Monday, April 4, 2016

811. Be like Nature…… just BE!!!

The mango tree at our factory is filled with green mangoes as every year. Last year too there was a good yield of mangoes and I do hope the coming years too there would be a good yield. It is so natural for the tree to yield as this season approaches. It is like as if the tree stood there the whole year just waiting for this season to give back.   

Last week the accounting for the last financial year ended and we needed to assess the production of our factory. Though it was not bad, the thought that we could have done better always persist. Surprisingly if it has bettered the previous years statistics the feel of boasting the success sets in. Why is it that the thought, it could have been better OR "we are the best" comes into our mind??? The mango tree just produces and never thinks in the same lines, why???

Nature works and there is no doubt about it. It has worked for aeons and will continue to work without any kind of assessments. Why is it so that while nature can work without assessments, we humans don’t??? The only difference between nature life and human life is our thinking mind. We humans are one with nature, except for that thinking part in us. Thinking mind stands outside nature, or maybe it feels so. The thinking mind wants the reasons and clarifications in every phase.  

Some may argue that humans consume so they need to assess we have forgot that nature also consumes. While nature consumes less and produce more the same cannot be said the humans. Our human mind is filled with ideas and notions of how things have to be. There is a flow chart in the mind before the task is taken up. If there is a slight difference in the idea and implementation there is stress, but none of these exist in nature. This is the only reason why nature works without much hungama.

Nature is always an advancing process within a consistent and energetic system. This consistent and energetic dance of the nature is always just as it is and it should be. Amazingly the perfect part of nature is that there is no concept of perfect or imperfect in it. Amusingly this is what is in it that makes it perfect. The reason behind it being perfect is that it does not compete with others. Mango tree in our factory does not compete with the mango tree in the compound of my neighbour. As there is no competition there is no hungama.    

My Literary Guru D.V. Gundappa (better known as D.V.G) writes in his profound work called “Mankutimmana Kagga” (Rambling of dull headed Thimma) thus:

A new plant sprouts out of a seed without a drum-roll.
A flower ripens into a fruit without any trumpet call.
The sun and the moon shine without any turmoil.

Brag not; seal your lips – Mankuthimma.

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