Tuesday, May 3, 2016

825. Prioritisation brings out Purity….!

Prioritisation brings out Purity said my brother Baturam Nayak to a post a few days back. Just how right he was, yes it is all priorities. I have always said that no one is busy but it is all the priority that matters. That is purely about the daily chores we may forget to do. But what my brother was telling about is that intensity in us which takes us further towards our source which is BLISS.
What is it that which can assure us Bliss???

Bliss is what is in us, its pure tranquillity. Now many of us think that getting rid of stress which we accumulate while doing our work is Bliss. There are expensive Spas which advertise so and promise us that we rejuvenate and experience Bliss. Is it so then???

For a session in those expensive Spas we need loads of money and we need to earn lots of them. In order to make money we work more and get stressed. It is a vicious cycle we never notice. Yes, I agree money is important but there is something which is more important than making money. We all are aware that money is not important but in reality craving for it is still there. There is a notion among some that without money life is full of suffering and hardships etc.

Money is just a tool to help us live a better life but it is certainly not worth to put it into the centre of our lives. If we look in deep we find many of them who have made money and yet are not satisfied with the things that happened in their life. 
The creator of iPhones Steve Jobs is one of them. Undoubtedly successful and extremely rich but had to cope up with that terminal illness at the very young age. Now what would be his priority? Would he not be ready to give up his entire earning to get rid of that illness? His abilities to provide more electronic gadgets to the world would be certainly high. He would have probably traded his money for the time in this world. Here I understood health is my priority than money.

Vijay Malya, the liquor baron duped the banks to make money and lost his integrity. To what extent would one go to make money? Is it right to compromise on values and give a higher ranking to money. Most of us would emphatically draw the line and say that on the question of integrity there can be no compromise even if it means sacrificing lots of money. Here I understand that my integrity has the priority than money.  

Finally when I read this episode in Mahabharata where Arjuna and Duryodhana go to get the help of Krishna and his army, the Narayana sena. Duryodhana opt for the huge army while Arjuna wants Sri Krishna. And we all know who won. When the Lord is with us everything is with us and the health and integrity become insignificant. So here I understand He is my first and last priority. When I realise His presence in me I am BLISS.   

I hope you too what Him to be your first and last priority?

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