Sunday, April 10, 2011

21. MIND is branded by our BEHAVIOUR.

In our daily life we encounter people with different behaviours some are emotional some practical and some are sensitive. Are these behaviour in us by birth or has it been developed with the events that has happened in the family the circumstances, environment. The answer is No; none of them will influence the behaviour of a person. The spontaneous variations in behaviour may be the result of circumstances but the inbuilt behavioural attitudes are to be analysed and if need be corrected.

A person’s mind is always branded by the way he behaves, we call some emotional or practical or sentimental or sensitive and so on. In fact this behaviour we posses are not permanent though it can be observed that in some circumstances we tend to go according to our behaviour. In the first place as a person looking at another person I have to learn to understand the other person beyond his behavioural attitudes, the beauty of a lotus is felt only if we look beyond the filthy lake isn’t it????

Also as a person we do not set our mind to some particular emotions all the time, because at that time our intellectual part works, for example, however emotional I may be towards God if I receive a banana as “Prasad” I peel off the skin and eat, here the intellect guides me to discard the skin and eat the fruit even though I consider the whole banana is oblation. Likewise we can see a practical person becomes emotional at hospital or at a funeral. And a sensitive person having a good pestering marketing career.

So it all depends on the intellect to correct our behaviour and if we can only listen to it we can lead a better life. Choosing to live a new and different way is a test because it means setting off in a new direction on a road that is unknown - we will not have experienced it ever before, and it takes nerve to start out on that journey. And we find our true nature when we learn to truly nurture our behaviour.

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