Tuesday, April 19, 2016

819. Vision without Action is only a Big Dream…….!

The younger generation are told to dream big. The life coach team ask them to set goals and to have a vision board. Now for some of us who are unfamiliar with that word “Vision Board” it is a tool to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific life goal. Literally, a vision board is any sort of board on which one paste images that represent whatever he want to be or would want to have in his life. They say “Vision Board” is to get motivated.

There is no harm in dream or getting motivated by vision board but just dreaming or glancing on the vision board daily will never help. What really helps one to convert the dream into reality is ACTION. Vision without Action is mere Dream.

What is Action?
Action is the will to do and achieve.  

Now achieve what??
Achieve the goal.

So the Vision Board which display what one want to be or want to have in his life is different from the goal to be achieved….. Right???

The real confusion is here the Vision Board which the life coach talks about to the young generation is that which is got from achieving the goal, those displayed in the vision board is not the goal….am I correct???

Everyone will have that Vision Board why even A. M. Sadiq Batcha, the close aide of A. Raja of the infamous 3G scam had a “VISION BOARD” which read “I will become the richest man on the Earth” and stuck on all the five mirror in his bedroom and bathroom to get motivated. The person who wanted to be the richest man on earth was found hanging at his residence for knowing too much about the 3G scam.

Karma Siddhanta uses two words “Yoga” (Fortune) and “Yogyatha” (Deservance). Yoga is the fruit one can relish because of the actions from previous births. But the route to that achievement is the Yogyatha. For example, we have seen many theatre personalities who act so well but are not as famous and not as successful as an actor having a huge fan following. That average actor has the fortune but he has not worked hard to obtain that deservance. There could be cases of success achieved without much of effort for which Yoga (Fortune) is the answer. But the Yoga with Yogyata (Deservance) is appreciated since success without sweat is never sweet.

This is exactly what Sri Krishna tells Arjuna “Just participate in the war; the result of it is predestined. If there is Yoga you become the King of the land, if not you attain a heroic death which comes if you have the Yogyatha.”

This is the eternal law which is applicable even today hence the eminent American writer Ralph Waldo Emerson writes “The reward of a thing well done is to have done it.”

For some the reward is what is got from the work done while for a very few the reward is the work done well. Work done well is the “Karmasu Kaushalam” the excellence in work which leads one to Yoga.......What say??? 

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