Monday, October 27, 2014

590. Deepavali Sparkles Sticks and Illusion…..

Last week was full of fun on the streets of Bengaluru with kids and grown ups celebrating the Deepavali, the Festival of Lights. I stood watching the kids in my lane as they lit the Sparkle Sticks, Sursurbati as we call in Kannada. One young boy started to swirl the lit Sparkle Stick in circles. He did it so fast that a yellow glowing circle started to appear. As I looked at the glowing yellow circle I was mesmerized to believe that there was indeed a circle of fire and through that circle of fire I was able to see the boy. 

Was there really a glowing yellow circle of fire???
As the boy moved the Sparkle Stick rapidly in circles there was a pattern of glowing yellow circle. Now, this particular glowing yellow circle does not exist by itself, but it did appear to be present. The glowing yellow circle is not different from the lit Sparkle Stick since the lit Sparkle Stick is the material as well as the efficient cause for the glowing yellow circle to appear, but yet it is different because the Sparkle Stick is not the glowing yellow circle. The yellow glowing circle appears due to the rapid movement of the Sparkle Stick which projects the glowing yellow circle, which is only of apparent reality based on the Sparkle Stick as a substratum.

When the young boy stopped the rapid movement the glowing yellow circle of fire ceased to exist. Without the rapid circular movement of the lit Sparkle Stick there is no glowing yellow circle. After seeing this I could realize that in the similar manner Brahman is the material and efficient cause for the world to appear, but Brahman is not the way the world that I perceive. Just as the rapid swirling movement created the glowing yellow circle of fire this world too appears due to Maya, the power of the real substratum of Brahman. This Maya makes Brahman appear as the world. The world which I experience outside me is therefore Mithya (Illusion). What remains to be a Reality like the lit Sparkle Stick is Brahman, the one without a second.

This incident gave me a good thought on how I could realize the intricate bond between Mityatva (Delusion) and Satya (Reality). I enjoyed that glowing yellow circle which was an abstract reality till that young boy was making that rapid circular movement with that lit Sparkle Stick. I enjoy this world around me till the inward and outward circular movement of my breath…

Just felt like sharing this with you all…. Life has a lot to teach…..Isn't it???? 

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