Tuesday, December 30, 2014

636. Physical health or Mental health?


Our body and mind is concept of a single system. The health of both is unquestionably vital to lead a happy life. We can compare our body to a vehicle. Let us suppose we are planning to go on a weekend picnic say 250 kms in a vehicle, don’t we check the air pressure, radiator coolant, make sure we have stepney tyre? Only if these precautions are taken our journey is smooth, likewise in the journey of life our body has to be taken care to complete the journey without any hassles.

As the vehicle is important to the journey so also the driver is important. With all the precautions of the vehicle are taken care, it is important that the driver should be stable to drive. If the vehicle is the body the mind is its driver. In fact the amazing design of the providence is that the mind is sent along with the body. The driver comes with the vehicle we have to cope with the driver not for just one destination but our entire journey of life there is no option to change the driver. 

We look after our body so well but have not thought that it is mental health that is as important as the physical health. We have seen many people who in spite of their physical deformity have excelled in doing unimaginable achievements. It is not the physical well-being alone but it is mental willingness that creates unimaginable events.

Here are some of the tips to keep Mind Healthy: 

Not to entertain unwanted thoughts.

Not to compare ourselves with others. 

To mind our own business.  

To be contented with what we have. 

Have harmony in our thought, word and deed. 

Learn to accept gain/loss, praise/blame in equanimity. 

How can a seeker be mentally and physically fit?

When he treads the path of Spirituality the seeker is in the brim of both Mental and Physical Health. With both Mental and Physcial Health in balance it is easy to sit in the Seat of Silence..................am i right?????

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