Monday, April 20, 2015

716. Akshaya Tritiya: From Yellow Metal to Green Gold…….!!!!

Akshaya is a Sanskrit word which can be roughly translated to English as “Inexhaustible” and Tritiya is the third day of the month. True, Akshaya Tritiya is an auspicious day as it was on the same day about 5000 odd years back King Yudishtrira received Akshaya Patra, a vessel that would give unlimited food from Suryadeva while they were on exile. It was on this very day Bhagavan Vyasadeva started to dictate to Ganesha the great epic Mahabharata. It was this very special day Sudama visited Shri Krishna with a morsel of broken rice to request the Lord for abundance. Holy Ganga touched down on this earth plane on this auspicious day. Sri Sri Shankara composed Kanakadhara Stotra on this very day.  

Those events in the history have made us accept the relevance and importance of this day, Vaishaka Sukla Paksha Tritiya for material gains and wealth acquisition. Astronomically also this is the time when Sun and Moon are in exaltation and are observed to be in the peak of their brightness. As told in the puranas any deed started this day will make it never ending, never diminishing, it will be limitless and forever. That is the importance of this day, but it is so unfortunate that we have limited this day to just buying GOLD

Come Akshaya Tritiya everyone will be talking about gold. The belief is that one who purchases gold on this particular day will have his wealth swelling, I can only say that gold can help preserve wealth, but if you want it to grow you have to spread this belief so that others too buy. Look at the paradox here. If there is a rush to buy gold its price will rise but you are not selling any on that day. If you are buying just because it is Akshaya Tritiya as it is auspicious I believe any day I am doing things sensibly and consciously is auspicious.

We must know that the Indian household collectively have 18,000 tonnes of gold worth 950 billion dollars which is 11 % of the entire global gold reserve. Is my country so very rich I feel proud, but there is a question. If so, why is the parity between rich and poor still a reality in my country again I wonder? I do not know when this craze of buying Gold on this particular day started and who is behind this stupidity. Could be the bullion merchants who are playing this entire trick and hitting on the sentiments of the people? All this tamasha is affecting my country’s Current Account Deficit (Balance of Trade, Export minus Import payments). With gold as an investment commodity we are buying it recklessly. This has made the import payments more. 

Why did Gold become so much volatile? Was the speculation the eradicator of the yellow metal shine? 

Earlier the yellow metal was purchased for an occasion but now the traders at Safara Bazzar lure the women folk with designs and added to it we never know if the gold brought is 14 K or 22 K. Also we happen to hear that jewelry companies adulterate gold by mixing Iridium and Ruthenium which bring in the risk of skin cancer. This avaricious frenzy in both Satta Bazzar & Safara Bazzar for that yellow metal has no longer left it to be a beautiful ornament on our lovely women of India.

If anything which is started on this day will be with us forever and grow and outlive us why not plant a sapling on this Akshaya Tritiya. 

Let’s move from Yellow Metal craze to Green Gold grace …… 

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