Friday, October 3, 2014

570. Ayudha Puja at our Factory ……!

Maha Navami in Navratri is an occasion to pay our gratitude to all the instruments we used in our daily life. Ayudha does not only mean weapons they also include articles which we use like our vehicles, computers, and mobile phones. Every human earns his livelihood depending on the tools. It could be a pen or airplane, a sickle or a tractor whatever it may be this is the day to pay gratitude. It is these instrument which help him in his venture. Farmers offer their gratefulness to those articles which they use in farming. Earlier when my country was ruled by Emperors and Kings they too worship their Astras (weapons) used in the warfare.

Pandavas lost their kingdom in the game of dice and were asked to live in forest for 12 years and one more year in incognito. There was a condition that if Kauravas were able to recognize them while in incognito they had to repeat the stay in the forest for another 12 years. After completing the 12 years in forest Pandavas were worried about the safeguard of their powerful weapons which included Gandiva, the bow of Arjuna got from Agnideva. They could not trust anyone to keep it safe and so had to hide the weapons in such a way that they do not fall into the wrong hands.

They finally concluded to hide the weapons on a Shami tree, Prosopis spicigera or Khejri vriksh. They concealed the weapons and prayed to the tree. The weapons so hid would appear as dead corpse to anyone who looked at them. After spending one year in incognito Pandavas worshipped the tree and got back the weapons. Hence it has become a tradition to offer respect to the Shami tree on Ayudha puja day.

Every year we celebrate Ayudha puja at our factory, on the eve of the puja we clean the factory. The main purpose of performing Ayudha puja is to clean and maintain the machinery, vehicles and tools so that it will work properly without trouble the entire year. We invite our clients, suppliers, vendors, loaders and transporters distribute puffed rice and sweets to them and build healthy and cordial relationship. This is an opportunity to be grateful to all those who have made it possible for us to see that we do not disappoint our schedule in supplying our products to our clients. It is also time to recognise the workmanship of the staff at our factory and award them bonus and share sweets with them. After all the factory operates without any hiccups because of them. It is due to their efforts that we are able to cater to our clients and honour our commitments……

My country, its culture and traditions are great …… I hope all of you agree with me?????     

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