Thursday, April 28, 2016

823. Every interaction is an opportunity to learn!!!

One of my friends asked me why I post on F.B almost every day.
I said I wish to share what I know.
Then the next question was if I already know what was the point in sharing it.

What I know is not the ultimate, a thought has always a counter thought which may improve the first. When the write-up is posted there is an interaction in the form of responses which will enhance the quality of the thought further.

I started writing since 2002 my first article was published on 1 Feb 2002 in the Speaking Tree column the topic was “Power of Chanting The Sahasranama” since then it is an urge from within to express. But would I have continued if there was no response….is the question???

How long can anyone go on posting if nobody visited the post and give their views about the topic. I want to share what I know with others, let others know what I think about a particular subject, and let me too know what they think about my thoughts over it. In short, I am interested in sharing, communicating and interacting.

I have noticed many enthusiastic writers close shop because of lack of responses. While many more (me included) find fresh air and vigour through the response, interest and interaction with all of you. This I have to say is the atmost grace of my Sri Hari on me. A seed for the subject come to me during the course of interaction from the response of the previous post. Thus a new post is born. Even if there is no response it is good to share what is known is my feeling.

My only objective is that anything I post should be informative, unbiased, thought provoking, and more than anything, highly readable. Posting a controversial post or any articles to showcase any religion, culture or tradition in dimlight was is and never will be my cup of tea.

What really excites me is the post should also be a platform for others to pen down their thoughts and publish them. Everyone does have ample thoughts enough to publish a book, some pen it down some won’t. For those who are interested to share their thoughts, I request them to post. As those thoughts which are posted will outlive the writer making that thought immortal. And further it is also equally exhilarating to know that others who are more intellectuals read our thought and reciprocate to them.

If you are good at cooking, please do publish a blog on the recipes with photos of the dish prepared it will help many. If you know anything about Automobile, or Ayurveda, or Home Tips and there are many many subjects to choose from.

Just request the Absolute to bestow the flow and get started……!

Happy Blogging……!

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