Thursday, April 16, 2015

713. Diversity in Devotion: Four Ways of Devotion to Absolute....

Lord Krishna while explaining to Arjuna about various paths for liberation mentions about Bhakti. He elaborates to Arjuna on the four types of devotional service rendered to Him by His devotees: 

First is the one who thinks of Him at the time of distress. He is the Aartha

Second is the one who is worried by the struggle in acquiring power, status, and property. He is the Artha-arthi.

The third is one who yearns for the realization of the Atman, reads the scriptures and sacred texts, moving in the company of spiritualists, and is always motivated by eagerness to reach the lotus feet of the Lord. He is Jijnaasu

The fourth is the Jnani. He is immersed in the Brahmatattva and looks for the Lord in all possible places; he yearns for nothing.

Aartha worships Him only when he is in difficulty. When he prays to Him, the Lord hears and satisfies him only in relation to that particular difficulty.

So too, when the Artha-arthi prays for riches, power or high status, He listens and awards him only the particular thing he craves for and only if he deserves.

The Jijnaasu is blessed with the chance to work without expecting the fruit of action. With a Guru as guide and an intellect that is sharp enough to discriminate between Atma and Anatma he helps himself to achieve his goal.

The Jnani only needs His help to be saved from not been distracted to the worldly pleasures and get deviated from his intentions, so that he is able to concentrate on the single aim of liberation.
The devotion of Gajendra, the elephant that was saved by the Lord from the mouth of the crocodile, was Aartha.

Sudama, Krishna's friend, exchanged beaten rice for richness, displaying Artha-arthi devotion.The devotion of Gora Kumbar, the ardent devotee of Panduranga Vittal was of Jijnaasu, thinking of the Lord always, knowing that He is present to look after his and his family's welfare.

Prahlada was a Jnani who saw the Lord in all things and surrendered himself completely to the Lord.

All the four have their own value and none is inferior or superior. He answers to any type of devotion ….. the only similarity in all the four is they all SURRENDER to Him.

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  1. Wonderful blog post with a critical theme when it comes to those of us who practice devotion. I pray everyday to become more and more surrendered.

    Hare Krishna!

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