Thursday, March 24, 2016

806. Who is a DhIra???

Sage Valmiki refers to Hanuman as “DhIra” in Srimad Ramayana. When I searched for the English equivalent for this Sanskrit word I could not get one. Valiant was the only English word which was very near to illustrate the word DhIra.
DhIra in English seems to suggest as an adjective to one who is brave, courageous, bold and fearless. In Sanskrit this word can be analysed as “Dhi Sa Ramante itti DhIra” meaning one who is delighted to go with what the Dhi says is DhIra.”

Now what is this Dhi???  
Dhi is the highest power a human being possesses and it has its dwelling in the Ajna Chakra (Pineal Gland). Using of this power is the one which differentiates a human from an animal. An animal in its entire lifespan is after SEED namely Sleep, Eat, Enjoy and Defend. There is one trait in a human which highlights the distinction and that is the use of Dhi, the Intellect. With this ever bright and glowing Dhi Shakti it is possible to discriminate what to do and what not to in accordance with Dharmic sense or if you want me to say in modern language Ethical sense. Hence in Gayatri Mantra we request the Absolute to illuminate our Intellect (Dhiyo Yonah Prachodayat).
When I take up certain task there are two motives in accomplishing that task. One is the benefit I am going to get while the second is the fulfilment of the task itself. My mind is the one which generates the first looking for the benefits behind the task. Intellect always aims at the fulfilment of the task. Mind is propelled by the sense organs and Intellect is guided by the Absolute Consciousness. 
Hanuman had to leap over the sea to reach Lanka. Mainaka, the mountain asked Hanuman to rest on it for a while and then proceed. If Hanuman had considered his comfort as priority which the mind also wanted he would have been delayed in his venture. Hanuman heeded to his intellect and did not rest until he found Maa Sita.

In Kathopanishad Yama tells little Nachiketa that Preyas (Pleasure) and Shreyas (Pleasant) are the split roads one encounters while preforming action. Any task done with Preyas in mind will benefit the individual alone and that is not what a DhIra does DhIra opts for Sreyas with his intellect guiding him to accomplish the task by Dharmic means for well-being of all. Hanuman took the fulfilment of the task as the priority and his own comforts as secondary. Hence Sage Valmiki addressed him as DhIra.   

Further even at a critical moment DhIra does not take refuge of a lie. Come what may he is always truthful hence they say one needs to have courage to talk truth always. Raja Harishchandra was a DhIra. He would never utter a lie even at a life-threatening situation. Nakshartika the appointed due recovery agent of Sage Vishwamitra insists Raja Harishchandra to tell a lie to get out of the mess he and his family is in. A DhIra that Raja Harishchandra was he maintained his vow of speaking truth and endured all the hardship.

Be a DhIra, come what may….. It might not relieve you of hardship but then it reveals who really YOU are….. What say???

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