Tuesday, March 1, 2016

803. Agami Karma, the current affairs…..!

Karma Siddantha basically talks of three types of Karmas. Sanchita, Prarabdha and Agami Karmas. 

Sanchita Karma is the sum of all the total fruits (Good & Bad) obtained during the past many births. Prarabdha Karmas are Karma Phalas (Rewards) that are allotted to us for the present life which may be good or bad (enjoyable or sufferings). Agami Karmas are deeds that are to be performed during the course of this life time by an individual, be it good deeds or bad deeds or a mix of both which gets accumulated in Sanchita.

Off the three an individual has no hold on the first two namely Sanchita and Prarabdha, while Agami is in his hands alone. We say everything is destined and this is most misunderstood. True everything is destined but what is that which is destined has to be understood. The end result is destined but how and who does it is not. 

If we contemplate on the 11 chapter of Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna while displaying His Cosmic manifestation reveals to Arjuna the decimation of Kauravas. Arjuna sees Dhrona, Bhishma, Jayadratha, Karna going inside Lords fiery mouth. When Arjuna was reluctant to fight in the war, Lord Krishna tells him the fate of the war is destined and they will die but who will defeat them is the question? Lord suggests Arjuna to be the one and enjoy the fame and glory though all those warriors have already been awarded death by Him according to their Prarabdha Karma.

Now most important thing is can anyone kill and point it towards Prarabdha Karma? No. An analogy will help understand better: Mahatma Gandhi was shot. It was decided at the time of his birth (though no one would ever know before the event happen) that Mahatma Gandhi would live for 78 years and would be shot at on January 30, 1948 at 5.17 pm to bring an end to his life this was his Prarabdha Karma.

But was it the Prarabdha Karma of Nathuram Godse to shoot at Mahatma Gandhi is the question?

NO, it is not the Prarabdha Karma but it is his Agami Karma, How will it be Agami Karma?

Mahatma Gandhi would be shot at on the particular time is the event to happen according to destiny but who would do it or press the trigger is the act of anyone. Nathuram Godse took the initiative and he was very well aware of what he was supposed to be doing and the consequences. This makes his act a pure Agami Karma. The Agami Karma in him (Nathuram Godse) was triggered by the three gunas at the time of the event. Prarabdha is what is already destined but Agami is designed by us.

Agami Karma invites Good (Punya), Bad (Papa) or Mixed (Mistra) results. Is this result necessary? What is the yield of Good, Bad or Mixed results? The yield of these Results is that the individual has to take a birth to enjoy them and again do the same thing that he is been doing in this life. Hence this cycle is called Samsara, that thing we do without a stop.

Where is a STOP for this?

The stop is definitely in the Agami Karma. If we decide not to do what yield Bad Karma and Mistra Karma. What about the Good (Punya) Karma Phala, It can be made not to get attached us by simple ignoring it.

How can we ignore the Punya Karma Phala? simple we can easily channelize whatever good we do to at the lotus feet of the Lord, the Supreme.

This body of ours is used by Him to do things in society like thriving for the welfare of the society. Hence we can say “Na Aham Kartha Hari Kartha” and endorse our non doership.

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