Saturday, December 21, 2013

310. Sharing Knowledge is a way of Philanthropy & Spirituality!!!

There was a temple in a city where the local residents would gather every evening to discuss and share the points on way of life. There were people of different age groups. Some were retired, some were middle aged, while some were young college going also. They would all spend a few hours in the discussion and gather important points to lead a harmonious life.

This is how one particular dialogue went on:

Young Man : Isn’t Knowledge precious and needed to be given to one who is eligible for?

Elderly Person : Yes knowledge is precious. And only those who eligible absorb it, while other who forced upon to, will just listen.

Young Man : Is it not better if knowledge is not splattered around instead a price tag attached to it so that the uninterested is filtered out???

Elderly Person : No, knowledge should not be sold it has to be shared. Hence those who impart knowledge fall under “Ayacita Varga” meaning non-expecting category. They felt that they are sharing thoughts which are not their own. But the recipient of those thoughts would out of gratitude give the person who shares knowledge something for his and his family’s sustenance. This is how “Guru Dakshina” concept surfaced. Guru does not ask of it but Shishya gives it voluntarily.

Young Man : What about the infrastructure to impart knowledge???

Elderly Person : Yes, in those days the infrastructure was just a Vata Vriksha (Banyan Tree) now it is so sophisticated that the places of learning looks more like a resort than a school. You pay more donation and you get to learn more is an illusion that many of us are falling for. Education is no more a philanthropy it is now pure business. A true human give whatever he knows without making it a source for his income. For such a person it is natural to give what he has and this I learnt when I was young. I hated mangoes I would get rattled when the mango season was near as there were houseflies everywhere I would get irritated. Once I became too wild that I put the whole mango which my mother gave to eat in a pit and buried it. I had so much haltered I wished it would not yield fruit anymore. But now it stands tall yielding at least 200-300 fruits every year. I learnt from the tree that I need to give what I have even if someone is against my doing so.    

Young Man : But some say sharing knowledge is like a fisherman selling fish to another fisherman?

Elderly Person : The word “selling” is not correct in the first place. More over fish is the staple food of the fishermen tribe. The fishermen who venture into the ocean do not catch the same variety of fish. Therefore there is no harm in sharing or exchanging the catch among their tribe. In similar lines anyone can have a thought which he has not inherited but has just picked it up from cosmic consciousness, so it better for him to share. The more one shares it the more he receives it.

Young Man : Share knowledge and do what???

Elderly Person : Sharing knowledge is not for boasting about the knowledge known but to get the feel of the known knowledge. When I know something that is just Jnana (Cognizance) when I experience that I get Anubhava (Fruition) but I should not stop there, I need to comprehend Anubhuti (Realization) from that Anubhava (Fruition). To achieve that Anubhuti (Realization) sharing what is known is the ultimate. Sharing Knowledge is both Love of Humanity as well as ladder to Liberty.......!


  1. In olden days the meeting place used to be under the tree and both mundane problems of daily routine and religious advices and even spiritual talks by well read people were conducted.for the welfare of the society.Any type of knowledge was free.Out of gratitude the teachers were offered some donation.once you get the knowledge you have to ponder over it and understand it.That itself is not enough you have to assimilate it and more important is to live it.!!!!Good points.

    1. Thank you Kalavathi ji .....KNOWLEDGE--- Obtain it, Assimilate it, Live it and Share it....