Wednesday, October 8, 2014

573. Desilt the Muck & clear dry Leaves and Twigs from the Lake..

Every year I and my friends undertake a pilgrimage to the famous temple of Lord Ayyappa at Sabarimala in Pathanamthitta district in Kerala. We leave Bangalore at night in our vehicle and reach Pathanamthitta the next day afternoon. Though we can take bath in River Pampa, we avoid due to extreme rush, and look for the beautiful streams in the rubber plantation. The bath at the oxbow lake formed by the meandering streams in the rubber plantation give a unique experience all together.  

In one such trip we looked at the lake from the vehicle and saw there were no dried leaves and twigs floating on the surface as it would not be conducive to take bath. And in one place we did find a clear surface water body and decided to take a plunge into it but we a few of my friend entered the lake the silt and muck laying dormant got stirred up and the water became dirty and unworthy to take bath. Then we had to travel further to find crystal clear water which was clear on the surface as well as had no sedimentary impurities at the bottom. Those water bodies which has sedimentary impurities at the bottom and dry leaves and twigs on the surface are infested with leeches.  

Maharshi Valmiki after getting the blessings of Sage Narada to write the great epic Srimad Ramayana, sets out to the banks of the Tamasa, near Ganges. As it was time to performing his daily Madhyahna Sandhyavandana which is giving Arghya to Sun at noon, Maharshi Valmiki was in search of a pond or a lake. Looking at the glazing clear beauty of the Tamasa, Valmiki told his disciple, Bharadwaja, that the river was like the mind of a virtuous person (Sanmanushya mano yatha). The water body appeared pure from the dept without silt or muck and also the surface was clear of the dried leaves or the twigs. It was transcendental purity that Valmiki was referring to. With no impurities on the surface or at the bottom the river looked calm like a glittering sheet of glass.

Now there are people who are good natured from inside and have a big heart but talk harsh like the lake with the surface polluted. The mankind will not have the patience to clear the surface and appreciate the clarity in the bottom. As we ignored the water with dried leaves and twigs even without getting down from our vehicle exactly in the same way society will have no patience to look deep into them and hence brand them unfit to befriend. But the water body with clear surface even though it has silt and muck at the bottom, they attract others as they have their surface clear but one gets to know about them only when they indulge with them. A person with sattva guna has the surface as well as the bottom clear from impurities and is welcomed by the society at all times. And there is no fear of getting infested with unwanted thoughts like those leeches in the unclean pond.        

So it is important to be crystal clear both from inside and on the surface and have pleasant words as well. For this, one has to have harmony in thought and word. The one who has harmony in hid thought word and deed is Divine like Maharshi Valmiki who could script the epic of Sriman Narayana.

Today is the appearance day of Maharshi Valmiki, the author of Srimad Ramayana...... I bow to the great Rishi who gave us the enormous knowledge on how one should live life in his epic.

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