Thursday, October 9, 2014

574. Eternal Laws of Cosmos!!!!!!

Of late there is excitement about the subject called “Law of Attraction”. There are many articles written on this subject and it is one of the much read subjects too. Law of Attraction is just one of the other cosmic laws which have been here since a long time. In fact the entire creation is governed by these subtle, eternal laws that exist in the universe. We can feel their presence even though we may not see them, or know about them or understand them. Just like how we understand that anything thrown up in this earth’s atmosphere will come down, we will know the other Cosmic Laws if we contemplate on the causation and go along abiding the Cosmic Laws. If we go against the Cosmic Laws we create chaos. Therefore, it only makes sense to get familiar with some of these laws. When we are aware of inherent nature of these laws it is better for us to understand our lives and also of the others who share this Earth plane along with us. 

Let's understand some:

Dhi Shakti (Divine Energy Flow). 

The Individual Consciousness is always in connection with the Super Consciousness which is the source of Energy in all of us. For the Super Conscious Mind to take the center stage our other two, Conscious and Subconscious mind has to freeze. 

Samruddhi (Prosperity).

Mankind is never contented with what is already there. We have this habit of cribbing for more even though we have had enough. If somebody asks about our welfare we mostly never answer in affirmation. This will continue if we don’t accept what we have as enough. Prosperity is hidden in Contentment.

Sankalpa (Intentions).

Energy always follows intent. Intention and Effort must be aligned in order for Success to manifest. 

Arhati (Deservence).
Desire is limited to a thought process and for that desire to culminate it has to be done either by the word or deed which is in the action realm. A desire though might have unfurled by word or deed may not yield result at the pace we expect. Desire and deservence are not bound to Time, Space and Causation. One may get more than he desires but never get less than he deserves.

Karma Yoga (Action). 
Lord gives us ingredients for making bread; we have to bake it to relish it. And most importantly we must understand that with the ingredients of bread we can never prepare rice pudding.

Shraddha (Faith).
Shraddha is having Faith and it is the quality that gets us close to what we believe. Absence of it or skeptical attitude takes us nowhere and makes us behave like an animal.

Saburi (Patience).
Patience is the companion to wisdom and is our passions restrained. It is waiting for the right thing to happen at the right time even though we put our maximum efforts. The key to everything is patience. 

Chittadhaaraa (Flow of Thoughts).
Our thoughts are what will manifest. When our thoughts are negative, things ought to go negative. When we expect and believe positive to happen, though it may or may not yield as we expected still our thoughts are not jumbled in anxiety.

Punarjanma (Rebirth).
Individual Consciousness (Jivatma) if not annihilated in this lifespan incarnates in several life forms thereafter. The Individual Consciousness houses the unfulfilled desires and untold ambitions which it need to experienced. 

Karma Phala (Fruit of Action).
As we sow, so we reap. Nothing happens by chance or by coincidence. Every cause has an effect and every effect will have a cause. Conducive effects are got from good karmas and adverse effects from bad karmas. Our personal life gets influenced by mainly our individual karma, while the society gets affected due to group Karma. 

Pragati  (Progress).
Every action we undertake adds to our experience and it is this experience that leads us to the destination. There is no pace limit in it everyone will reach the destination someday without fail. Some early some late but none are stuck.

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