Thursday, March 17, 2016

805. Bharat Mata Ki Jai……...

My country is my mother I bow to her till my last breath. My land is the hub of spirituality and it is the very place where the mind of a seeker aspires for the ultimate glory of Divinity. My motherland breeds different cultures and has in her lap the siblings from different race and religion.    
My motherland in the true motherly spirit welcomed those who had the intentions of invading her. From Alexander to the Mughals to the British and Portuguese all of them wanted to capture her by force but she treated even them with the maternal spirit. Yes she has been looted of the material opulence but even today her womb is rich with the spiritual treasure. The threshold to that treasure which is knowledge has been passed on from one generation to the other for more than thousand years.

My motherland is the land of great thinkers and discoverers who provided us the knowledge of the universe and the nature. They never cared for personal comforts but their only aim was to serve humanity. World’s first university came up in Takshila around 700 B.C. Sanskrit was the medium of communication and many languages in India and Europe has its origin from Sanskrit. Sage Sushrutha in 600 B.C was considered father of surgery and Ayurveda was the oldest school of medicine. Sage Bhaskaracharya calculated the time taken by the earth to orbit the sun. Baudhayana calculated the value of “pi”, invention of “zero” and “infinity” is credited to Aryabhatta, theory of relativity was well known to our ancient philosophers. These tireless works has never stopped and is still going on to upgrade the level of living standards of the society. 

My motherland has always provided in abundance for those who have come to her with either spiritual thirst or for want of academic knowledge or to learn arts and music. The culture and tradition which has its roots in “Sanatana Dharma” and passed on from generation has not been able to get diluted. Despite many attempts to distort it by many since ages and by some even today it is not been possible. The reason being that what my motherland is advocating is not only Satyam (Truth) but Ritam (Absolute Truth). 
My motherland is “Land of Disparity” one can find a richest man and the poorest people, most educated as well as illiterate, the most powerful and also the oppressed, the orthodox as well as liberal, the piously religious and the atheists, the skyscrapers and slums, corrupt and the compassionate. With such disparity we her kid lived united in the past and will still live united in future. Even though a few of us have fallen prey to the divide and rule policy induced by the British we stand united. This attitude of every Indian is the reason from some to have sleepless nights, they want to divide us by using weapons called “Free Speech, Dissent and Intolerance.”         

I will be true and worthy son of Bharat Mata only when I uphold the dignity and honour of my puniya bhoomi Bharat Mata. I am proud of her and hence I say aloud “Bharat Mata Ki Jai.”

Anyone with me??? 

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