Tuesday, October 7, 2014

572. Science & Spirituality has to go together to explore Truth...


In the late eighties and early nineties the western world considered SCIENCE to be more practical and SPIRITUALITY which was more practiced in eastern countries as hypothetical. As time passed people in the west started to sense that spirituality is no more hypothetical but as practical as science. 

Many philosophers in the west as well as east have dedicated their entire life to point out the similarities between scientific research and spiritual scriptures. They have concluded that science and spirituality are in search of the same Truth, while one is the searching in physical world the other in the nature of Consciousness. 

Science and Spirituality are not in conflict but they are trying to explain the same Reality in different dimension. In fact they complement each other and have to be considered as the two wings which help us to fly, in other words for us to exist.

The bridge between Science and Spirituality are converging into a new revelation. A few years ago quantum science established clearly that our physical reality cannot be separated from our conscious awareness of it. Quantum science accepts that there is an omnipresent energy field that permeates the entire universe and calls it the Zero Point Field and points out that from this energy field sub atomic particles jump in and out of existence all the time. This Zero Point Field was known as “Akashic Field” to the ancient philosophers. Recent scientific discoveries have inspired scientists now to merge contemporary science with ancient spiritual wisdom.

While Spirituality is a study that is associated with modifications and changes that take place both at gross and subtle levels, Science concentrates more on effect of subtle nature of the matter that is realized or felt during experiments. When two portions of Hydrogen are mixed with one portion of Oxygen (H2O) water is got, both these gases are subtle in nature, but the end result water is gross. Such experiments are not possible in Spirituality because it progresses from gross to subtle, subtler, and subtlest. Spirituality is a subject that depends on metaphysics and psychology. Metaphysics is the philosophical investigation of being and knowing, by the study of mind.

Science works on tangible facts, matter through logical inference of empirical evidence whereas Spirituality seeks to go beyond the matter and reach higher levels of mind. Science is as yet unable to affirm any phenomenon which is not susceptible to logic and mathematical exactitude. Its tools are sense perceptions including the mind. Spirituality seeks to transcend sense perceptions and even mind and largely relies on intuition.

Emotions stems out of Spirituality and respond to unconditional love for divine, unfortunately science using all its laboratory apparatus cannot differentiate between the tears of ecstasy and tears of anguish, the only difference is the emotions which science lack to recognize. Science presupposes that man can know and understand the Truth with the help of senses and the mind. It does not question the motive of the mind in its search. In Spirituality, the investigating mind itself becomes a matter of investigation. This investigation leads to the point of fundamental confrontation between known and unknown......Right?


  1. sir body of yogi is also a lab from inner side.when a yogi meditate on centers or chakra then his five elements are regulated by 6th center.And in this process whole reactions are processed in body because yoga deals with all the three level.this is certified by vedas because they are based on sound technology.

  2. Uncanny, I just wrote about how the double slit experiments and the God particle are in line with our conscious change, it all comes from the same source.