Wednesday, December 4, 2013

283. Success has many Fathers while Failure has None….

One day creator of this universe which includes living and non living creatures was having a stroll. He found a grain of rice at his feet. He lifted it from the ground and holding it between his fingers he asked it, “Do you know who is responsible for the fulfillment of your existence?”

Immediately a grain appeared from nowhere claiming responsibility saying it was the mother grain. It argued that without the mother seed, this grain which the creator was now holding could have existed at all. It seems to be logical.

When the creator was thinking about the claims made by the mother seed, the soil appeared to claim responsibility. Its version was without the mother seed coming in contact with fertile soil the seed cannot germinate. And the grain which was in the possession of the creator would not have existed. before the soil could end its statement there was another to claim the responsibility. 

The sunlight claimed responsibility for the grain, as without sunlight the seed put in the soil could not sprout and without photosynthesis the plant would not grow. 

Finally rain also claimed responsibility as unless there was the timely and adequate rain, nothing can grow even if the soil was fertile and there was sufficient sunshine.

Hearing all of them the creator said “Everyone is crucial for the existence of the grain, but only one is critical: it is the Farmer. 

It is the farmer who makes an ordinary plant a valued crop. Without him, rice would have been just been another weed in the wild forest. It got its fulfillment of existence through him. It is going to satisfy the hunger of individuals. But the farmer should never forget the other factors too.”

As in this allegory for a venture in the business to be successful though the entrepreneur is critical factor can he alone claim responsibility for success? At the time of investment, no one really knows if the business will be successful. Success is always realized in hindsight. Who takes the credit for the successful business: the entrepreneur, his clients, his customers, his employees, the banker?

It is very difficult to pinpoint a single factor for the success in a venture. But ultimately, everything depends on the entrepreneur who took the initiative to transform an idea he had into reality. Had he not had the idea and will to transform it into reality, had he not overcome his initial troubles, the enterprise would never take shape. But he should never forget the other factors too like the farmer ………Right?????


  1. very well said.For failure, any where any small improper thing takes place everything crumbles down..But for success one depends on many things,starting from the birth,to the society.The sad thing is a normal human thinks the opposite .Success ,he, attributes to himself and failure to someone.!!!

    1. It is natural to take credit of the success and blame others for failure ...but it is maturity to understand that for a venture to be successful there are lots of known and unknown hands and for a failure it cannot happen with one part of our involvement as well..... Thank you Kalavathi ji :):):):):):):):):):)