Tuesday, November 24, 2015

756. I love my Motherland. I live here till I die....

My Motherland a pious land called Bharatavarsha was ruled by Sultans from 1206 AD to 1526 AD. After defeating Ibraham Lodhi of the Lodhi dynasty, Babur established the Mughal Empire in 1526 AD. This Mughal Empire ended officially with Bahadur Shah Zafar in 1857 as a revolt against the East India Company. And in 1947 we got to have independence and had our own constitution.

By the time my Motherland was independent She had seen extreme atrocities and hardships imposed on by rulers on Her inhabitants. Every ruler enforced his own religion which included a particular way of living and follow the rules of living. Her inhabitants then had the choice of multiple faiths and the philosophies. Although subjected to diversity the amazing quality of Her inhabitants in “acceptance” is, was and will be commendable. The strength of my Motherland is in its “acceptance” of anything and everything as a way of life. My Motherland displays a true live and let live society making Her robust.

However, the ancient form of one way to achieve the God set of ways to be accepted as religious, social, cultural rituals that included various laws and eating habits. These new ways of living encouraged a uniquely peculiar ways to convert natives to “new faith” by force or by lure of better life, and even this was accepted with open arms. The inhabitants of my Motherland would not differentiate the Absoulte from the thought of the other who believe. Her inhabitants accepted every name and form a human thought would project about THAT SUPREME ABSOLUTE

Off late few of Her inhabitants and their wives have found that there is “intolerance” and want to leave Her. Those who have felt so could have not noticed what is happening across the world in the name of religion. My Motherland has tolerated many invaders who have looted Her. I am a fractional part of Her inhabitants and feel that there is no other place on this entire earth plane where I can be safe as am here. I have friends from all religion and we share our thoughts. We never have questioned which faith is superior or inferior since we have never compared but related to each other to excel Spiritually.

Yes, I agree the world outside my Motherland is enchanting and I wish to visit Her sisters as a tourist. I as a inhabitant of my Motherland will never wish to leave Her and settle outside how much ever it is enchanting.

Ultimately it is my Motherland which makes me feel a true Bharathvaasi. Every true big hearted inhabitant can feel the same in this land also I know.......



“Lakshmana, even this golden Lanka does not appeal to me; Mother and Motherland are higher than even heaven.”

After the Lanka war Vibhishana requested Sri Rama to stay back in Lanka. Lanka which was called Swarna Lanka and designed by Vishwakarma on the behest of Lord Shiva to gift it to His beloved did not enchant Sri Rama hence He uttered so to His brother Lakshman.

I love my Motherland and live here it I die…….

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