Tuesday, October 21, 2014

584. Vaidhyadeva Sri Dhanvantari....... The Divine Physician.


Sri Dhanvantari is worshiped as God of Medicine and is the guardian deity of nursing homes and hospitals. He is regarded as the exponent of Ayurveda, the traditional Indian medicine. This is a tradition which is accepted as the oldest known medical system of the world.

It is said that He emerged out at the time of Ksheera Samudra Manthana (Churning of the milky ocean) which was jointly done by Devas and Asuras. As an aspect of Maha Vishnu, He appeared with Shankha, Chakra, pot of Amrit (Nector) & Jalooka (leech) in each of his four hands. The leech which is seen in His right hand was used in the past by Vaidhyas (Doctors) to draw out impure blood from the patient’s body which is practiced as leech therapy now.

Leech therapy is a part of Panchkarma, the five states of detoxifying and purifying the body. The leeches are now reared in the lab to be used to cure several other disorders such as Arthritis, Gout, Sciatica, skin diseases such as Eczema, Psoriasis, baldness & hair fall, varicose veins, joint pain after occurring due to Chikungunya, old traumas, and black & blue skin etc.

We believe that the sick are certain to get relief from illness when Dhanvantari is worshiped. He can take care of Tridoshas (Three types of disorders). They are Adhyatmika (Physical Imbalance), Adhibhautika (Genetic Imbalance) and Adhidaivika (Nature Imbalance). 

Diseases belonging to Adhyatmika class are stated to be of Sharirika (Physical) or/and Manasika  (Psychic). 

The disease pertaining to Sharirika (Physical) can be cause by either of these three. Adi-Bala-Pravrtta (Hereditary), Janma-Bala-Pravrtta (Congenial) and Dosha-Bala-Pravrtta (Internal Lapse).

Again Adi-Bala-Pravrtta (Hereditary) disorders are of two types Matrja (Maternal) and Pitrja  (Paternal). PLR (Past Life Regression) therapy can only help us know about it, as far as I understand it has to be experienced, just as we enjoy the ancestral property that come our way. Deva Vidhya Dhanvantri will give strength to endure them.   

Janma-Bala-Pravrtta (Congenital) disorders are also two types, one is due to the vitiated blood and the other caused due to the irregularities in diet during pregnancy by the mother. These are avoidable with precautions and there are remedies for these kind of disorders. 

Dosha-Bala-Pravrtta disorders are produced due to imbalance in three biological energies in our body which are called Dosha namely Vata (Air Element), Pitta (Fire Element) and Kapha (Earth Element) which are metabolic principles. These can be prevented, as we know prevention is better than cure.

Disorders from Adhibhautika are called Sangha-Bala-Pravrtta which are caused due to extrinsic factors such as injury, bites, fire etc.

And in Adhidaivika they are caused by natural forces beyond the control of the mankind. There are of three types Kala-Bala-Pravrtta, Daiva-Bala-Pravrtta and Svabhava-Bala-Pravrtta.

The Kala-Bala-Pravrtta disorders could be caused by seasonal changes. 

While the Daiva-Bala-Pravrtta disorders are caused by natural disasters like floods, earthquake, and volcano. 

And Svabhava-Bala-Pravrtta are due to natural physiological processes like old age, sleep, hunger, thirst etc.

Sri Dhanvantari Deva can cure all the above said disorders hence He is called Bhavaroga Vaidhya (Healer of all Disorders). 

Today is Dhanvantari Jayanthi, on this auspicious day I pray the Lord to confer great heath to one and all….   

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