Saturday, December 28, 2013

343. Proper manifestation of Divine Energy through my Power of Will….

Science of breathing in spiritual sense is energy infused in me every time I inhale which makes me feel rejuvenated while every outgoing breath impart wisdom as every incident teaches me something about life. Day in and day out every time I inhale and exhale there is energy and wisdom continuous flow. Every single moment I am manifested as both thought & energy dancing in my inner space to validate my existence.

Prana Shakti in me is the force that drives me to be active. It is the one which make my Trigunas (Three Traits) active which would otherwise be dormant. I get this Prana Shakthi as I breathe, what do I breathe? Nothing other than Divinity? Prana Shakti is all-permeating, omnipresent which was is and will be there because the manifestation of Divinity is through this vital force.

It is this vital force within me that which when given a chance will manifest itself so that it will benefit me as well as my environment. When the summer arrives I would always think of water melon creeper which bears fruit at the right time to quench the thirst of people. It is after all a seed which is sown and the fruit is harvested. If the plant which has only the vital force called Prana and no mind and intellect can do wonders at the time when the sun is scorching, what should my existence as a human be?

Prana Shakti that manifest as the driving force in me can bring in a good deed or bad deed using the same energy, it is a matter how I use the energy. If I take up a destructive course of action I may end up squandering the energy I received instead if I take up a constructive course I will have used the energy wisely. The energy in me is neutral it does not have the adjectives of good or bad it is the outcome after using that energy which is branded as good or bad.

The analogy of the ink in the ink pot could be apt here. Until the ink is in the ink pot the article that is to appear on the paper cannot be rated as good or bad. It is only after it has been used up for articulating the write up do the critics rate the article. It is the ink which is in the pot that is energy which is used by the author; he can use it to write a horrible gossip or a masterpiece.

When there is a greater harmony within me I am able to bring the Trigunas (Three Traits) into a greater state of balance, and this is done by my Iccha Shakti. While Prana Shakti is vital force Iccha Shakti is my will power. Prana Shakti is the fuel for my thought and in every endeavor be it physical, mental or intellectual it is the support, it is important for me to make a perfect use of it by my Ichha Shakti………….. Isn’t it????


  1. This body mind synthesis which is Blessed by the the maintained by the Pranashakthi.Pranashakthi means in simple words our breath.we breath air in and out. strangly That is our main energy.with this energy we are to be sustained and are supposed to do actions whether good or bad actions.Here comes another shakthi which is supplied by our mind.,called Icchashakthi.This is to decide whether to do good or bad actions.So The Wise have advised us to use it properly and use it for our good and the humanity.Good actions result in good and baddeeds give bad results.vry nice manoj

  2. Yes, it is!

    @kalavathi sonthi

    Advice taken.