Saturday, April 30, 2016

824. Unity in Corruption???

In my country I am amazed to see that people unite to uphold what is Adharma. Now please do not ask me what is Dharma and Adharma, for this subject matter I am pointing that being corrupt is Adharma.

Earlier we were told to stand united to fight for Dharma but now people do get together to save the skin of a corrupt fellow. A sycophant is ready to go to any extent to save his leader. I remember Karna here he too knew that Duryodhana was wicked but yet stood behind him. Maybe he thought he was indebted to Duryodhana for making him the King of Anga. If Karna could listen to his inner voice he could have returned back the gifted kingdom and fought for Dharma instead of against it.  
It is because of people like Karna that the group of people are not united against a common oppressor and their causes remain ignored. Even to this day people are not united against that which they feel is not correct. Look at the situation in my country now. There are people who unearth scams after scams through RTI, but then we have a bunch of idiotic sycophants and a section of media who stand behind those who are involved in those scams.

Just as Karna they remember those favours and benefits they received to remain loyal licking their boots till they die. I do not understand why one has to support a person who is corrupt.To me those loyal sycophants are like the scavengers who live on the leftovers. Shame on them. For the favour received these sycophants are ready to sell their souls.

There were kings in this land who sent their sons to gallows for not obeying the laws of the land. Those were the time when Dharma superseded nepotism favouritism and cronyism. The comforts of materialism has made us so. Amazingly a corrupt individual is not condemned but he is looked upon as a member of high class society, what an irony. 
If corruption is  justified and supported the future generation will have to bear with it terribly. If all become corrupt it will be jungle raj and it will be the "survival of the fittest". Please support those who are unearthing the scams my country is not poor it is very rich but the richness is with corrupt people. If we learn to oppose it we can let out future generation to live a better life. Just as important it is to save nature it is important to raise voice against those involved in corruption. What is wrong in calling a spade a spade I don’t understand.

Will those sycophants support their leaders if they are the victims of the corruption, I wonder???

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