Sunday, May 29, 2011

49. Align with Super-conscious Mind and receive Resources.

Super-conscious mind is the cosmic mind. We humans are always connected to it but are unaware of it. Our mind which is developed more on animal instincts and relay on logic and reasoning is Conscious mind. Behind this Conscious mind free from unrest and agitation, there is a Super-conscious mind, the enlightened intellect which is the faculty of Spiritual perception. When the Conscious mind is stilled by discipline with the divine grace and instruction of the Guru, this higher faculty called Super-consciousness can be tapped and used. This Super-conscious mind is infinite, universal, and a very powerful gift to mankind.

All the creative activities are first developed in this Super-conscious mind and used by all great explorers, painters, lyricists, actors, writers, businessmen, scientists, and sculptors on a regularly basis. The Super-conscious mind helps in assisting us for the fulfillment of our goals by provide us the continuous flow of ideas and positive energy. This is called “Dhi Shakthi.” But the catch is that our mind is assisted by this Super-conscious only when we possess a confident and calm mindset. We would have experience that at a time of deep contemplation we get a spark of inspiration or a drive towards the direction of the goal which pushes us to act on it immediately. This is the exact time when our Super-conscious is directing our mind.

Mahatma Gandhi use to say “A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes.” If a person thinks and talks always of what he wants he will definitely achieve it as he is always contemplating it. Here his consciousness is always in connection with the Super-consciousness which will help him achieve it. For the Super-conscious mind to yield results the other two, Conscious and Subconscious mind has to freeze.

Conscious mind is always updated by our Subconscious mind called Chitta which is a bunch of submerged experiences, memories, and unfulfilled ambitions thrown into the cellar room but recoverable. The Subconscious mind is like a calm lake and thoughts are waves upon the surface of this lake that is updating the Conscious mind periodically. The only possible way is to sit in the seat of silence without thoughts and open our mind to receive the “Dhi Shakthi.” The Super-conscious mind is very powerful and is working all the time it is our fortune to tap and utilise it at the time of need.

In the great Gayatri Mantra this "Dhi Shakthi" is that we ask for!!!!


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