Monday, September 14, 2015

748. Money minded or Mission minded???

In age old days any help done to another person would be compensated with the equal amount of value in terms of money or any other things. The word used for this transaction was “Sambhavana” there are two words here Sama (Equal) and Bhavana (Reflection). A person who has benefited from the other was reciprocating with an equal amount of responsibility to see that the even that person has to progress. Though the thought of expecting anything in return was never an objective to do things from which the society would thrive upon. It was not on the line of monetary gain that a person would look at doing things. The only objective was that he had to be of use to society and he would strictly believe in the statement of the Sanskrit poet Bhasa “Paropakaram Idam Sariram” (This body is meant to serve others).

Last month when we recruited a few for our factory, the first information the boys wanted to know was about how much salary they get. Understandably with the standard of living in Bengaluru very expensive it is indeed important to get paid handsomely. But then salary is just a slab or a bench mark one may be worth the pay or even better. The salary expected information in the resume simply shows that the person is money minded not mission minded.
What is the difference between being money minded and mission minded?  

Money minded person looks at what he can get while mission minded person looks at what he can make. Money minded person is unconcerned of whether the work done by him is prolific he is interested only in the amount of money he gets in return. Mission minded person will not rest until the work done by him is beneficial.     

“Money is an adorable and abundant energy. If I have some money only then I can take better care of those who are dependent on me,” say some. And the dependent according to them the dependent are those who rely on them for food cloth and shelter. But then even people who say so are also dependent as a rice sack does not become cooked rice all by itself somebody has to cook. Parents spouse and kids are never dependent as a family we are interdependent. Yes, I do agree that money helps me realize the purpose of my life in a more efficient and powerful manner, but being rich is not the purpose of life. Being rich is not just about having lots of money. It is about being abundant.

Mission minded people do not think of amassing money. They think of helping others and uplifting people in their life journey. In being so they attract lots of money, love, health, success, service, adventure, fun and more. That’s abundance. Having lots of money and doing nothing to others is not abundance. Rich do not take their wealth to the grave. And too much money can distort the view of the world and our place in it.

Thus a poor family with love is better than a rich family which lacks it …………….What say????

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