not the Prarabdha Karma but it is his Agami Karma, How will it be Agami Karma?

Mahatma Gandhi would be shot at on the particular time is the event to happen according to destiny but who would do it or press the trigger is the act of anyone. Nathuram Godse took the initiative and he was very well aware of what he was supposed to be doing and the consequences. This makes his act a pure Agami Karma. The Agami Karma in him (Nathuram Godse) was triggered by the three gunas at the time of the event. Prarabdha is what is already destined but Agami is designed by us.

Agami Karma invites Good (Punya), Bad (Papa) or Mixed (Mistra) results. Is this result necessary? What is the yield of Good, Bad or Mixed results? The yield of these Results is that the individual has to take a birth to enjoy them and again do the same thing that he is been doing in this life. Hence this cycle is called Samsara, that thing we do without a stop.

Where is a STOP for this?

The stop is definitely in the Agami Karma. If we decide not to do what yield Bad Karma and Mistra Karma. What about the Good (Punya) Karma Phala, It can be made not to get attached us by simple ignoring it.

How can we ignore the Punya Karma Phala? simple we can easily channelize whatever good we do to at the lotus feet of the Lord, the Supreme.

This body of ours is used by Him to do things in society like thriving for the welfare of the society. Hence we can say “Na Aham Kartha Hari Kartha” and endorse our non doership.