Tuesday, April 26, 2011

31. Democracy or Monarchy which is better????

Monarchy is a form of government in which supreme power is held by an individual, who is the head of state; normally he is called as King. His son becomes the king of the state after his death or he can put his father in jail and declare himself King. Normally what a King thinks is right will be the correct justice. In monarchy if King is good everything is fine, if King is ruthless everything is worst. Most important point is that in monarchy people can never throw the King from his throne. Generation after generation one family rules the kingdom. In other sense people have limited freedom, if King likes gambling then gambling becomes legal, if he does not like then gambling is banned. Also in monarchy religious leaders, gurus enjoy best life and status, and people have to follow their views, if not there is a death penalty that will be served.

After all these negativity in monarchy we were introduced to Democracy. This democracy is still being amended it has not reach a culminating point where one can say it is perfect. The biggest drawback with the democracy is that it is very slow and negligent form of government, this is reason for people to say without batting an eyelid that they prefer monarchy and those days under Kings was good. Democracy means where a state ruler is chosen by people by way of voting system. There are different types of democracies. But finally people choose the state rulers whatever form of democracy they have. Democracy is the best form of government but it is in an immature toddler stage, it needs intellectual mature growth.

Democracy unlike monarchy lets everyone to express free and fair. This freedom of express has been misused by a few. Today if we see we find it is not democracy but it is just a number game. With the support of some fringe group one can become a leader and get elected. In our country only 40 - 50% know importance of voting. Once we have 100% voting, we will have the best democracy in the world. More the people get educated more progress can be seen. A real democracy is the one when every individual is protected by state for keeping his views and acting against what he feels is not good to his society. Democracy is not the law for the majority or the protection of the minority it a promise to view all in equanimity. Yet we have several parties appeasing communities and a particular section of the society. This is where our democracy is fully defeated. Here we have got nepotism and caste politics. 

But as Mark Twain says "Politicians and Diapers need to be changed often and for the same reason."

Hail Democracy !!!

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