Tuesday, March 29, 2016

808. Everything cannot be dubbed as Superstition…!

A matter on why one should not clip nails or cut hair on Tuesdays came up. For some it is superstition while some rationalists make it a point to clip nails and cut hair on Tuesdays to prove that nothing happens. Well it is all what one believe in and one should never impose the beliefs on other too.

Is there any scientific reason why one should not clip nails on that particular day is the question. We all know that planets have a subtle influence on our body. Though the western world did not accept it earlier they now seem to show interest on this now.

Just as Surya (Sun) has its effect on our skin and eyes and Chandra (Moon) on our mind, Mangala (Mars) has its effect on the nerve ends and nerve tips pertaining to the nails and hair. Hence it was not advised to clip nails and hair on Tuesdays.

Now what is the proof that Mars has the effect on our nails and hair???

Sometimes subtle matters do not offer proof which the science asks; it can be comprehended on observation. In 1970's and 80's western world laughed at us when our ancients told that moon has its effect on our mind. They dubbed it as superstition even though ironically they called a mentally disturbed person “Lunatic.”

What does Lunatic mean?

This word comes from the Latin “Luna” meaning moon. The Lunar phase has an impact not only on oceans, but also on the human body which has 70-80% water. Amazingly without knowing the word the westerns rubbished our ancient explanation. As the days passed they now start to believe that there is indeed some connection between Moon and Mind. In future someday they will come to understand about the influence of all the planets which our ancients have already pointed and which Medical Astrology accepts. The influence of planets on parts of our body is as follows:
Surya (Sun) - Heart, Eyes and Skin.

Chandra (Moon) - Mind, Hormones and Womb.

Mangala (Mars) - Nail, Hair and Arteries.

Budha (Mercury) - Brain, Nerves and Thyroid.

Guru (Jupiter) - Liver, Legs and Pituitary.

Shukra (Venus) - Kidneys, Digestion and Reproduction.

Shani (Saturn) – Spleen, Veins and Bones.

Now coming back to the point on whether one should not clip nails and cut hairs on Tuesdays? Though the effect of Moon in Lunar phase is on all of us, we all do not exhibit instability in mind. likewise the influence of Mars on Tuesdays could be only on some percentage of the human race but why take risk it is better if avoided as we do have the other days too to clip nails. In case of an emergency like a doctor who need to operate and has to clip nails to maintain hygiene in the OT, then the effect of Mars seems to be too little when comparing to saving someone's life. 

Once it so happened that on an independence day a politician unfurled the National Flag and the Anthem started. The dictum is that one has to stand in attention while the National Anthem is played. The police personal who was standing in front of him had sunstroke and tumbled. This politician who was saluting the flag rushed to help him. Here the respect to the National Flag and the Anthem became secondary his primary duty was to help the man in discomfort. 

It is pure wisdom to analyse the situation and not to stick on to the dictum. And so also it would be foolishness to dub everything as superstition instead of looking for the science behind it……What say???

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