Wednesday, May 25, 2016

830. What would you do in such a situation???

Just imagine you are driving on a highway one night and you notice a car has met with an accident and the driver of the vehicle is dead and at the rear seat to your surprise you find a most corrupt politician. This politician is in news for land grabbing and looting money beyond his capacity while in power. He will bleed to death if he is not taken to the hospital. What are you going to do???

1) Take him to the hospital immediately.

2) Let him die on the road thinking that it would be like getting rid of a most corrupt politician for the benefit of the society. 

My personal feel is that he has to be taken to the nearby hospital immediately. As I feel a person at agony has to be attended irrespective of the quality of his Gunas. As a human it becomes my Sva-Dharma not to let my fellow being to bleed to death when I am in a postion to help him.

But in my doing so the corrupt politician will be saved, would my action be going against the welfare of the society???

My defensive logic to rush and help the corrupt politician is because of the words of Lord Krishna in Bhagavad-Gita Chapter 3 verse 35, Sva-dharme nidhanam sreyah (Damage/Fault if caused in performing one's own duty is better).

What is Sva-Dharma???

Sva-Dharma is according to my knowledge is Atma Dharma. It is the responsibility of every individual to perform the duty for Inner satisfaction. Satisfying my body, mind, and senses is not Sva-Dharma as I would prefer to be biased when I start appraising them.

Could anybody digest the act of neglecting a distressed person by justifying that he is ill to the society???

Would it not be violating my Sva-Dharma if I don’t attend to the person at distress by giving a cheap excuse of his ill conduct???

I request my fellow seeker to solve this Yaksha Prashna in my mind???

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