Tuesday, January 18, 2011

8. Mind Control

The mind, (manas) is controlled by intelligence, (buddhi) and has control over our sense organs, (indriyas). If our sense organs are horses of a chariot, the mind is the leash that is held by intelligence, the charioteer. The chariot will move in the right direction only if the charioteer has control over the horses through the leash. The mind is like the supervisor in the factory of life, and directs the sense organs. The mind does a wonderful job of carrying out directions, but it is not supposed to be the key decision-maker in the factory. Key decision making is the job of intelligence. If intelligence is clouded, then the mind has a habit of listening to whoever is speaking the loudest in the factory (Indriyas).

There is conflict between intelligence and mind that is judged by our consciousness. This is never seen in animals. Let us suppose a landlord who happens to leave his house for a few days orders both his housekeeper and the dog not to go out of the house in his absence. Even though both have violated the order, the dog has no inner conflict and sleeps happily, but the housekeeper is sleepless. He feels guilty and is also ticked off for not following orders. The mind should always listen to intelligence and order the sense organs, and then there would be no conflict of mind and intelligence. When we say we have a disturbed mind then we have done something that our intelligence does not want us to do.

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