Thursday, June 4, 2015

737. There is Noise both in Srotakasa (Outer Space) & Hridayakasa (Inner Space)…….

There is noise which is absorbed by the sense of hearing called ears. That noise is then conveyed to our mind through which we experience it as hearing. This noise is in the space that is audible to others in the vicinity which is called Srotakasa (Outer Space). 

There is another noise which is heard only by our mind, but not heard by our ears, the sense of hearing. That noise is always vibrating and cannot be heard by others. The noise is in the Hridayakasa (Inner Space) and sometimes may cause annoyance. 

Serenity is obtained if the external noise is taken care of, but what can we do to the internal noise???

The noise from the Srotakasa, the outer space can be avoided by either getting away from it or even ignore the noise. The noise of Hridayakasa, the inner space is more problematic than the noise from outside. The simple reason is that one cannot stop getting involved with the noise as it is happening inside the mind. This noise in the inner space when allowed to chatter more and if the involvement to have a dialogue gradually grows then it becomes a stress on mind.

Now can that chattering be stopped? 

The mind is so unpredictable that it is difficult to say when it gets noisy or when it gets calm. No one, not even the enlightened person on this earth has been able to stop the noise in the Hridayakasa. Stopping the noise is equal to saying one can stop the heart beat, but that noise can be reduce. 

Now the question is how to reduce the noise?

The best way to reduce the noise in the Hridayakasa is by allowing the noise to happen withoutappraising or suppressing it. If it is appraised it will continue on the other hand if it is suppressed it will come up with an opposite thought. If not appraise or suppressed that thought loses its identity and will fade away. The noise in Hridayakasa is automatically reduced.

It is quite natural for the mind to have thoughts but it becomes noisy when there are too many of them wanting to air at the same time. 

As it is Mind has a lot of thoughts from the past experiences which always linger. These thoughts suddenly get intensely noisy and it can totally be disturbing those thoughts that are already featuring. Mostly people get scared of this syndrome and wince away from it or try to escape it through some means of addiction and cravings. But those who are willing to stay calm by understanding the ways of the mind, notice that mind is just broadcasting equipment that is transmitting those noisy thoughts and will fade off once it is said it all. The problem is when the mind is given a chance of countering the noisy thought. It is then there are more chances of stress on the mind.

To relieve this stress some opt for pilgrimage but ironically it is the same mind that they carry to the pilgrimage. Hence in most of the cases after visiting the holy place also the stress remains. Pilgrimage is a period where a short time is spent with solitude and it should never be looked as a stressbuster. Pilgrimage gets its fulfillment when there is inner peace. With the inner noise one cannot enjoy even heaven. Now if there is inner peace is there a need to go on pilgrimage some might asks. True, pilgrimage is just to have a change of spiritual scene, as we all know that the Lord whom we think is in a holy place is here too.

Some would like to put the inner noise to mute by pressing the mute button called “Alcohol” which is even more dangerous. Alcohol is depressant which will affect the nerves gradually. Alcohol takes one to a sort of no-mind state for a few hours and there seems to be the forgetfulness of the stress but the stress is always there. All that Alcohol does is puts one in a bad “lapse of judgment” and “awful misreading” of the situation. 

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